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5 Signs You Could Be a Witch

Updated on April 18, 2019
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I am a willing Wiccan and a witch who wants to spread their knowledge to others.

unsplash-logoFlavio Gasperini
unsplash-logoFlavio Gasperini | Source

Think About This

Have you ever thought that you were connected to the higher being and the universe, have you ever been drawn to magic and felt like you were so drawn to it that you just had to find out what it is? Perhaps you are a witch, the first things which you need to know about witchcraft are that it is something which you can't mess with all the time, you cannot make yourself fly, you cannot summon demons, you cannot summon a group of zombies and other silly stuff like that. Witchcraft must be respected and used appropriately you do not mess around with it and think it is a silly game. If you really want to be a witch and you want to find out if you have the signs that you are one keep scrolling down.

5 Signs You Might Be a Witch

Even if none of these signs suit you and maybe only one suits, think about it again and see if you really do want to be a witch. For those who do get all or above 2 signs which are shown below, well done you are a witch!

1. You Feel Like You Are Strongly Connected to Nature and Animals

Whenever you are somewhere crowded like the city or a place with a lot of people roaming around, you feel like you need to go somewhere less crowded like the forest across the river or a silent beach with a nice sunset in front of you or simply just your room where it is just quiet and simple. You normally like walking in nature where there are many unexpected things popping out from the roots of the trees and many treasures such as shells or feathers pop out in unexpected places which you seem to like to collect. You like collecting things from nature and you enjoy being relaxed by the calming sounds of nature and its environment.

2. You have strange daily routines which you normally do or strange rituals which you find completely normal

Have you ever had any routines like whenever you go to bed you like saying a prayer or you like walking into nature and singing a chant of some sort. You might even have your own ritual to cleanse your room or even a place when you just feel like it needs a bit of a cleanse from all that bad energy.

3. You have a bit of knowledge about herbs and you belive in superstitions

Herbology is an important key which some witches have so if you are interested in plants and herbs maybe you might like Herbology. Each herb has a magical property, for example, basil attracts luck and money. So are you interested in the powers of herbs and plants? Tell me down below in the comments if you want to know about the magickal herbs and their properties. Most old families might have superstitions like have you ever heard of the superstition if you see two crows good luck might arrive and if you see a group of seven crows a death of a family member or a person close to you might die. Have you ever had any superstitions like these of your own? Some old families have many superstitions of their own and you might not know it may be some of your family members could be witches themselves.

4.You are attracted to strange and quirky people and you enjoy the moon and it's phases

You might not find normal people as interesting, but then you meet those who have a strange personality and you feel attracted to them. You might be way different from other people when compared to them and people might find you weird, but who cares, be yourself. You might stare at the moon at times and you find it's silvery glow attractive and beautiful, you might be interested in the moon's phases and how it looks like it disappears and appears again.

5. You are interested in magick and you are drawn to it

Have you ever thought that magick was somehow connected to you in some way? Have you ever been drawn to it and interested in it. You might have had a strange feeling that you just had didn't understand whenever it came to this topic and probably as a child when you were younger you might have thought that the fey folk was real and that magic itself was real too. Perhaps you are a witch, maybe you were raised in a magick family so you might have an aunt or mother who might do magick themselves.


So what about now

Think you are a witch? if you now know that you are one and you want to take the witchy path there are many articles here on this website when you could continue your journey on this very path. There are many advice and tips on beginning this journey and there is a huge community on here which can help you on the way. Best of wishes on your journey and Blessed Be.


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