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50 Ways To Stay Sane In An Insane World

Updated on February 2, 2014

In a time when technology rules the world, headlines are all about celebrity gossip, and most people seem to have forgotten the basic tenets of humanity - love, kindness, respect, and compassion - it's hard not to feel lost sometimes.

Thankfully, you are not alone, and ridding yourself of negativity isn't nearly as monumental a task as it may seem. By making just a few small changes in how you think and act, you can transform your life into the existence you've always wanted - one filled with joy, laughter, faith, and a deep inner peace that will never abandon you.

1. Break ties with anyone who makes you feel less than loved and appreciated.

2. Once a week, stay away from all computers. This includes your smart phone.

3. Take time to create a home-cooked meal. Eat at the table, not on the couch.

4. Have a conversation that doesn't revolve around work, money, or relationships.

5. Get out of the city. Take only the technology you'd need for an emergency.

6. Visit a zoo. Commune with the animals and let their calm energy soothe you.

7. Build yourself a little garden. Rejoice in your ability to grow something alive.

8. Exercise without thinking about weight loss. It's not all about smaller jeans.

9. Meditate for ten minutes. Play your favorite music in the background if it helps.

10. Help someone. This could be via donation, physical labor, or by volunteering.

11. Read your favorite childhood story and allow yourself to feel the magic again.

12. Invite everyone you love to a dinner party. No TV, no video games, no phones.

13. Go for a swim. Let the water ease your aching muscles and tired bones.

14. Reorganize your home. A small change can re-energize your entire house.

15. Paint a great memory or a scene from one of your most cherished dreams.

16. Write a letter to your future grandchildren. Tell them your best advice for life.

17. Let go of an old hurt. Do this every day until none remain to weigh you down.

18. Quit a bad habit. Replace it with a good habit that serves to improve your life.

19. Read the Bible, the Quran, and any other religious text you're interested in.

20. Choose a hobby that makes you happy, not one that could make you rich.

21. Visit a passed loved one at the cemetery. Bring flowers and just talk a while.

22. Don't envy anyone. Everyone carries at least one burden you would not want.

23. Empty your wallet, drawers, and cabinets of anything you don't need any more.

24. Don't argue for petty reasons. Let minor battles go and focus on the positive.

25. Love your family and let them know how much you appreciate them every day.

26. Judging others take a lot of energy. Instead, try to focus on improving yourself.

27. Stay away from artificial foods. They have a negative effect on body and mind.

28. Don't be afraid to speak up for what's right. Protect the innocent. Speak truth.

29. Admit when you're wrong. This can work miracles and leave you feeling lighter.

30. Create small routines for yourself. Routine can be a true anchor for your soul.

31. Pray when you feel moved to. A quick prayer can restore your mind and spirit.

32. Learn to be humble. There is great joy in surrendering all false pride.

33. Let your achievements strengthen your soul and inspire you to do more.

34. Try to avoid busy malls and stores. Noise can be extremely stressful.

35. Control the urge to yell at other drivers. It only brings YOU stress.

36. Turn off your TV now and then. Nature is far prettier than the Oscars.

37. Don't watch or listen to anything that aggravates you, including conversations.

38. Once every two weeks, eat something you love no matter how bad it is for you.

39. Treat any minor disease for what it really is: Dis-ease. Cure it accordingly.

40. Keep the earth healthy by recycling and composting whenever you're able.

41. Throw out all media-inspired ideals of beauty. True beauty comes from within.

42. Don't take abuse from the boss. He's your superior at work, but nowhere else.

43. Write a will. Be sure to include keepsakes and trinkets for your progeny.

44. Keep a photo album of places where you feel truly peaceful and tranquil.

45. Make your home yours. Forget about trends and build it to suit your soul.

46. Believe that there are more good people than bad. Bad is just louder.

47. Love your body and treat it well. Your cells respond to positive energy.

48. As Gandhi said, be the change you wish to see in the world. Start now!

49. Don't despair. Life can be hell, but it can also be heaven. It's up to you.

50. Never, ever consider committing suicide. Nothing is worth that sacrifice.


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    • Kristen Howe profile image

      Kristen Howe 3 years ago from Northeast Ohio

      Awesome list of useful ideas to live in a peaceful stress-free life. Voted up! I agree with everyone of them you've listed here.

    • suraj punjabi profile image

      suraj punjabi 5 years ago from jakarta

      I love this hub! you really put your points in a short, simple, easy-to-understand way. great hub! looking forward reading your other hubs as well. keep it up! :)

    • profile image

      Daljinder Singh 6 years ago

      Absolutely wonderful post. I actually typed in google "religion brings sanity in an insane world" and this post crept to number two. These simple things do really keep the mind and body in balance and help focus a person. being a Sikh these items fit in well with my religion,not saying you have to be religious to connect with above lol

    • profile image

      klarawieck 6 years ago

      I'm curious... how long did it take you to think these things through. I don't think I'd picked anything else if I had to name 50 tips. Excellent!!!

    • petersavage profile image

      petersavage 6 years ago from Australia

      Great Post! Voted Up.


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