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7 Reasons Everyone Needs an Aquarius in Their Life

Updated on August 26, 2017
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I am a creative writer fueled by wide-eyed interest in any topic, laser beam phrases and style most simple, yet enigmatic.

The zodiac sign of people born between January 21st and February 19th is Aquarius. Aquarians are known as adventurers, travelers, freedom-lovers, humanitarians and clever individuals. So basically, what's not to like about them? Being an Aquarius myself could normally make you think that I'm going to be subjective, but that's not going to be case. We all have good traits and bad traits, and I am not only aware of my zodiac sign's bad ones, but I embrace them too. To put the money where my mouth is, let me tell you that we Aquarians have a tendency to over think, we hate waiting for people and things to happen, we can be difficult at times, we can be contradictory and we tend to think with our brains rather than being guided by feelings. Now that I've made sure I'm going to be objective regarding the article, let's see what makes us a great addition to anyone's life. Here are 7 reasons why you need an Aquarius in your life (if you don't have one already).


Aquarians Can Awake the Adventurer in You

Although we are independent individuals who usually rely on ourselves, we are born adventurers. We love exploring and traveling to various places, as we must live a life that excites us 24/7. The spontaneous nature of Aquarians makes them a bunch of fun to be around. All you have to do is be on board with their crazy ideas. If you're not an adventurer yourself, no worries; they will find the tiny little spark within you that wants to have fun and turn you into as big adventurer as them.


Aquarians Are Honest to a Fault

If you don't want any liars and fake people in your life, you should definitely find yourself an Aquarius friend or partner and stick to them. These people don't, can't and won't lie for any reason and they always speak their minds. Whatever the cost, Aquarians will always speak the truth and nothing but the truth. However, they expect from people to be as honest and straightforward as them. Otherwise, they cannot get too close.

Aquarians Are Loyal and Real

As aforementioned, Aquarians care for other people, especially for their closest. Therefore they will always be real and avoid lying to you, even when the truth my hurt you deeply and you may end up hating them for a while. Once you come to your senses, you'll realize how big of a good deed they've done for you. If you enter the small circle of friends they choose, that's a long-term commitment they ought to cherish. Aquarians are hard to impress, so if you do, you have a caring, loyal and honest companion for life.

Aquarians Approach Everything from All Possible Angles

Aquarians are intellectuals with a constant thirst for knowledge and answers to all questions. Whether in friendship, relationship or working environment, talking about afterlife, aliens, Cosmos, the possibilities the ever-advancing technology opens and similar intellectual conversations is what they love the most. Since we are always up for adding more knowledge to our hungry minds, you can never run out of things to talk with an Aquarius. On top of all, we are known for our great communication and social skills, so we're usually easy-going.


Aquarians Are Selfless and There's Not a Thing They Wouldn't Do for You

Since Aquarians are born humanitarians, they care about other people's feelings more than most zodiac signs, particularly about people who matter to them. Helping others is a priority for them and they will get out of their comfort just so they can serve their people right. Due to this trait, Aquarians are often the ones who make changes in order to make the world a better place.

Aquarians Know How to Have Fun (Always)

As you know, Aquarians hate doing the same things over and over again and always tend to get creative and have fun. They bring their fun factor in every aspect of their life. They are incredibly unpredictable, so if you go out with them on one beer only, the chances of waking up in a foreign country with a fake passport and not knowing how, when and why did you do it are pretty damn high. Aquarians are THAT cool. On top of all that, they are naturally witty and love to joke.

One does not simply go out and drink one beer only.
One does not simply go out and drink one beer only. | Source

Aquarians Like Practical Jokes, Sarcasm and Puns

These sarcastic individuals just won't take crap from anyone and they will show their wittiness at the first opportunity someone seizes to attack them. Their wittiness and sarcastic comebacks are fun to enjoy, and they are not even aware how funny it is for those around them. Due to their sarcastic abilities and dark humor (at times), not everyone can get along with them. But those who do, they're in for a real treat. Whether clever, witty, funny or lame jokes, we feel like it's up to us to lighten up the mood anytime needed.

© 2017 Goran Nikolov


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