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7 Secrets to Getting your Prayers Answered

Updated on January 7, 2015
Book by Charbel Tadros
Book by Charbel Tadros | Source


Everyone prays in different ways. Some people talk to God when they pray. Other people meditate or talk with the universe in general. However, we all pray for the same reason: to get our prayers answered. But, what gets a prayer answered? Following are seven great secrets for getting your prayers answered.

7 Secrets to Get your Prayers Answered

Secret #1: The Rule of the Universe

The whole universe is made of energy in different forms. All this energy is basically the same, and it all works according to one simple rule: where attention goes, energy flows. When you pay attention to something, you give it energy.

Secret #2: Attention Energy

An important rule in physics states that an object which has energy is able to accomplish work. The more energy it has, the more work it can accomplish. The same applies to people. A happy person is a person who has an excess of energy. When you are happy, your mind is clearer and you can accomplish more work. However, when you feel sad or depressed, you lack energy and can do nothing more than wallow in your misery.This is just like when you heat or freeze water. When you heat water, it gains energy and becomes more active. Thus, it evaporates. When water loses energy, it freezes and becomes solid, which means that the water molecules in it stop moving and can’t accomplish work.

Energy Flows where Attention Goes

Secret #3: Vampires Amongst Us

We gain or lose energy through our interactions with other people. Positive interactions create energy while negative interactions spend or destroy energy. When you cheer someone up, you give them energy. This makes them happy and helps them clear their heads. However, when you are angry and seek to make another person upset, you use up your energy to take some of theirs. People who do this are called energy vampires. And yes, like vampires in movies, this is contagious. A vampire who takes energy from a person may turn that other person into an energy vampire. This is due to the fact that the victim lost energy and is now trying to gain it back. On the other hand, people who are positive and help others become positive use their energy in order to create more energy which is shared between both individuals.

Secret #4: Mind over Energy

Experiments in Quantum Physics (the Double Slit Experiment) showed that a person can affect matter at a molecular level through the power of his mind. When a person focuses on a result effectively, the chances of the desired result happening increase proportionally with the amount of energy expended on the result. In other words, the more energy you spend focusing on something, the more possible or powerful it becomes. Remember, where attention goes, energy flows (secret #1). For example, if you want a certain event to happen, think about it more often. The more you think about it, the more energy you give it. The more energy you give it, the more the chance of it actually coming true.

Double Slit Experiment

Secret #5: Think Positive

A problem with the above rule is that the mind is not that easy to control. If you think of something bad happening, you give more energy to that event and increase the chance of it happening. Another problem is that people often think about what they don’t want to happen, which adds energy to that. In order to overcome this problem, we need to think positively. Instead of thinking that we want someone to come back unhurt, we should be thinking that we want him back safely. Both sentences actually mean the same thing grammatically. However, using the word unhurt makes us think of hurt, while using the word safe makes us think of safety. Try to rephrase all your thoughts in a positive way. In order to help yourself focus your thoughts and energy, write it down in the most positive way you can and place it in a place you will often see. This will insure that you will see it more often, which means that you will give it energy more often. Also, don’t worry about how something is going to happen, just focus on the end result. Sometimes, the universe may give you what you are praying for in the most unexpected ways. Stay open and follow the flow.

Secret #6: The More, the Merrier

Throughout the ages, people have sought to pray in groups. The reason, even though they probably didn’t know it at the time, is simple. When more people focus on the same thing or event, the chances of that event happening increase because that same event is receiving more energy at the same time. This was also scientifically proven (through a random digit generator). Therefore, when we want something to happen, we need to get as many people as we want to focus on it in the same way as we are. Social media has made this even more possible because one thought or photo is shared thousands if not millions of times. This multiplies the amount of energy focused on that event by millions of times. The drawback here is that, if the thought is negative, the chances of it happening are also multiplied by millions of times. Therefore, strive to make each thought you produce or share a positive one.

Secret #7: Energy in LOVE

When you love something, you are most likely to spend more energy on it. So, if you want to focus your energy on something you want, express it in the way you love most. If you like writing poetry, express your will in a poem. As you are writing the poem, you are constantly giving positive energy to the thought you want to express and the prayer you want answered. You could also make a video about it, write a story, compose a song or even dance about it. After all, LOVE means Lots Of Valuable Energy.


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    • profile image

      2 years ago

      Please pray that I find a loving husband, that loves god

    • profile image

      jessica 2 years ago

      I thank god for everything had given me in my life is true i been rough time but i know god better thing plan for me .

    • profile image

      daliah 3 years ago

      Please restore my marriage. Please give me the strength courage guidance wisdom to keep fighting for my marriage. I love my husband and he over me. He is fighting a war between his head and his heart. Please give him the strength and courage to let his heart win and keep our family together.ease restore our marriage. Please resort trust and respect I our marriage. Thank you

    • profile image

      Elvis 3 years ago

      I Believe therefore I will receive thanks for the mind opening article!

    • profile image

      yamuna 3 years ago

      This is very use ful to me

    • CharbelTadros profile image

      Charbel M.Tadros 3 years ago from Brummana - Lebanon

      Thank you for your great reply! I hope that you will be sharing this article!

    • profile image

      FEROZ 3 years ago

      Thank's for your beautiful description on how to pray or does god hear or listen to your pray or not. In my life god is really wonderful as david says in psalm that examine and taste how god is . Yes , God is mighty and his work are out of our imagination and expectation. he does everything in his right time whenever we don't think about it.