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A Child's Faith

Updated on August 20, 2019
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Funeral Services

The Funeral

My grandson (5 years old) and I, along with my husband and other relatives, were attending a three-hour funeral of a great Pastor this morning.

At five years old, he still didn't quite understand the concept of the man that had passed away and was now contained in the box on the altar of a somber Church.

All he knew, was that this was unlike any other church service he had attended. There was usually tambourines being beat, organ and piano being playe, and the clapping of hands to be heard.

Many accolades of this Pastor's legacy was told and remembered. The Letters of Resoultions read along with the stacks of cards of sympathy and condolences had been sent , were too many to read.

Death has a way of reminding you that we all must go that way but much too much for a five year old to be laden with.

A Child's Act of Faith

I was aware that children are listening and learning when you least expect them. We had not sat my grandson down to specifically discuss the matter of faith.

After the funeral we stopped by the store to do some shopping before returning home.

During this excursion, somehow my grandson had managed to cut his finger. There was a little blood but not enough to make an issue over. However, our grandson kept reminding us all the 5 miles home that the cut was there.

We arrived home, unloaded the car, and entered the house. We had also eaten while at the dinner after the funeral and we were full and tired. My sister found a spot on the couch closest to the door.

I, on the other hand, had walked into the family room to lay down my purse and take off my hat.

When I turned around in the doorway, there stood my grandson gingerly holding his finger.

He said "mommy, pray for me." My sister said "he knows where to go for help." I was sure that I needed to do as instructed because he wasn't going to take no for an answer.

I looked into his five year old face and carefully took his little hands in mine and said "Father, in the Name of Jesus, I come. Asking you to heal the Prince's finger. We ask this in Jesus' name. Amen" He looked quizzingly at his finger and ran upstairs.

Just has quickly as I had whispered the prayer, I had soon forgot the episode.

Ministry at the Balloon Bouncer

My husband and I had stopped at the Balloon Bouncer, as was our custom, when going shopping at the Grand Market. There was usually the same woman who would be taking the tickets for the children to play in the Balloon Bouncer but ave we had never had a conversation of belief or faith.

On this visit, I could tell that this woman was overwhelmed by working long hours and dealing with life issues and somehow my grandson knew too.

He would always give her a big hug, spend time with her, and talk with her. She would always say that "he was special."

Our exchange on this afternoon taught me a lesson. It reminded me that life is for the living and we must do all that we desire and need to do while it is day, for night cometh and no man shall work.

I was reminded that we had neglected to witness to this woman but only saw the hurt but didn't extend to her the Healer!

The witness of a Great Healer came through the witness of a five year old child who allowed his faith to be the seed planted in a hurting soul!

A Child's Testimony

We went to the Grand Market, as we usually do on Sunday morning, for breakfast and to give the Prince a little time to play in the huge balloon bouncer with the other children.

This morning there were no other children at play in the balloon bouncer as the Prince took off his sneakers to go into it.

I briefly walked down the aisle to look for a vendor and returned to see the Prince happily throwing the ball around with another child in the balloon bouncer.

The woman who took the tickets for the bouncer called me over to her. She said "your grandson said that you have magical powers!" I said "What?" She said "he had a cut and he said that now it's heal!" I couldn't help but to let out a laugh that lifted my soul. She continued with "he said you prayed for him!" I said "yes, I did."

By this time, my husband had arrived and we went to order our breakfast but from the mouth of a babe and reminded me of the power and the sign of the One that I believe!

Should We Teach Faith to Children Under 7 Years Old?

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