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A Compilation of Tales of the Supernatural

Updated on October 28, 2019
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I write a wide variety of genres about people, places, things, and animals. Some are factual and fictional articles. This is a true story.

The Stranger

This supernatural encounter came from Mark Rouleau of Brattleboro Vermont.

The Stranger

This story took place in West Chesterfield, New Hampshire quite a few years ago. My brother and I and a friend at the time were hitchhiking home. We were walking down this lonely back road, and all of a sudden this strange man appeared before us asking if we had a light for his cigarette, which was sticking out of his mouth.

As I reached into my pocket to give him a light, he said to me, and I quote. "I just dug myself out of the grave." When I lit the lighter I could see he had read a red clay type substance all over him, and eyes that looked wild and insane. He started to laugh hysterically and told me he knew my neighbors and where I lived. At this point, I dropped the lighter and ran for my life, with my brother and our friend right behind me. I have never seen this man or aberration, or whatever he was again but it's scared me silly.

Mark Rouleau, author of "The Stranger."
Mark Rouleau, author of "The Stranger." | Source

I Just Dug Myself Out of the Grave

As I reached into my pocket to give him a light he said to me and I quote I just dug myself out of the grave as I lit the lighter I could see that he had read clayish substance all over him Andy and eyes that looked wild and insane. He started to laugh hysterically told me he knew my neighbors and where I lived at which point I dropped the lighter and ran for my life my brother and our friend right behind me. I have never seen this man or aberration whatever he was again but it's scared me silly.

Cemetery at night
Cemetery at night | Source

We Broke Camp

My stepdad grabbed my arm and told me to get back to the truck, that we were leaving because he had a feeling like somebody was standing right behind him, but he couldn’t see them, and that he felt like someone was watching us. So we hightailed it back to the truck as fast as so we could and got off the property. We decided on the way to the truck, we'd come back and get the dogs after daylight. But that ended up being a non-issue; every single dog we had, not only beat us to the truck, they loaded themselves into the dog box, and all of them stood there shaking and not making a sound.

Hands down that was the most frightening thing that ever happened to me, and to this day, I haven’t gone back to that cemetery, and I never will!

Asbury Cemetery - Van Vleet, Mississippi
Asbury Cemetery - Van Vleet, Mississippi | Source

Asbury Cemetery

Years ago, around 2002, my late stepfather and I were coon hunting over in the Van Vleet area. He decided he wanted to let his dogs out on the north side of Asbury Cemetery. Keep in mind, this is very late at night, probably around 11:30 or midnight; possibly even later. Anyway, we got to the cemetery, and he backed his truck directly under the entrance and proceeded to get out, and open the dog box. The dogs, of course, ran out and tore through the cemetery. While the were running and barking we got our headlamps on and were ready to start walking towards the back of the graveyard. It was a pitch-black night.

It’s important to mention that at this point in time the cemetery wasn’t fenced completely in, and just had a chain-link fence running alongside the road. I Don’t know if it’s still that way, because this was the last time I ever went there.

Brodee Lee Moore and his baby
Brodee Lee Moore and his baby | Source

Something is With Us

So anyway we were walking through the cemetery, listening to the dogs (they had treed a coon), when all of a sudden, I see something black run across my line of sight, and I felt something graze the back of my pants leg. I turned around and asked my stepdad if he saw it. He said he saw nothing. After continuing for a few more yards the same thing happened again, except this time my stepdad saw it and I didn’t. Now, here’s where it really gets crazy! Bear in mind this whole time the dogs are going ballistic because they’re after a coon. Not long after my stepdad had seen the same thing I saw, we were approaching the edge of the graveyard, and about to walk into the woods. Suddenly, every one of our dogs stopped barking, and I mean it was “quicker than a hiccup” as my granddaddy used to saw. They went from barking like crazy to nothing, as quick as blowing out a match. The silence was unreal; it was so quiet in the cemetery it was deafening.

A cemetery at night
A cemetery at night | Source

Brodee Lee Moore's Story

Before I introduce Brodee Lee's story, I would like to mention that Asbury Cemetery, which he writes about is supposedly one of the most haunted cemeteries in Mississippi. Also, Brodee is an upstanding gentleman, who lives in Houlka, Mississippi with his family.

In conclusion

These were two great stories, sent to me by Mark Rouleau and Brodee Lee Moore. If you have a true tale of the supernatural, please send it to me, and I try and have it published. The stories need to be at least 750 words long, for a single article, or a combination of articles whose word counts together are 750, or more. Send them to

Hunting dogs
Hunting dogs | Source
Ghosts in a cemetery
Ghosts in a cemetery | Source

© 2019 Gerry Glenn Jones


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