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A Cops Story of Random Kindness

Updated on August 24, 2011

Random acts of kindness

In the past three years I have been the recipient of several random acts of kindness from people I don’t know. The latest was a kind old lady in the cafeteria in Piedmont Hospital. In uniform carrying a try of food I’m trying to pay for, the lady said its ok it’s been paid for already. In amazement I looked around and standing in front of me is a kitchen worker holding a card that she had just entered into the cash register. What, I said why did you do this in an inquisitive attitude? The nice lady said merely I wanted to thank you for all you do, with my hands on the tray I sat it back on the rails and gave this lady a big hug as a tear raised to my eyes.

Those of you that know me or read my blogs have followed my episodes over the past three years of my life. I would not change a thing; my life is no different than thousands of others that suffer with some kind of infliction. It’s what we do with our lives after we have this life altering change.

I have been given some kind of ability to write about my life and others without predigest or malaise toward the medical field for not finding a magical cure for me. If I have not learned but one thing about the whole ordeal is that doctors and staff can make or break a patient’s will by their attitude and work ethic’s. The level of care you receive from a hospital is usually different from the caring of the individual giving the care.

After refusing to accept the mediocrity from another hospital In the Atlanta area I switched my entire medical records to Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta where I was treated like royalty by even the custodial staff. It takes the same amount of effort to be kind to a person as it takes to say piss off I’m busy. Your kindness even when you don’t feel well your self could and probably make the difference in someone’s life forever. Never mistake kindness for weakness it will bite you in the butt every time.

Now a word from our sponsor, hello it’s me again in the past I have had to be mean to make a point across or as I thought. I have learned that your past will follow you through every decision you make here and ever after and will be judged by those you have had cross words with. Wisdom is usually wasted on those learning the life process instead of those who have already earned this precious understanding. However we get to this point it is important that we use the wisdom to teach others who are truly interested in learning. We must pick and choose our way of life as a responsible adult that will best suit us in our travels and elected occupation.

Please forward to me your act of random kindness, we all have them but sometimes we’re too busy to respond or thank the person offering this kindness as being weak and they do not fit in our overall plan to stardom. Remember on your way to the top of your carrier watch out who you step on you will also meet the same one’s on the way down and hope they are just a bit kinder to you than you were to them, amen.


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