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A Dream Within a Dream

Updated on December 6, 2013


all rights reserved
all rights reserved

In Dreams

Reclining, once upon a time, in my bed,

thoughts kept circulating within my head,

then in my realizing it was all but a dream,

my reality I had found, all did seem.

With opening eyes, I gave them a blink,

I closed them again, and began to think.

not all my sleep was lost in that night,

yet my restless mind, would soon take flight.

Suddenly back in the dream again,

it all seemed to me, there could be no end.

my mind took flight high over the trees,

I flew over meadows, reaching the seas.

The blue of the sky and dark greens below,

gave to my dream, a creative flow.

cool winds blew upon my face,

with out stretched arms, breezes to embrace..

Soon a flock of geese, flew noisily below,

I shouted to them, my presence to know.

white clouds brushed gently beside my face,

and in my thoughts, were all in place.

A sunlit valley soon came into my view,

wide fields bloomed, with the crops that grew.

my house I could see, just up from the hill,

and the lights were still on, as I felt a chill.

Quickly, I set out, on my glorious flight,

in my dream I had flown, throughout the night.

darkness had turned into mornings first light,

bathing the scenery with rays so bright.

My opened eyes saw a window's wide view,

and a grassland scattered in refreshing dew.

dreams within dreams, may one day come true,

depending upon what its actors all do.


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    • LailaK profile image

      LailaK 6 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Very-nicely written! I like it!