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Musings About Life

Updated on September 8, 2013

Has it ever occurred to you that we go through motions endlessly forgetting the redundancy of each action we do everyday? Sometimes I wonder why we do it .As we do it , we are oblivious of the fact that we have done that yesterday, the day before, a month before, years before ,even a whole lifetime before.We remember ,events and people in our lives which had become an integral part of our being and have succeeded in the invasion of our inner core ,that it is difficult to draw the line who is the real me .Am I the real me or am I a product of lifetime's accumulation of thought conditioning through the culture and people which I was born into by default. Am I even real? The erratic flow of emotions that deluge me lead me to believe that there is a catalyst that triggers all of these.

My mind,unconsciously bombarded by external influences makes me wonder who I have become as a person. I am baffled and confused.I do not know who I am anymore.I cling to my present and my past and keep wondering if my actions are covertly dictated by the environment that I live in.Feelings of love and emptiness, sad and joy are master culprits that once in a while defines my persona. Am I feeling love today? Yes now,but emptiness might be the order of the day tomorrow. How do I experience life in general? Honest answer is 8 out of 10 on most times,10 being on top of the scale.

The things that require the most effort in me is how to become a better person and just be that perfect human being full of love. I would like to make peace with my past. Behind the silence that internally created a void, I would like to give a hug and let it be known that I have not left and I will never leave.I do not give up on my fellow humans and I believe in their possibilities. That is the greatest gift I can offer to anybody I may have hurt unintentionally.I am trying and I am taking small steps.I'd like to be given the chance to rectify my human imperfections.I am my imperfections and I own them.If my imperfections had ruffled the senses of my co humans,it was not meant to be. Love is the only way and it is it the only way i know.

Life is a task full of twists and turns-a sporting game where there are no winners and there no losers.We are all vulnerable to this game but nevertheless ,the ploughing field is in an even keel where even the faint hearted of the human beings have open possibilities of being fulfilled,complete and satisfied entities.With that mindset, life is not the way we generally percieve it to be.The forces that be, whether positive or negative will always be an intrinsic part in the human existence landscape.Those can be treated as nothing short of conducting the daily business of living life.Convince yourself in that perspective and you can alter your thinking towards the positive end of the spectrum.You don't have to take life as it is presented to you - like an obstrusive demon portrayed by maintstream consciousness.

I am in an analytical mode today as I sit and watch people passing by at PEET'S COFFEE.Two shots of ultra strong expresso does wonders to your brain.Today is no exception.My hibernating brain cells come alive with thoughts and ideas as the tiny specks of caffeine blend in with my dormant neurons.No doubt about it- the brain is one lean mean machine , a visible soft tissue that generates an invisible thought.Anybody ever seen a thought? I bet the brain did. LOL! That is an awesome formidable power - an inimitable force to contend with.Be kind to your brain, you only got one.


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    • Jynzly profile image

      Jenny Pugh 3 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA

      Very interesting musings about life Globe...when I am in this mood, the questions that enter my mind aside from "Who I am" are as follow...What do I value most in life? Do I value those things that I worked hard for? Who do I try to please or satisfy when doing things that I think is important for me to accomplish? and more questions along this line...bottom line is I should be conscious and aware all the time of the objectives of whatever I do wherever I am and with whoever I am with.

      Really interesting hub...good writing.

    • aviannovice profile image

      Deb Hirt 4 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      Reflections are always important things in one's life. Not only do you question others, but you question yourself. It shows the great capacity of thought, as well as knowing when to speak and keep silent. Well done!