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A Link Between Sunspots, Earthquakes, and UFOs?

Updated on March 29, 2015
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Has studied astrology/historical seismology since the late '70s in San Francisco. Published in the ISAR International Astrologer in 2012.

You wouldn't think that there should be any relationship between earthquakes and UFOs, but both have a correlation (at least as far as I can see) between them and sunspot minimum. There is also the unexplained phenomena of earthquake lights that is not always, but often witnessed shortly before historically large earthquakes.

In the March, 1995 issue of the MUFON UFO Journal, I had an article published that predicted that 1995 would likely be a period of high UFO activity. The evidence seemed to back me up in that assertion. If you follow this link:, and scroll down to the year 1995, you will see that UFOs were significantly more numerous in that year than the year before or after it.

If you look at earthquakes in 1995, a year when solar activity was almost at its minimum, you will see that earthquakes were at an all time high (in the 6.2 to 7.7 range at least as shown in the graphic above). I went on to have another article published in that monthly periodical in June 1996 and then published two articles on my own on my internet website (the website is gone, but all of my articles, with the exception of the one that I will quote from shortly are at and under the name Joseph W. Ritrovato, without the original visual aids). One of the two internet articles attempted to pin down UFO cycles measured in days and began with the following premise:

"...As does UFO researcher and author John Keel, I believe that we at times experience visitations of an intelligence that is normally beyond our perception. They share the same space as we do but, because of our being in a much different dimension of reality, normally do not perceive their existence. If these intelligences have been here for thousand of years, but for the most part undetected, then they are not visitors, but co-inhabitants. From their perspective, we could be the interlopers.

My theory is that we more directly experience each other during times of heightened geomagnetic disruptions which interfere with the barriers between our different dimensions. In my scenario there is both random and periodic fluctuations in this field. Predicting these changes is difficult due to there being several causes of the fluctuations. These apparent trigger mechanisms are most likely due to changes in solar radiation output and the lunar gravitational pull (at key times during their periodic cycles), sudden changes in the wobble of the earth on its axis, sudden build-ups of tectonic stresses or a combination of all of these. There is also a possibility of causes linked to emanations from beyond our solar system. All of these proposed factors may also parallel the appearances of droughts, earthquakes, strange weather, and cryptozoological anomalies such as bigfoot and misplaced animal sightings (even misplaced or disappearances of people)."

At 8pm on the evening of 11/11/1855, the owner of a shop in Tokyo, Japan, noticed that a magnet appeared to have lost its ability to hold on to a number of iron nails that had been attached to it. The owner thought that, due to its age, it may have lost its magnetic ability. Two hours later a great earthquake struck, taking the lives of thousands of people. Afterwards the magnet regained its magnetic powers. The sun was at solar minimum at the time.

Geomagnetic fluctuations are not uncommon prior to earthquakes and the same can be said for the earthquake light phenomena. When earthquake lights appear, is it a glimpse into another dimension that cracks into our own normal environment? Can the geomagnetic disruptions be lifting a veil between our dimension and another? Could UFOs, normally invisible to us then become visible?

Almost 99 years after that quake in Tokyo, Japan, France was going nuts with a plethora of UFO, alien, and little people sightings, mostly in October 1954. Here is a quote related to that from John A. Keel's book Disneyland of the Gods: "In 1974...Dr. C. Poher, a leading scientist at Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales in Toulouse, France, published a formidable study comparing flying saucer sightings with geomagnetic disturbances. Using 635 French sightings from the year 1954...he compared the UFO activity with the scientific data on the disturbances of the declination of the earth's magnetic field for the same period. The peak magnetic distubance in 1954 occurred simultaneously with the UFO wave! Or, as Dr. Poher put it in cautious scientific terms: 'A good statistical correlation between disturbances of the earth's field and UFO observations during one month in the remarkable year 1954...'" Again, this was during solar minimum.

On March 3, 1933, before the early morning earthquake and tsunami that took thousands of lives, in Sanriku, Japan, the bed of the ocean was seen to glow with a bluish-white luminescence and "...the crests of the waves emitted a dim continuous light, and the whole surface of the sea glittered" (The Violent Earth by Frank Walter Lane). Again, this was a time when the sun was at solar minimum.

On July 21, 1952, not exactly at solar minimum, but close (like for the year 1995), there was a UFO wave affecting the United States and including the state of California. On that day there was also a 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Kern County, California at about 5am in the morning. Two nights before interceptors were scrambled to chase UFOs that were flying over Washington, DC. That event and this quake heralded the winding down of the most intense wave of UFO activity ever to be experienced in the U.S. Three excellent UFO sightings were reported on this date in the U.S., one was from Los Angeles and re-appeared over the area over the course of several days.

On September 26, 1966, a rare photograph was taken at 03:25am (JST) of the sky above Mt. Kimyo, Japan that showed earthquake lights just before an earthquake in the Matsushiro area. Again this was a time of solar minimum and much worldwide UFO activity.

On July 27, 1976, just before the killer Tangshan, China earthquake, people who were up (the quake happened hours before sunup) and looking at the sky, saw the eerie earthquake lights above the doomed city. This was a time of solar minimum and much UFO activity.

Back to 1995, on January 17, just before the Kobe, Japanese earthquake that killed 5500 people, shimmering lights and flashes in the sky were witnessed there. Solar sunspot output was low at the time and UFO sightings were high.

On May 12, 2008 in Sichuan, China, earthquake lights were captured on a cell phone 30 minutes before the quake struck, killing many tens of thousands of people. Again, sunspots were at a minimum and UFO activity was high that year.

© 2011 Joseph Ritrovato


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