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A Method of Fortune Telling With Dominoes

Updated on November 6, 2016

Le Domino by Adllan Pratama


Getting started

If you are interested in doing a little fortune-telling with dominoes, it is really quite simple. The medium and method is similar to using runes, though there is a bit more “mess” involved. First, gather up all twenty-eight of the dominoes (standard European set) and dump them onto the table. Make certain all of the little plaques are number-side-down. If you do not, this probably qualifies as cheating, and I understand that is probably a bad thing.

Once the dominoes are all flipped, mix them up until you forget which is which and where. Now, most oracles (tarot, runes, playing cards, evil spirits consulted through a magical ritual, etc.) require that a question be on your mind, but this is not necessarily the case with the humble domino. These little plaques are great for general readings!

After the dominoes are mixed up, one is to be chosen at random, and its relevance to the reading is derived from a list (such as the one included below.) Some prefer to draw an additional one or two in order to provide a more detailed divination. I, personally, belong to this camp. If you choose to do this, note the domino carefully and return it to the group, so that the same domino may be chosen multiple times. Repeat this for as many times as you wish until you are satisfied with the reading.

I will note that there is a tradition that no more than three dominoes should be chosen per reading. It is said that this system should be used no more than once or twice per month, and never more than once in a period of seven days. That said, let's move on to the interpretations.



These meanings are derived from a need to inform and entertain.

The interpretations provided are based strongly on traditional meanings, but given my own phrasing.

6:6 – Money, Success, general awesomeness are most likely coming your way! The best of all possible draws. Expect good things to come your way.

6:5 – You will most likely be attending an important public event. Try to wear something nice.

6:4 – The possibility of an argument leading to legal problems await you. Hire that guy you saw on television and you might stand a chance.

6:3 – Travel is likely for you, with good results! Take a trip, you won't be disappointed!

6:2 – New clothing is coming. If it's from grandma and it looks ugly, say “thank you” and put it in the back of your closet with the other sweaters.

6:1 – The opportunity to help a friend (or a pleasant acquaintance) is forthcoming. Good news if you're nice, not so good if you're an unpleasant human being.

6:0 – Watch out for back-stabbers, frenemies, gossipers, and other unpleasant folks. For fun, give a gossip a fake rumor and see how far it goes.

5:5 – A move to a new location is likely in the future, unless you're in the process of moving, then it's happening now.

5:4 – You stand to turn a profit from a financial investment. If you're savvy with the stock market, now might be a good time to call your broker.

5:3 – You might find yourself with a visitor bearing important news. Could be an inheritance from a rich uncle, could be a court summons. Either way, sweep up a little and comb your hair.

5:2 – Expect an invitation to an important social event.

5:1 – Strong likelihood that a new romantic relationship is in the near future. If you already have a partner, then this could mean a re-kindled romance. Enjoy!

5:0 – A friend will likely go through a sad situation in the near future.

4:4 – Rock on. Traditionally, this means you'll be happy enough to go do something celebratory! Hit the town, have a night out, go enjoy a drink! Unless you're under the legal limit, then I didn't tell you to do that last part.

4:3 – Possible confusion in your home. Discord, chaos, missing television remotes. Keep your head together, and things may turn out better than you anticipated.

4:2 – Keep an eye on your possessions, as this domino indicates a likely theft. If nothing else, mind those of who have a track record for deception and “borrowing” things.

4:1 – A probability of being a bit behind on your debts, if any. Better get on the phone, now, just to be sure.

4:0 – Traditionally a troublesome missive (letter or e-mail,) maybe even a slightly annoying text message. Either way, expect something to travel miles just to irritate you.

3:3 – Strong possibility of a wedding in the near future! Yours, a family member's, maybe you'll crash one by accident/on purpose/accidentally on purpose. Either way, I would dust off the suit or find a nice dress.

3:2 – Watch your money for this month. Do you really need to buy that?

3:1 – Surprise! A surprise may be in your future! Whether good or bad, that is entirely up to how you see things.

3:0 – Possibility of trouble involving children. Whether yours or some ill-behaved brat making a nuisance of him or herself, rugrat-based irritations are coming.

2:2 – The green-eyed monster rears its awkward, petty head! A problem with jealousy is likely, so remember to keep yourself under control, and watch your head for flying bottles of hater-ade.

2:1 – Forgot your wallet? An awkward, money-centric situation looks to be on the horizon. Double-check your purse or trouser pockets, and make sure you can sneak out before the waiter notices you didn't tip.

2:0 – Pack your bags, it looks like you will travel. Far away, in fact, and most likely meet new people. Could be a fine vacation, a transfer to a new corporate office, or prison.

1:1 – Looks like a possession you never expected to have is about to land in your lap. Fine jewels, rare art, an odd assortment of objects in jars full of preservation fluid. The sky is the limit, for better or worse.

1:0 – It seems a stranger will be coming to you with interesting news. This could be good, bad, or awkward, but at least you won't be bored.

0:0 – The worst has happened! Black is white, up is down, they canceled your favorite show! Well, maybe not that bad, but it looks like your luck is about to take a turn for the worst. If I were you, I would tread carefully and play it smart.

Until next time

Enjoy your trip to the next Hub.
Enjoy your trip to the next Hub. | Source

An interesting instructional video to help (care of "Magus Realm")

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