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A Moment of Synchronicity Between the Physical and Non-Physical

Updated on July 7, 2014
I snapped a photo!
I snapped a photo!

Two days ago, my boyfriend and I were on the freeway, heading back from a leisurely lunch. Somewhere along the ride, we began speaking about how much we have learned about life. I was telling him that for a few days, I'd been thinking a lot about how much we know. In fact, it felt like so many aspects of life that seem a mystery to people seemed clear to me. I felt so comfortable about it, that I contemplated fear. Why did I feel so comfortable seeing life so clearly and logically? Are we supposed to know this much? Isn't the ultimate question supposed to be "why are we here and where are we going?" I didn't ponder that question so much anymore, and neither did he. Sure, we don't have solid answers to put into words, but there was a general understanding about the cycle of life.

He responded by telling me to not think about it. He said to not think about those cycles and to think about what I am doing in the moment. We briefly discussed philosophies and experiences we've both had, and I was leaning towards his advice of not thinking so much about it, and just letting the understanding help me in whatever way it would. He himself has acquired vast understanding of himself and life experience, and we both tend to keep these conversations to ourselves, since discussing with others can often prompt debate- in which we have no interest.

As we exited the freeway, we stopped at a red light where we had to turn either left or right. I looked up and straight ahead of us was a concrete highway divider piece that was pushed up against the wall in front of us with block letters stenciled on it, reading "INEFFABLE". I had seen those concrete dividers before, usually kept on the side of the road during construction. This one was pushed up against the wall at a T junction, staring us in the face with a seemingly unlikely word- in no way related to road construction- stamped over the front. A feeling came over me and I wanted to look up the word. I had the gist of what it meant, but I had a feeling that I wanted to know the exact meaning.

Here's what Google on my phone had to say for the word: "too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words; not to be uttered".

I had this moment where the physical and non-physical existence of us was one and the same. I suppose it always is, but I became conscious of it. It felt quiet and peaceful. The world I see and that makes sense was transcended to this non-physical world that actually controls what is physical- what we call experience.

Among other statements on for ineffablity, it states..."Terminology describing the nature of experience cannot be properly conveyed in dualistic symbolic language; it is believed that this knowledge is only held by the individual from which it originates."

This is why our own experiences cannot and perhaps should not be conveyed to other people at all times. We could spend days and nights arguing and debating about our own experiences, but that would only hold us back from truly appreciating and enjoying the knowledge that we have gained. Sometimes we are tempted to share our ideas with others, but in a world with so many points of view, it is not always the best thing to do. After all, everyone is capable of acquiring the knowledge that they want, and that is most often done by bringing it forth from within, rather than taking someone else's words and trying to make it your own understanding.

A natural reaction to finding a word such as this one, while we were discussing something of the exact nature, may be to call it a "sign" or an "answer". In fact, I think I did call it just that at first. Then, I immediately applied my understanding of what signs truly are, and I came to the conclusion that it is just the universe showing us what we are in alignment with. We were in alignment with that word, with what it represents. Knowing that the universe lined us up with that word was my way of realizing that there is no separation between physical and non-physical. The physical world simply brings to us directly what we are experiencing in spirit.

All the doubt, the fear, the worry about "Will I be able to pay my bills for the next couple months?", must be proven pointless. If there is no separation between what we think and what exists before us, then it will prove to be with incredible ease that I pay my bills and reach levels of satisfaction in all aspects of this physical experience. This can sound absolutely wacky to those of you who have not read much about this sort of philosophy, but there is nothing wacky about it. Or perhaps, it is just as wacky as it should be. If something is not wacky, then maybe it is holding back from its God-given potential.

Deepak Chopra on Synchronicity


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