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Updated on April 12, 2013
A New Day Dawns
A New Day Dawns

Mentoring from the Higher Beings given for the Solstice Dec 2012 - Before the Dawning of a New Age, A New Way

A marriage between two people is an agreement, a contract of absolute obedience to the vows taken. The vows that were taken before you incarnated were given and sworn in a truly profound way. But, what now, do you remember? Are you yet aware of why You came here? Do you know that your agreement is now at its termination.

It is, as your very well know phrase goes "Now or Never". We do not mince our words. We do not speak in colourful, meaningless ways. We are here to terminate your contracts, swear you in to a new way of being, a new life of progress, enlightenment and laughter.

We can only do this, if this is what you want, what you desire. Our notion of being your guiding lights, your inspiration along this hard and arduous journey is now at a close. We have done our jobs well and will conclude this chapter knowing that. Can you say the same? Will you now take back your spiritual mantles, your hearts of peace, your special gifts and lkings for your own humanity.

It has been a journey of much hatred, much angst and many many desires. Many of these desires led you to more desires and more disasters. But now, it is over, The time will now be spent perusing the choices of a new existence. It will not come suddenly, it will also be part of a journey. The energy has arisen, it is now available. Those who are partaking are those who already knew of its existence and had long been making their way upon the path of self development. Developing their selves back to who they truly were. Many were lost along the way. We have watched as many took the path and thought they were keeping to a safe pathway. One which, at its end would feel good and give them the satisfaction of knowing they had remained within the framworks of their original contracts. But alas, many now know that along the way came the desires again and the temptations of much that was not a part of their original joining with the Divine Plan.

For you see, it was quite simple, not to run but to walk steadily and steadfast along the pathway of the choices of the heart. Many have arrived at their chosen destinations before their original timings. They have not run and masked their denial but have chosen to take smaller steps and spelt out their denials as they arose in the moment. They have spent some time in comtemplation. They have an acceptance of who they truly are.

We have lost some along the way who now, will not recover their momentum very easily but we have many who will now take hold of the chains of light which will drape around them as they leave behind all of the misgivings, the failure to stay within the chosen boundaries and who now can take hold of the linkage and spell out their new destinies as they saw so long ago.

The Now or Never moment is one that will linger longer than the normal 'now' moment. This is the moment of which we have spoken many times and in different manners in order for you to know our truth. This lingering of the Now moment will never come again, in this milenia. It is once given at each stage of this turning of the wheel. This cosmic wheel is in motion as we speak and will throw to you this link to the whole of the cosmic light. A light which, emenates from the bowels of the Universal Energy Continuum and which will give you the strength to re- connect to her centre, your centre as the Universal Beings which you are.

We will not tally long with tales of misfortune for the door closes on all that has gone before. No memory will be available as you journey on for memory is part of the old and not the new. Be as One will be the tale told from now on. You can feel the echo of the past but not rejoin its train of thought, for thought will be past times and times will be gone.

As One joins another in this play of plays another day breaks for which there is no end. The multi dimensional self will hold the crown and interplay of joy and enthusiasm will be the taste and the echo will be left behind. If we were to give you a taste of this now, you would be ecstatic and would not wish to return to your past fields of experience. Another day will field your pleasures, another day will offer you everything of which you have the real desire.

Do not question these changes with your minds for they will prevent you from being present to accept the grace and the virtues which has always been your destiny. You cannot acquire goodness from grace alone but this will give you the taste of much more to come. We have so much to give you but can only now offer morsals of knowledge and knowing. Our job is done, we have led you to the landing stage, the moment of grace.

Our time with you will be ending soon, We cannot be the leaders of your journey, we give you guidance and will watch as the last steps are taken from your own hearts and the severing of the power of the mind.

Stay true to your hearts and be as One, the New Dawning is here.

Our hearts go out to you as you travel on now, knowing that We are All One.


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