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A Peek Into The Art of Allowing

Updated on May 11, 2013

Stop what you are doing and relax. If you're hunched over in your seat, intent on finding solutions to all of your issues, stop right now and let go. That's all there is to it. End of article.

Alright, I suppose we can explore a little more in-depth on this topic. However, what you just read is what this entire article us based upon. Stop looking for answers. Stop driving yourself crazy trying to figure things out! It's done already. The solutions are there. When you relax and release some tension, they will start to show up for you.

Here is what Abraham Hicks communicates to us: You have spent every moment of your life figuring out what you want. You know what feels good, and what you want to move towards attaining. How do you already feel as you read these words? Does this translate as a struggle to you? Challenging? Having to figure out the "right" way to your dreams? There is no right way. There are so many ways, and you really can't pick a wrong path to it. The truth is, doing what feels good is in fact the quickest path to it.

It seems that as soon as we see something we want, we create all this tension around it. We worry, we feel anxious, we immediately fear that it is unreachable. We are so terrified by the question of whether or not it is possible, that we almost decide that it isn't possible by turning it into a hopeless dream. Even thinking about what we want now makes us feel sad and hopeless because we have associated this thing that we want with hopelessness. It makes us feel sad and depressed to think about it, because all we can think about is how we don't have it, how it's so far away and we cannot make any sense of how it will come into our experience.

Here's the best part: This is the only thing stopping us from enjoying it. That's it. What we want is already done in some shape or form, that we cannot sense through our five senses. All we have to do is let go. Release the tension around it. ALL of the tension, and this is often easier done by slowly clearing the tension over a short amount of time. Little by little, clear the tension that is blocking this thing from happening. Allow it. Allow it to come to you, just like you wished for. What does a wish mean? A weak shot in the dark? No, it is not.

When you order from a menu, do you order what you wish to eat and then afterwards leave the table assuming that it's just not coming? No, you choose what you wish to eat, and then probably talk to some friends, excitedly anticipating the food arriving. You can imagine the food arriving and tasting it. You ordered it, so of course it's going to come. Why would you even question that it might not arrive?

This is all there is to it, and we need to stop complicating it. The bottom line is that the faith involved here is what contributes to the "letting go" and "allowing". That's what faith is. It's trust, hope, expectation. If you're ordering from a fast food place, you pay for the food, then move on to the pick-up counter to pick it up. You don't stand there and think, "I'm going to stay here and still ask for the food because I will be just so disappointed if I go wait at the pickup counter and it never comes."

Allow good things to happen. You've asked for so many things over years and years by simply seeing them and feeling good about them. Now, open the road block and let it all come pouring in. You will be absolutely shocked that this is what was stopping all those things from coming into your experience. How do you think it feels to live every day with the feeling of a full heart, overflowing with appreciation for all that you have been blessed with? Can you imagine what that feels like? I can say that when it happens, you will be in awe. Then, you will be able to experience the things that you want very easily, and it will feel wonderfully normal.

There are solutions and opportunities around us all the time. If we don't "open our eyes" to them, they will never be seen. You can pass by your windows of opportunity hundreds of times before recognizing it as such because the tension you are creating is not allowing you to see it. Loosen up the tension, and it will be staring you in the face. Your face will be smiling. Believe it.

Abraham Hicks has several YouTube videos on The Art of Allowing. Look here for a great one to start with: After you get over the channeling thing, there is much to learn from these teachings. It is basic knowledge that many of us were not taught much about during childhood.

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