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A Philisophical Approach to Spirituality

Updated on June 9, 2013

This book is about the political essay of John Locke & Luther. It explains the ground breaking that resulted in separation of Church and State. It focuses on the impact of philosophy on Religion. It criticizes the empiricist argument, that one can only be sure of what one can see, hear, touch, experience, or perceive at first hand to fall back on the Daimon of Socrates, which Greek philosophers understood as the intellect. It also reference the theological views of Augustine, where he addressed that "an intellectual 'vision' of God is the goal of mystical contemplation." And Compared it with the theological views of Gregory of Nyssa. He explains from the point of view of the unitive phase, the activity of the intellect depicted as darkness in which the mystic feels the presence of God through love; and it is from this tradition to which The Cloud of Unknowing derived primarily. It then look at spirituality through the lens of science to end that scientific thoughts are spiritual deliberation. on the premise that they are performed by spiritual beings, the person.

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    • Coolbreezing profile image

      James Dubreze 4 years ago from New York, New York

      First of all, thank you for buying the book. You right, you've noticed a very important distinction. Scientific thoughts are spiritual deliberation because it's ascend by a person who is a spiritual beings. If you believe in good vs. bad spirit then you might end that an evil thought is ascend by an evil spirit, but what is good or bad depends on the scenario.

      I have a good day

      love back to you...peace

    • mrmathew1963 profile image

      mrmathew1963 4 years ago from Australia

      G'day Coolbreezing

      Couldn't agree more especially in relation with scientific thoughts are spiritual deliberation, everything is of the spiritual.