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A Poem, Abiding In Christ

Updated on November 8, 2012

Abiding in Christ

Day of quiet or struggling for quietness of mind for

The mind of Christ is truly to do that for

Whatsoever is mine.

Blessed memory,

Jesus is mine.

To make that is of this—the day and over all for

All that to hope of His mercy,

The mercy of God…

See that hope of his mercy and grace

As I make my prayers

That make peace

And live with that experience of salvation and grace,

Deep and holy faith that I do abide with

Our souls and spirits fulfilled of righteous

And holy thoughts putting on gentleness,

Putting on love and grace.

Grow holy, you souls

That desire God,

That desire Jesus,

Allow the love of God rule for truly this is of the prophets and God’s laws.

Let the truth of Christ show out of the wells of salvation!!

That shall make forever more, our spirits of His Highest Joy and Grace!

Let us glory in our God!

By Shea Jubelirer December 13, 2007


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