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A Primer On Some Traditional Christian Teachings And Behavior....

Updated on August 20, 2015

Some Of The Basics of Traditional Christianity

A Primer On Traditional Christian Teachings And Behavior....

Those of us who are Traditional Christians - meaning that any behavior that was considered a Sin when Christ Jesus walked the earth... is still so now - are watching how some members of the Body-of-Christ are willfully ignorant of the tenets, which are manifested in the way we are now living. No one is saying that we do not fall short of said Traditional Biblical tenets, but we are going a perverted step farther in saying that, even in our breaching of these rules, that there are no consequences when we Sinned. It is why we can see those who are conspicuously gay leading praise and worship or the pregnant unwed mother singing in the choir and no one dare says anything for fearing that we are accused of "judging." If any given preacher were to say that we should not have sex before marriage, there are those who would vehemently disagree and most of the disagreement would come from Traditional Christians. We have become so complacent - egged on by the icons in our society who live that way - that we have conveniently misinterpret Scriptures to fit our Sinful lifestyle, especially in the area of Fornication; we have used and are using Christ Jesus' 'Grace' as license to engage in all manner of Sinful trespasses.

The Devil has been making hay with the term... 'do not judge;' yes, such an admonition is in the Bible, but we misinterpret the term to rationalize and justify our Sinful behaviors. God and His scriptures are not instruments of confusion - there is indeed righteous judgment... not in ourselves, but in the Word of God. Did not the Apostle Paul spelled out the behaviors that will prevent us from entering Heaven - was he not judging too, even though, he, himself, was a murderer. Was Moses judging too when he gave us the Ten Commandments, even though he too was a murderer? In addition, God commanded the prophet Ezekiel to warn us from engaging in certain Sinful behaviors - was not the prophet judging too? The150 Psalms, mostly written by King David, a murderer and Adulterer, have many proscriptions that we could deem judgmental - should we ignore them because of the misinterpret taint of judging too? Traditional Christians should stop following Satan and the world when they say that we should not judge... when it is being used out of Biblical context and recognize that the prophet Ezekiel, King David, and the Apostle Paul, among many more pillars of the Faith, did indeed engage in righteous 'judging,' in accordance to conveying the Word of God, as to how to morally live our lives.

When Christ Jesus told the woman at Jacob's well to go and Sin no more - the Sinning the Christ was speaking about was having sex outside of being marriage - was there a new law given, whereby Fornication is now permitted, notwithstanding the fact that Oprah Winfrey has been living with her boyfriend, Stedman for quite a while or Tyler Perry being invited to address T.D. Jakes' flock... knowing that the former just had a baby with his model girlfriend? The Lord said that He changes not... so when you hear preachers saying that they are 'evolving' on a given moral issue, said 'evolution' is not from God, but from the pit of Hell! It will always be a Sinful trespass to engage in homosexuality or lesbianism; it will always be a Sin to sleep with someone who is already married (Adultery); it will always be a Sin to have sex outside of marriage (Fornication). Simply because I or you engage in these behaviors and we happened to like doing so... does not make it ok morally before Christ Jesus.

The issue of Christians having the freedom to choose is a massive problem in the Body-of-Christ, although it should be. The Lord is a Gentleman - He is not going to force you to do anything, not even to worship Him; so that then everything that we do is by choice, even our choices for who will govern us. This is where we conveniently make the mistake when we say that God 'put up' and He 'takes down' - true, but the 'putting up' and 'taking down' is dependent on our free will choices. The convenience comes into play now because many of us voted for President Obama who has done all kind of manner of Biblical evils - the sanctioning of gay marriage and his rabid support for murdering babies (Abortion), even in their ninth month - in the White House, and, so now, those Christians who voted for President Obama twice are saying that God 'put up' and 'take down.' Have we not read our Bible to know that when Israel rejected the Lord and chose a King (Saul)... causing the priest, Samuel to weep... that Lord said that the Israelites were not rejecting Samuel, but the Lord. We rejected the Lord when we voted, especially the second time, for President Obama... knowing his immoral positions on gay marriage and Abortion.

There are other topics that warrant discussing including the fact that there is no such thing as 'good voodoo' or 'white magic' as opposed to 'black magic' or the reading of palms or Astrology - it is all wicked and consider part and parcel of Necromancy. It is bad enough for the secular world to engage in these behaviors, but there are Christians who do so too. There are no other gods or getting to Heaven - but through Christ Jesus! The very first Commandment given to Moses says so and Jesus, Himself, told the Disciples to go and preach the Gospel to the four corners of the World - how redundant and a waste of time it would have been for Christ Jesus to have told the Disciples to preach His Gospel in places like India, Rome, and Greece... all of whom have their respective Alphabet soup of gods, if those same respective gods represented Christ Jesus and His teachings. In a nutshell, for Traditional Christians, there is no other way to God or Heaven, but through Christ Jesus and belief in any other gods/religions is idol worship and demonic and from the pit of Hell!

I would be remiss if I did not address racial issues in America from the prism of Traditional Christianity; to that end, there are Christians who are down-right racist. Case in point, go to the social media sites and read what some of these Christians are opining about and their take on the issues. There is no objectivity... some of us sound like Black versions of the racist Skinheads - did we so learned Martin Luther King, Jr. or moreover Christ Jesus? Many of us take on topics of a racial nature is as if only "Original Sin," committed by our ancestral/spiritual parents, Adam and Eve, only pertained and affected the White race and not us. Were I to ask these Black Christians who have been victims of crimes who perpetrated the crimes against them, they would tell me that the crimes were done by Blacks, yet they embrace groups like Black Lives Matter biased agenda - but neglect to speak on the victims of Black-on-Black murders that will happen on any given weekend in the Black precincts. These same Christians do not ponder why most of the Abortion clinics are located in our Black neighborhoods - do not the Black babies that are being murdered lives matter too?

I can write and write and speak on the fact that basic tenets of the Traditional Christian faith are not being adhered to, and moreover, we are letting the secular folks tell us what is moral. The Traditional Christian should know that 'anything' that contradicts the Bible is Satanic, including anything that would make said Bible a liar. No behavior that the Bible says is a Sin can become acceptable, no matter how much the World says that it is ok.. as a matter of fact, if you are a Traditional Christian and you see that the World loves something or someone, be awfully careful because, more than likely, that thing or person is ungodly. Christ Jesus already told us that we, His followers are going to be hated by the world because the world hated Him when He came in the flesh. I tell you an opened secret that no one is more hated than Traditional Christians, especially by those who support national sodomy and unfettered murder of children via Abortion. Our behavior should reflect a difference... so that those who are non Christian can see it - we are supposed to be a peculiar people.

P.S, stop purchasing books written by preachers or their wives that are supposedly based on the Bible - how in Jesus' name can anything written by man be better than the source? Also ignore those who tell you that they know how to gain prosperity by giving you so called blessed water or cloths or clothing - that is a scam out of the pit of Hell because the Word of God tells you how to attain these blessings, in accordance to the Father's will.


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      6 years ago

      Great job


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