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A Prophesy for Our Day + a Detailed Civil War Prophecy Fulfilled 28 Years Later

Updated on August 7, 2019
Captain Sallenbach profile image

Captain Sallenbach has had a lifelong interest in prophecies that must surely come to pass in the last days before the Second Coming


Prophecy About the End of all Governments in the World

We find ourselves today during an ongoing series of armed conflicts around the world (Afghanistan, Syria/Iraq, Turkey, Saudi/Yemeni Border, Israeli/Palestinian, Mexican Drug war, Ukraine, to name a few) and potential future wars (North Korea, Iran, Russia, China).

The Civil War is a historical fact, as well as all the other details mentioned in this Prophecy on War that have been fulfilled in detail. What more evidence could one ask for to confirm the veracity of this historic Prophecy. Additional prophecies that will eventually be found in this article stream, will just as surely be fulfilled in like manner.

All Prophecies Revealed by the Lord will be Fulfilled

Prepare! Prepare! There is no other way to say it. While some people may consider prophesies of our day to be in the realm with charlatans, soothsayers and palm readers, when conveyed by the Holy Spirit through the Lord's latter-day prophet and apostles, prophesy takes on a whole new reality.

As highlighted in the Civil War prophesy at the beginning of this article, the specifics of this prophesy would suggest that this was not some random guess work on the part of Joseph Smith. Every detail of this prophesy was widely disseminated to the people of his day. Many of whom later became eye witness to its fulfillment between April 12, 1861 to April 9, 1965.

This would suggest to the prudent mind, in my view, that if this prediction was so accurately fulfilled, that perhaps other prophecies recorded by Joseph Smith and his successors since 1830, may be worth giving sober heed to. In spite of any differences that may exist in one’s personal or religious beliefs, philosophies or doctrine one may adhere to in their own life, the prophecies presented here and in subsequent articles Will Surely Come to Pass, since it is the Lord's will.

Do You See Anything Happening Around You Today That Troubles You?

Many people in today's world, may increasingly notice troubling trends in the changing attitudes and increasing levels of hostilities demonstrated toward others who may hold a different preference, point of view or opinion than their own. This increasing lack of empathy towards any differing point of view from others, could readily become elevated in intensity and hostility.

Recently, such a scene at a university campus in New England was highlighted in the national new media. From the news reports I saw, this situation evolved into a violent, personal, confrontation against their conservative guest speaker by a crowd of students who strongly opposed views. The physical battery to their guest speaker resulting from this hostility caused the him to cancel his speaking engagement there.

This kind of intolerance could, within say the next, say ten years, become increasingly elevated in violence to where we might perhaps see reports in the nightly news of deadly force being used to silence opposing opinions.

A Traumatic End of This Nation May be in Our Future

Possibly sooner than that. Future articles here will feature other prophecies describing conditions that will challenge the very fiber of this nation. These prophecies are anticipating future events that are certain to take place in America and the world, according to the Lord, as a result of the rapidly declining morality in the United States and throughout the world. Sin according to the doctrine of Christ is sin. All the rationalizing otherwise is the reason for our nations is in sever moral, social and ethical decline. When the "new morality" is simply a new title for the 'old immorality," we need only to reflect on the fall of the historic fall of the Roman Empire that followed a the same path that this nation is on. Look what happened to them?

Seismic Change in America Began in the 1960"s

Consider the changes in society that have taken place since the 1950's, when some would say this nation was in la, la land, so to speak. Then came the 1960's with women's rights and protests against the Vietnam War. From that generation on, it seemed like the traditional family was increasingly in jeopardy. Some may think this degradation was not a big deal BUT, if you take a hard look at the youth of that period and since, generally there appears to have been a steady, declining trend in civility, decency, empathy and interpersonal courtesy that, if this trend was not halted and reversed, it portends a breakdown of the entire foundation of our moral society and America as a nation.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Captain Sallenbach


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