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A Question Of Morality

Updated on June 22, 2017

A Bit of Background

Some years ago, a man came to a particular venue to sell particular glitchy software.
He brought his young son to the meeting and stood in the Lobby with his 'exhibit'.

As I entered, he raced to my side.
He knew I was a geek and was more than aware of the 'quality' of his product.

Speaking fast and furious, as the usual con man, he begged me not to say anything.
He told me he needed the money.
He had deliberately brought his son to get the sympathy vote and/or make
me feel guilty.

The venue was a meeting of one of those Professional Groups you are virtually forced to belong to.

The majority of the members despised me, often refused to recognise me.
As I planned to sign the register, show my face and leave early, the question
to be phrased;

Do I embarrass myself fighting to be recognised by the audience
who despise me, to speak against this man's livelihood?


Do I say nothing, leave early, and let him have his shot?

I left early.


If you wrote online you
couldn't miss this site.

Bubblews was hawked on
every publishing site in

The most active shills posting the URL with their reference numbers, enticing people to join with their excited; "I received my 14th payout!!!"

Intelligent people would check the claims and learn via other people's experience.
Many people, thousands, were paid.

Some of the best online writers, front page people from Wikinut to Triond to
here at Hubpages, joined and were not been paid.

Those who complained about not being paid were attacked by Shills...."You broke the Rules!"

This is because, the Shill, just like the con man, needs the money.
The fact that you will be ripped off means nothing to them.
They are paid, so who cares about you?

Living With Yourself

There are people who don't care about

You see them all the time.

They'll push in front of a crowd,
they'll blast their music, they'll
walk around as if they are the
only ones who matter.

The fact they sell tainted baby feeding or glitchy software means nothing to them.
As long as they get their pay, it's fine. Perfect.

This is the mentality of those who lure others into online scams.

Sure there are those who may tout a scam, then, when they learn how many people were ripped off, stop. They may feel shame that their promotion caused other people to work for nothing.

The majority of Shills have no morality. The fact they got paid 15 times is all they care about. That they are paid with the money another's articles have gained is insignificant. The only part of the sentence that concerns them is that they were paid. Who cares about you?

If You Don't Want to be a Shill

When you join a publishing site, take your time before recommending it. Being paid 1x doesn't mean the site is legit. Sites like Bubblews will pay that first time to 'prove' they are legit and then, not again.

Be alert to those who complain they weren't paid, and before shooting off your mouth about what you don't know, i.e. "You Broke The Rules!!!" watch and wait.

Do your Goggles Site Name+Scam and see what is turned up.

When you see dozens of posts, when you read them, and can satisfy yourself that these people weren't paid, appreciate you might be one of the 'priveleged' who somehow got lucky.

Don't recommend the site, don't lure others, and don't be surprised when you find yourself unpaid or locked out, for no reason.


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    • qeyler profile image

      qeyler 4 years ago

      Precisely! Too many people tout writing sites that prove to be scams. I recall when Factoidz was ripping off it's users I wrote an article, was attacked by a particular shill, who later was herself ripped off.

      I wonder how she must feel, looking at the defense she had put up for a site which took her work, tons of it, and was raking in the coin, and not paying her a cent.

    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 4 years ago from USA

      It is always good to be conservative in one's recommendations, basing your experience on a solid track record of interaction rather than a few times. For this reason, I tend to be late to the party so to speak.