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A Question of Reincarnation

Updated on May 26, 2021

An Overview

There are many examples of people who 'remember' their past lives.

Some can recall in detail, just as you recall your last vacation or an event in primary school.

Others have the deja vu, that is, the feeling they have been here before, or met that person before or in reading history, have a strong impression that they were there.

What is not explored in discussions of reincarnation is what I am calling the 'soul choice'.

That is a decision which shapes a life, a decision which seems to come from nowhere and is found peculiar by those around them.

A decision which seriously effects their lives. A Decision which appears to be made for no logical reason.


Why do some people, at a very early age, decide not to have children?

Every society in the world, whether in New York City or the forests of the Amazon, sees having children as normal, as important.

The norm is that a person grows up, enters a relationship and has children.

It is so 'normal' to have children that homosexuals adopt because there is some 'need' to be a parent.

Yet, there are people who do not want children.

Yes, they can give personal or politically correct explanations, and we may nod, but don't 'buy it'.

Could it be that in a past life this person suffered the loss of a child (ren) and does not want to experience that trauma again?


Some people wind up alone.

They may have parents who live a distance away and whom they rarely see.

They may have children who are periphery in their lives.

They may have broken relationships yet good connection to their ex.(s)

They are not the cold hermit, they are not the loner, they are compassionate, friendly, well-liked and have interesting lives.

So why are they alone?

Could it not be that in past lives they suffered painful losses and to protect themselves do not let anyone get that close, keeping all tragedies at arm's length?


We all know of people whom we feel 'could do better', but they seem happy doing as little as possible to get by.

They never stay late at work or are self-employed.

Family, friends, fun, always takes precedence over job.

They turn down promotions if in any way they will infringe on their downtime. They may lose customers/clients by their slow work or numerous vacations, and simply don't care.

They are underachievers of the highest order, and money doesn't persuade any more than fame.

Could it be that in their past life they dedicated themselves to their profession and wound up alone and sad with nothing?

Public Service

We know of those who dedicate their lives to a 'cause'.

This 'cause' fills almost every atom of their being. Nothing can take precedence over this 'cause'.

Whether feeding the poor, running an animal shelter, working in war zones, going hour after hour after day after week after month, as if driven.

Could it not be that in a past life they were selfish and cruel and reached the end of their lives despised by society?

Never Satisfied

There are people who seem insatiable. They are gluttons or worship money or keep collecting things and people, with no logical basis.

They are obese but keep eating, they have wealth but keeping accumulating, they have all they need but want more.

As they finish eating they are thinking about their next meal, as they make that million, they are looking for the next one, on and on, never stopping to enjoy what they have, never reaching that point of satiation.

Could it be that their past lives were so stark and horrible that they spend this one trying to eradicate that one?


When there is a reason that can be easily understood; such as the woman whose sister died in child birth so doesn't want to have children, the mystery is solved.

Liane doesn't want children because she was right there when her sister, the beloved and strong Jennie, died. Afraid of the same thing happening to her, she will not bear a child.

Yes, we understand.

When one meets someone who is so empathetic they can virtually feel your pain, you can appreciate why they would put layers between themselves and the world. They are afraid of being hurt. Yes. We understand.

Sure, when we meet someone who is bone lazy we can appreciate why anything that requires movement is contraindicated. Of course we can appreciate the person rescued from some horrible war zone would try to compensate.

Perfectly logical.

But when there is no logic?
When there is no discernible reason?
When there is absolutely nothing in their lives which in anyway contributes to their decisions?

Could this not be a manifestation of experiences of a past life?


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