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Religion Has Become Over Romaticized

Updated on October 29, 2017

What Spurred my Contemplation

Most of us who attend church have, at one point or another, heard the individual leading the service say something that caused us to double-take. For Instance, durning a sermon about Martin Luther, the paster said, "It was not Luther that caused the Reformation. It was the gospel. The raw gospel has incredible influence and power". While any religious person would not argue that the gospel has immense influence and power, they may disagree with the former part of that statement. How could it be that the gospel itself caused the reformation when the gospel was ever present prior to Luther posting his ninety-five thesis? Only after his thesis did anything start to happen.

In reality, the Reformation was indefinitely caused by Luther. The gospel was simply a tool, in which he created a custom interpretation, that he would use to spur on the Reformation of the Catholic Church. Without Luther, there would have been no Reformation of the Church, which in the time period, had become exceedingly corrupt with their selling of indulgences. Instead, things would have continued as they were. The thought that Luther was not the cause of the reformation was spurred by the paster's own idealogical view of his denomination, as well as his infatuation with religion itself. There are a great many more cases where the same occurrence takes place. It is not wrong for the paster to believe this. But when he gives a sermon advocating a prospect of religious belief that comes form his own personal ideology, he is over romanticizing the idea of religion.

My Thoughts After Contemplation

Now, normally I don't question what a paster has to say in regards to religion, as per the entire premise of Lutheranism being to develop you own opinion of what the gospel means. This statement, however, drew my attention. At first I simply listened, as I usually do, but upon further thought, I realized that what he said had less to do with a custom interpretation of the gospel, but rather conveyed his personal idealogical view on religion. Delving even deeper into thought, I came up with this thesis, "Religion is over romanticized due to personal ideologic views". At this point I was just brainstorming with myself and occupying my mind with an idea, so I tried to focus on the rest of the church service, which I was met with moderate success. I just couldn't completely shake the thought form my mind.

After the service, though, my mind once again honed in on the ever present thought that met me durning the sermon; I realized yet another thing. Pastors far too frequently discredit the actions of man in favor of giving the credit to the word of god. They make it sound as if man could not, or simply would not, take the same actions without the supernatural affects of the word of God. Pastors are not the only ones who do this. I am acquainted with a Taekwondo instructor who does the same thing, be it with religion or his martial art. He tries to convey his lessons with a certain romanticism that is designed to draw one in. The only problem with this is that in reality, the is little to no romantic aspect in what he is teaching. The same goes for religion.


Religion has become more of a romance that a lesson. In my opinion, religion has always been there to construct character and morals by teaching parables and lessons. In it's current state, religion has become something that is believed simply because it is the word of god and should be believed in, not because of the genuine belief in what is being preached. I know that this is a generalization, and can be rather inaccurate, but the idea is not to state fact, but rather to spur an action of thinking and realization in others. I am not attempting to force my own opinions on others, but rather to call attention to a very common and simplistic problem.


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    • Jay C OBrien profile image

      Jay C OBrien 

      12 months ago from Houston, TX USA

      Welcome to Hubpages. Good article, here are some points.

      1. The Protestant Reformation removed several whole books out of the Bible which had been canonized for about 1,000 years. Were the books removed sacred, scripture?

      2. The Protestant Reformation fought with the Catholics over religion. Many bloody battles were fought, yet Christ said, "Love your enemy." Can everyone agree that fighting and killing over religious principles is wrong?

      3. Romanticism: an emphasis on imagination and emotions. How about applying common sense and logic to religion?

      It is wrong to kill people in the name of God. (That would be Terrorism).

      Joshua killed people in the name of God.

      Therefore Joshua was wrong.


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