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A Spiritual or Prophetic Dream?

Updated on December 30, 2015

Lion of Judah


The Dream

A little over four years ago my first son, Ethan, was born and my wife and I were instantly thrown into the new world of parenting.

I don't recall how long after my son was born that I had this dream, but it was somewhere around the time just before he was born or just after, I don't quite recall. I do recall the details because I've never had a dream that felt so real before. I woke up sweating after tossing turning throughout as evidenced by the ruffled blankets.

The dream started off in the house I spent the majority of my childhood in. This was a tri-level house and the bedrooms were on the upper level. There is a hallway that leads to about 9-10 steps which then leads into the middle section of the home where a large living room, dining room and kitchen sit.

It was pitch black in the house and it felt as if it was sometime in the very early morning. My wife was in one of the bedrooms and my son was in another bedroom. I was standing at the top of the stairs looking into the blackness of the living room.

I'm not sure what I was doing there, but I felt a presence, a presence like I've never felt before because it evoked great fear inside of me. I could sense there was a force (dare I use that word) or feeling of dread in the living room. I could sense this force wanted to harm me and my family. I could sense this force as being evil and so I immediately linked it to the spiritual world, demonic. I'm not sure how I came to that conclusion but I knew this evil was determined to carry out its evil plan.

I could also sense this evil desperately wanted to harm my son and I was filled with great sadness. It wanted to either take him from me or cause some type of unbelievable pain to him but I also had fear for my wife's well being too. I felt helpless and unequipped to deal with this type of evil and my mouth felt like it was kept shut. I couldn't utter a word and I couldn't move.

Suddenly, I felt another presence inside of me, a very strong presence, perhaps the Holy Spirit. This presence instilled great confidence inside of me so that I no longer had fear. The house was still dark and I could feel the evil presence growing angrier with me because it wanted to seek out my son and wife.

This presence inside of me instructed me to open my mouth and yell. I thought for a moment how silly this sounded because I didn't think I could even open my mouth. I also thought yelling at these spirits was probably a great under reaction to what I sensed. This presence again instructed me to open my mouth and yell. I felt like I had no other choice but to comply because my sense of fear was returning and it seemed magnified.

I opened my mouth and with all my might I yelled!

What came out of my mouth was not my voice. Instead it was an incredibly deep loud voice that thundered across the house and sounded just like the roar of a lion. As this sound was resonating from my mouth, I felt safe, secure and confident. I felt no fear and I could sense the evil had vanished. This roaring went on for what seemed like several moments before I closed my mouth. I could sense my family was safe and the evil was gone!

I've pondered this dream off and on over the past several years and I'm not sure why I've waited until now to document it. Probably because I didn't see any connection with anything else in my life. I do recall the Bible, Revelation I believe that Jesus is the Lion of Judah! Satan is also referred to in the Bible as roaming the earth like a lion seeking whom he might devour. The conclusion I've come to was that for some reason God had allowed me to experience an evil presence or spirit(s) and then experience His strength, power and protection over my life and my family's lives through Jesus.

I'm not expecting an interpretation of this dream and more or less just wanted to document it so I can one day tell my son about this dream.



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