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A Tithe, a Tenth, Ten Virgins

Updated on May 27, 2018
The0NatureBoy profile image

Elijah became interested in Bible prophecy which led him to investigate any source he believed had a message, game and tarot cards included.


The Jews’ journey out of Khemet through the wilderness under Moses’ leadership is a prophetic revelation of ending civilization or the world. Its message is the world is an enslaver of human that the journey is symbolic of the escape from. The journey and laws are suggestive of the number of survivors and events endured by them thus, the name Khemet, representing the world in bondage, was changed to Egypt meaning a place of bondage.

The theme derives from Adam’s being commanded to become a farmer who plants in spring before the early rains and harvesting in fall after the latter-harvesting rains before winter’s frost and snow destroys everything except evergreen plants, the tithe. Creating the constellation is for signs like seasons, days and years, so using them we can see the plan the world is intended to come, where it is today.

Note: I’m not giving scriptures but you should be able to follow the logic even if you’ve

Establishing The Theme

Creation’s man lived as nomads for obtaining their diets and Adam and Eve lived ecologically as Nebuchadnezzar’s punishment reveals. They were without shame, guilt, or needs except for air, food, water and the earth for their beds until Adam and Eve ate from the, paraphrased, tree of judging by sense perceptions, became self-conscious and lost their freedom to shame. The misunderstood metaphor reveals one gender of the equal help meets became dependent on the other who became the provider and they would not be able to return to ecological living without a painful mind purifying process and being cut away from all attachments. Thus, man became human/woman and slaves to providing sense-imposed comforts.

The living metaphor was provided to reveal the process of returning to ecological living and man’s earthly plight that operates in cycles like seasons, days and years.

When civilization creation reached its final world-ruling nation in 1776 by establishing the United States of America and its never implemented Constitution a democracy was formed but never manifested. George Washington’s words, let us raise a standard only the wise and the honest can repair, the event is in the hands of god reveals it. In order to achieve it a serpent is required to reverse what the garden’s serpent caused to happened in the garden of god that killed man by making then minds unable to comprehend all things as human and woman are or, daughters of men as called at the flood. That took sons of god-ship away from man-en-mass to leave the masses human and woman.

The standard this civilization is to reach will be implemented by a boy and girl, symbolizing the masculine and feminine natures in both genders, working as equal help meets since a boy and girl destroyed it in the garden that the scriptures called messiah or the reversing serpent as Moses’ liberating the prophetic Jews from Pharaoh symbolizes.

The government the constitution intends to establish was a Democracy, a government where the people dictate their governors’ actions since the document calls them Public Trustees and everything was to be equally shared by all people. Instead they patterned it after their former government but rather than have kings and queens, for the masculine and feminine attributes in man, they provided a president and vice to govern. Courts were made to make all judgments, congress for writing laws, military to defend the land and people along with other law enforcements, investigating and a secret branches for controlling. When the government was established rapid communicating was not developed so they made the laws, and sometimes told the people what laws were passed. With the people having mostly come from dictatorships they never investigated to see if the constitution was implemented and passed their acceptance on to their children. Rather than teaching people to reason the governors taught obedience to authority, the complete opposite of what the law intended. So secrecy in government and schooling the people to follow their dictate became the standard rather than Educated People controlling the governors as is constitutionally required.

Because man’s becoming human and woman was a metamorphosis it requires another to return the ability to comprehend all things to man-en-man so the messiah from the prophetic Jews’ message formed Christianity and coined born again as the means to accomplish it. That is because all births come from a seed planted in the wombs of animated life and the earth for plants, which a metamorphosis is. Having Adam to become a farmer harvesting earth was chosen as the metaphor for turning human into man like tadpoles into frogs.

Why a tithe, a tenth and ten virgins?

Malachi has the readings bring ye all the tithe into the storehouse that there may be meat in mine house. That means God’s house, earth, has to turn human into man to replenish earth for the evening civilization without sun and moon since man’s plight is like a day. Days consist of an about of eleven evening hours, one hour transitioning it to eleven morning hours and another hour for transitioning back to evening. Adam and Eve through the flood is the metaphor of civilization’s sunrise after evening’s transition, the creation. We realized that because man-en-mass at the flood followed their tradition and became the living dead unable to comprehend all things was the sun spreading light over the whole earth. Thus, at the end of the morning civilization there must be sons of God alive for replenishing earth during the transition.

Moses’s works, recordings and actions were planting seed in the earth to grow in the coming spring was not understood by the Jews. The saying in the northern hemisphere March winds and April showers suggests during the winds of March after the 400-year winter, Malachi to Matthew, the first sign after Moses sought a tithe of figs in the temple. Finding none the first smitten stone destroys it not be eaten from ever again and sowed seeds to the Gentiles for harvesting after the later rains. Just before the harvest the second rock Moses smote twice will expect a tithe in the church-house, finds none, destroys it then water the Heathens with easily comprehended seeds for harvesting prior to winter.

The reason is throughout the law is the requirement to tithe the first fruit of every crop for the priest in the temple, orphans, wayfarers and widow-widowers before the landowners receives a portion. The Jews provided Jesus the Christ as the priest who destroyed their fruitless temple and sowed understanding to the Gentiles but still in metaphors, allegories, parables and symbol-types or (MAPS). The gentiles produced the Church out of which the second stone who must first morphs, or die, to the world before a seventy-two hour stay in the earth qualify him for sowing clear understanding to the Earth’s whole population. For allowing the latter seeds to ripen he will bring the first world peace since Cain killed Abel to allow the sown seeds to ripen and be harvested from all woman.

The revelation given on Patmos revealed two harvesters. The first wears a golden crown and carries his sickle to harvest the tithe or five of ten virgins, 5% of word population, and place them in the temple of Armageddon for preserving through the winter of civilization’s end. That’s followed by the second harvest of treading the wine press for producing the Red Sea of human blood Moses’ leading Israel out of Egypt across untouched by represents. The people exiting Egypt with Moses were NOT only from the house of Jacob but mixed and means those exiting pre the world’s destruction are the seed of man or sons of god preserved in Armageddon the temple.

Thus the schoolmaster, earth, is for teaching woman, man’s seed, everything about themselves via reincarnating as every attribute of each physical manifestation on earth. Since god is genderless like plants, for knowing god in its fullness human and woman are made with genders. Each seed is required, prior to their metamorphosing into man, to reincarnate as the two genders and all of their alternative lifestyles, the four ethnics and all combinations, the twelve eastern Zodiac signs (Ismael tribes) and combinations, twelve western Zodiac signs (Israel tribes) and combinations plus the combination of all of those combined for fulfilling the law of karma. Once each woman morphs into man they remember all effects experienced and know the fullness of THE AM THAT WE ARE and become Emanuel, or god in man.

What is your assessment?

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    • The0NatureBoy profile imageAUTHOR

      Elijah A Alexander Jr 

      5 weeks ago from Washington DC

      We all have been conditioned to accept a common teaching of what the scriptures mean, that was the problem with most Jews during Jesus' time. I can provide the "water of life" but I can't digest it for anyone. That is up to them.

    • dianetrotter profile image

      G. Diane Nelson Trotter 

      5 weeks ago from Fontana

      This makes absolutely no sense to me. It appears to be disjointed and a personal opinion.

    • The0NatureBoy profile imageAUTHOR

      Elijah A Alexander Jr 

      18 months ago from Washington DC

      Doris, I didn't take a view, spirit gave me tis view because I've surrendered myself to it completely but you can be assured our love is mutual.

      Robert, humanity's nature is not flawed, it is required util human and woman become man again.

    • Robert Sacchi profile image

      Robert Sacchi 

      18 months ago

      Is the path the U.S., and other nation states, inevitable because of humanities' flawed nature?

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      Doris James MizBejabbers 

      18 months ago from Beautiful South

      Elijah, I know that we are on different paths because I take a wider view. Just know that I love you.

    • The0NatureBoy profile imageAUTHOR

      Elijah A Alexander Jr 

      18 months ago from Washington DC

      Doris, I had walked away from Judeo-Christianity until I went through the metamorphosis or new birth. As my new conception was ending I was told "go back to the church" and then spirit began to open me up to comprehend the texts as "Whom shall he [god] teach knowledge? and whom shall he [god] make to understand doctrine? them that are weaned from the milk [church dogma], and drawn from the breasts [dogma teachers]" suggests.

      We [who chosen to survive civilization's end] will all come to the same understanding said in the terms of their individual experiences to explain it. They are not your experiences but "whatever one calls god" has directed them to experience for obtaining understanding from within themselves. The key is to "know that you are god" and then dedicate every fiber of your existence to it for instructions. Had I not considered everything I had been taught to be in error then asked god to show me after asking it to control every fiber of me I wouldn't understand what I do although I had been shown this life to be my destiny by a re-occuring dream people would call a Nightmare.

      Actually, it is because boys were the first instructors especially in the western world that the misogyny is here. First of all we do not realize god and man has NEARLY the same meaning, "mind able to comprehend all things" for man and "mind comprehending everything" for god and they genderless in definition. Then we have the words human and woman with the same bottomline definition, "mind unable to comprehend" which are not genders, man or "sons of god" had genders for discovering "by manifesting as" the two polarities of existence and reproduction who are boys and girls only after reaching puberty, before it they are babies, children and adolescents.

      Yet, all of that is intended because earth for schooling each man life-force into knowing every aspect of god individually, in the different stages and finally all collectively.

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      Doris James MizBejabbers 

      18 months ago from Beautiful South

      You have a complicated mind, Elijah. You are a good person, and I believe you are sincere in your beliefs, therefore, I respect your interpretation of the scriptures. I don't like the Bible because I don't like the symbolism used in the Judeo-Christian religion. I think that a person, whether esoteric or exoteric, should speak his/her mind in such a manner as to be plain and truthful, and not beat around the bush subject to any man's interpretation. Once those of us who have done so discard the Judeo-Christian browbeating, we discover the illusion is torn away and that the creator speaks directly to us without all the earthly hoopla of man's ego. I especially disagree with the misogynous use of the female as symbolism of the inferior. What are men going to do when the Divine Feminine effectively finishes infiltrating and equalizing humanity?

    • The0NatureBoy profile imageAUTHOR

      Elijah A Alexander Jr 

      18 months ago from Washington DC

      Thanks for stopping in, Eric.

      Once we put all of the metaphors together we will find the "Mountain Top Experience" (MTE) follows the metamorphic rebirth, reaching the MTE means we begin to obtain the 360 degree vision of existence that begins with seeing earth's experience in a cycle and true baptism is about the same as it, seeing 360 degrees concerning things for to do both takes away our dependency on sense perception's judgments.

      The concept of separating man from earth is about like separating a heart of a man from the man, do it and the man disappears from existence. Existence is like an onion, layers upon layers seemingly inseparable until bisected so the layers can be seen and individually. When a man ascends from earth they are only in an invisible layer just around earth for the purpose of studying their earthen experience from their first incarnation as whatever entity is the beginning of the incarnating sequence all the way to the ascension. That is where we, so to speak, obtain our diploma from Gelation's Schoolmaster.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      18 months ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      You always have a worthy perspective. I think I tend to a less dramatic belief of the metamorphose. Perhaps along your same lines yet not such fine lines. Don't we actually move further along in parts. Yes I get the notion of "mountain top" experiences and of baptism but I think those are reflections.

      A separation of man from earth is a problem.


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