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A Tree With Different Fruits-- A Dream

Updated on May 3, 2016

A Strange Dream

I had a dream last night, and it was one of those dreams that seemed very real. I was in my backyard and I saw a strange large tree growing there. I climbed up into the tree to get a better look, for it's branches were filled with fruits of every description. As I got closer, I could see several apples that were deformed and ugly and obviously bad. I also could see different varieties of grapes growing on other branches---some looked dark and shriveled, but others looked ripe and lovely and green and healthy. I picked one of the green grapes to see if they were ok to eat--and upon tasting it, it was bitter and left a bad taste in my mouth. I remember calling out to my children below---to not eat of the fruit of the tree--in spite of their appearance--for all of the fruit was bad, and it could harm them.

The Meaning of The Dream

When I awoke, I wondered what the dream meant---for it seemed to be more than just a strange dream. As I thought about it, I remembered the lesson that we had been taught in Sunday School, just a few days ago---and there seemed to be a connection to me. Our teacher had taught us about a Prophet that had lived long ago on the American continent. Before he died, he warned his people about the importance of their choices and especially in teaching their children correct principals. He taught them that they would be judged by their fruits. He spoke about the importance of teaching them to not argue or fight with each other, but to love and serve one another----for as they served each other and their fellow man, they were also serving their God.

A Tree With Many Fruits
A Tree With Many Fruits

We Are Given Many Choices in Life

We are given many choices in life--and just like the fruits of the tree in my dream--some are obviously bad--and good people try to stay away from them. We all know that it is wrong to lie and steal and to commit murder--but some poor choices are not as obvious, however the results are still bitter. We live in difficult times---when Christians are being discriminated against for their beliefs---or even worse, in some countries, they are killed for their beliefs. There are wars in much of our world today and many families are forced to leave their homes and all that they have. There are those that are hungry and sick and in need throughout the world. "Do we teach our children to serve those in need, to be kind to others and to stand true to their values--even in difficult times? Do we set the example of service to others ourselves"--I wondered?

It is easy to teach our children the "Not to Dos" ----but, by our examples, are we teaching them the"To Dos"? How do we spend our time and money? Do we go into debt for things we don't really need--or do we use our resources carefully? Do we just take care of our own needs and desires only---or do we choose to help others less fortunate around us with any extra that we might have? I remember in the movie "Shindler's List"---how at the end of his life, he wished that he had spent less on the extravagances and parties, and instead used his resources to save one more life----that was so powerful to me. There will come a time when WE are judged by our fruits and for our choices in this life-----Hopefully we will make wise ones now, while we still can, and teach our children to do the same.


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      Carol Hill 3 weeks ago from Palmetto, Florida and Herriman Utah

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      charlie 3 weeks ago from From Kingdom of God living on Planet earth. between the oceans