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A Troll Story

Updated on June 20, 2011

A Forest Adventure Never to be Forgotten

The following is a true story, as told me by a friend of one of the people involved. This story does not endorse the use of illegal substances; they are merely part of the tale.

We've all heard tales of trolls, the little men and women who tend to live beneath bridges and excite stories told 'round a campfire. Yet trolls have always appeared in tales of old, in far-off, almost crusty times. Well here is the tale of a modern human encountering a situation he didn't understand and that frightened him into taking strange, ultimately wonderful action.

A group of campers recently went out camping in the New England region of the United States. They had rented a cabin which proved to be a warm shelter from the cool autumn wind. After each arranged his or her bed, they started a warm fire to further stave off the encroaching autumnal chill.

After each had made his or her comment about the warmth of the fire, someone produced a plastic bag full of dried mushrooms. "Magic" mushrooms. They were quickly consumed, and water followed the bitter taste down. An hour later, everyone was dancing about the cabin's main room excitedly, their minds humming electric.

One of them, we'll call him Charlie, decided to go out for a walk by himself. However, after 2 hours, someone noted the absence of Charlie's return. An hour more lapsed, and they called him on his mobile phone.

Charlie answered in a frantic whisper "I can't talk right now -I'm being chased by a troll!" Charlie hung up.

Looking around at each other, the group of psychedelic campers shuffled uneasily, many looking down at the floor, and back at each other.

"We've got to go find him," a pretty brunette woman firmly stated.
There was quick agreement, and each hurried outside of the cabin and spread out into the chilly evening to find Charlie.

The group, now three separate groups, preened the woods looking for their deranged friend. After half an hour, one of the campers called Charlie again. He answered right away.

"Oh, I'm fine now. I'm back at the cabin, and I'VE GOT THE TROLL TIED UP IN THE CLOSET!"

The campers couldn't believe their ears as the word was quickly spread to everyone, who rushed back to see who or what Charlie had found.

When they arrived, Charlie proudly showed them to the closet. Tied up inside was a 12-year-old boy with Down's Syndrome.

The campers immediately untied the boy and explained to Charlie the true situation. However, they still didn't understand the full story. Had Charlie kidnapped the boy? He asserted that he hadn't, that the boy had been chasing him. Someone mentioned the police, which sent shudders throughout the cabin. Were they all going to jail for tripping on illegal mushrooms and kidnapping a mentally impaired boy?!

They called the police, who were ecstatic by the news. The boy, it seemed, had been missing for 2 days. Charlie had saved his life! By the time the police arrived at the cabin, everyone was mentally alert and cognizant, and able to explain the story, minus the part about the mushrooms. They not only received no grief from the police, but also received an award for finding the boy!


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    • profile image

      Momojay 3 years ago

      Hi Charlie:Loved your WMP concert in NY and the Apple Store aarnappece. I heard you this a.m. on WQXR (Ole Bull recording), too (Jeff Spurgeon's show).Robert Kurilla

    • profile image

      Capo 3 years ago

      Hello Charlie. I know you will be touring in the U.S. soon and I can't wair. i've aaerldy subscrtibed my email, so i hope to see some dates. Hope Los Angeles will be on that list. And please take care of that exquisite violin, for it's only as good as the one playing it.

    • Sean Fullmer profile image

      Sean Fullmer 6 years ago from California

      Thank you as well, srbasu.

    • profile image

      srbasu 7 years ago

      very nice Infomation Thanks for Sharing.

    • profile image

      Zac 7 years ago

      Total urban legend. If you google search things like "retarded" "down syndrome" "mentally handicapped" and "troll" you'll get dozens of hits of this story happening all over the globe. Sometimes it's a grown man with down syndrome catching a midget jehova's witness or pentecostal preacher. It's not impossible that something like this happened somewhere, sometime, but anyone who says they know someone this happened to is misinformed or pulling your leg.

    • Ivorwen profile image

      Ivorwen 7 years ago from Hither and Yonder

      Interesting story. Sometimes the dumb things people do turn out for the best.

    • markminer profile image

      markminer 7 years ago from Albany, Oregon

      Interesting turn of events. I'm glad the boy was returned home, maybe the parents ought to answer a few questions and feel the sweat of the law. But your friends are very lucky it turned out like this. BTW...Trolls don't generally chase anyone, they tend to keep a low profile.