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Updated on June 6, 2011


This is not trickery on my part; however I’m not sure I could do it in only one wish. How can you place so much importance on only one thing to do if you had only a short time to live?

In the movies this is followed up by a nice piece of Turkish carpet and a small oil lamp tarnished by time. But in the real world where people think too much and final means it’s really over this question would hard pressed to have a proper meaning that everyone could understand.

Who would be hurt by this action, that’s probably a question for the living? When you have relatives who have known you since you were born and a wife and kids, grand kids and so on it starts to get quite complicated to sort out and not hurt anyone by your action.

How do we care for the people in our lives that we are bound to hurt by this action? Do we have lots of money to smooth things over for a while? I’m sure you have some insurance to cover expenses and so on. These are things that most of us have either through investments or work. Money can’t replace any emotional attachment that one has with another human, only time and faith can cure a broken heart.

I think the hardest part of this is trying to figure it all out while you are still with the living. We have no real idea what or how your loved ones will take your death. I guess if it’s natural it was probably a little easier to handle. Not being able to see into the future I would not assume that my death or someone else’s death could be of a different nature other than your times up and you’re in God’s hands now.

Getting down to the one wish I would have, I’m still not sure but let’s go for it.

1. All the material things in the world have not cured me from any sickness nor has it made feel better when sick. So I guess things that we have in this world do not seem so important at this point.

2. There’s family now and this is very important for your legacy. Your actions and the actions of the blood relatives’ you leave behind will forever ring a bell here on earth. Simple jesters that you made and beliefs that you had will now belong to the living as a reminder to all of your life here on earth.

3. Wealth, handed down from generations to generations somehow robs us of our ability to achieve a bountiful purpose on our own. Its only money your kids can make their own and if you have the right mindset you will surpass your parents and leave the same legacy to your children as well.

4. History is your accounting of life the way you lived it. Your story should read like a book starting from the day you were born. Your achievements and down falls will be compared in a new way in a new and different time for those who read it. All I can say is that this may not work well for you in your life. Be your own Man or Woman and make decisions that are based on your best life.

5. If I had it to do all over again, the one wish that maybe I would think about is. We are pretty much set to a destiny set by our early understanding and guidance by our parents or caregivers. Understanding our surroundings and learning the physical world is your only job in the early stages of life. I really wish I could have been a more learned person, kinder to the soul and other humans around me. This becomes very important the longer you life if your normal that is. Just because our life starts off a little shity, doesn’t have to mean it is set in stone. I can’t change my life at this point I can only tell you stories about my alter ego “Mickey”. Mickey will tell you that life will be as hard as you make, but for Mickey he will fight and survive, but to what end.

6. Religion, this feeling that a lot of folks have been taught from birth without any gray side. Learning about religion and history at the same time is more engaging and capturing for we must learn the truth as we know it. I ask you how this is possible with the tools that we have been taught since grade one in school. This is to verify and believe in our parents as their work comes right from heaven itself. I know a lot of us would have to work on this a little, but it will change in life as we learn more of what it is we are supposed to know. Trust in yourself at the right time and let no man advise you differently than your gut feeling for this is your path not anyone else and you will answer to it.

I guess just a simple I love you works as well as anything in the world I could say or do. For when we are sick we lose our ambitions that were so important to us all through life.There is nothing more important than the love and kindness that you will see in the eyes of your family when you are sick, when you die the balls in their court.


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