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True Paranormal experience Part 1

Updated on April 21, 2017

This is a true paranormal experience that happened to the author. Having able to see spirits from afterlife he made some efforts to contact famous individuals and encouraged them to communicate and he was successfully able to record message from these individuals. The reason for the author to do this is to inspire life. Please read the following messages and comment.

Sir Chaplin

"I am Charlie Spencer Chaplin i lived and laughed with you. I care for your world everyday. I miss the fun of making you laugh. It was a great time when i lived in your world. Those time will never come again. It was very difficult making all those movies it was a very painful experience i almost died in every movies i made. Things are very different in today's movie world were making movie as become easier now its not the same in olden days. God bless america and all the kids who love me Its a great pleasure meeting all of you. Thank you.With love Chaplin."

Walt Disney

"I am Walt Disney i have been part of your life by telling stories a great opportunity when i was alive. Today cartoons are very different the medium as changed but very beautiful.I see lot of kids still see my works. I am very happy for all of you. I believe there is more movies to come the art of animation is preserved. Thank you all of you goodnight. Walt Disney"

Sir Lincoln

"I am Abraham Lincoln. I am no more in your world today. I see that we are in world of merciless cruelty. I pray for peace of mankind. I pray for safety of mankind. I Pray for Justice.I lived in your world. I see injustice scattered around. I am a simple Human being. I have faith in God and his subjects. I see we are still desperate for freedom. My life in your world live and let live. My message for american youngsters is we should all unite for freedom and justice. Abraham Lincoln."

Sir Gandhi

"I am Mohandas Karem Chand Gandhi. I live in a year of peace. I lived in your world. I see people fight for Religion. I see man of action. I see the truth. We are a Nation of Peace. I am no more in your world today. But i see we still struggle for peace. I cannot guide you now but man can worship all kind of God. I can Build a future for all of you. Pray for the future of man kind. We can fight for liberty. I see man still struggle for peace. We are not alone God is watching us always. Love your neighbor. Live and let live. A prospering nation were one could live in Harmony. I live in a dream world were i see people tell we are superior but we are free since the day we are born. Why are we suffering. Man does not accept equality. In A world of prosperity we can prevent injustice. Pray for all of you to have a wonderful life. Your leader Mahatma Gandhi."

Christopher Reeve

"I am Christopher Reeve. I have suffered a lot in your world i am no more in your world. I am free from my disabilities I am a normal human being now. Life is beautiful now. i miss all of you who supported me when i was in pain. I am very happy now. i still feel the pain of those who still suffer from this condition It is very cruel and discouraging. My message for all youngsters around the world is live peacefully. God bless America."

Robin Williams

"I am Robin Williams. I am now live in a funny world. Now life has a meaning. Those who suffer from depression like me should learn to face life that's the only option for you guys.I love you all and never forget you.My days in the movie world is over.Being funny is really not funny. Now shutting you all. Signing out Robin Williams"

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy

"I am Stan laurel.Comedy is my passion. I can go any height to make you laugh.No matter how difficult it seems.Have a good day.Signing out Stan Laurel".

"I am Oliver Hardy. I miss all of you. It has been a long time in heaven which drives me completely mad. I have nothing else to do in heaven.I am a free bird. Don't stop Laughing. Life goes on. See you Oliver Hardy."

Sir Frank Liszt

"I am Frank Liszt. Music is my life. I worked very hard to create many composition. Now my life is different now. I no longer play music. But i still play music inside my head. Life goes on without a vision. I am happy for everyone. Yours Frank Liszt"

Elmer Bernstein

"I am Elmer Bernstein. I have been playing music all my life. It was a great experience. I still see people listening to my music. I am grateful to everyone. Thank you Elmer Bernstein."

Steve Jobs

"I am Steve Jobs. I have been working very hard to make your future safe.It was a difficult time working on all those projects but the end result was rewarding. Thank you Steve Jobs."

Micheal Jackson

"I am Michael Jackson. My life was very different when i was alive.Now i am a normal person. Things are different now. My message to all my fans is keep the faith. The world is painful place to exist. we are one happy nation. My message to all dancers and singer is keep doing what you are good at. Michael Jackson."

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    • Whispering Night profile image

      MICKEY MOUSE 8 months ago from our World

      Hi Allisyn,

      I began experiencing such encounters a couple of years ago . I communicate using a board filled with alphabets and numbers.

    • Intuitive Clarity profile image

      Allisyn 8 months ago from Texas

      Very cool! How did you come about being able to speak with all of these departed souls? Do you use automatic writing or is it more like a conversation in your head that you write down?