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A Yearly Forecast of Sagittarius for 2018

Updated on January 3, 2018

It is so difficult sometimes to wrap your brain around the fact that each year brings a whole lot of possibilities and change for us. We usually end up thinking that every year is going to be the same, regardless of what type of a year we have had previously.

With the New Year celebrations in full swing, we believe that each year brings forwards a new set of challenges, surprises and anticipations. While some people believe in writing the future for themselves, there are certain things i.e. stars that play an eminent role in shaping it.

Everyone hopes for a better future and wishes to see their life take the turn they have been waiting for. Believe it or not time never remains the same and each year has something new to offer in terms of money, health, career and love.

Whether you are a strong astronomy believer or not, we are certain that you enjoy reading your horoscope at least once every month. If your horoscope details are coming from a reliable source, then we would suggest that you pay a little attention. Knowing what’s good for you and what is not helps you in protecting yourself from certain dangers. You can prepare yourself in advance and dodge the bullet.

With 2018, we are guaranteed to witness some massive changes. As the astrology lineup moves towards some key long-term shifts, we believe it is essential that you keep an open eye on everything. 2018 might just be the sexiest year that you’ll witness in the last decade. With the New Year, we will potentially witness cosmic alignments and planetary transits that don’t happen quite often.

2017 was a tough year and most people are glad that it is gone. We are glad that we made through it without breaking or losing our soul. The year has already started and people have several questions that need to be answered. Over the last few years we have observed a cosmic chaos and we are hopeful they we won’t in this year. However, will the stars in 2018 have a sweet stability? Or are we still in doubt?

The outer planets are slowly moving causing the yin signs to spend most of the time in receptiveness. This could mean that people will remain inactive even when the world wants them to be active. These planets shape most of the major trends that have an effect on all the signs.

While all star signs hold an equally important place in astronomy, today we will be keeping our focus on Sagittarius. Following are some of the key transits that Sagittarius will witness in the year 2018:

Jupiter Transit- Sagittarius 2018

Jupiter is the ruler sign and it is fixed in the 12th house with Mars sign ruler in a natured manner along with Scorpio which is a watery sign. It will also turn backward from ninth March. Eleventh of July will be the day when Jupiter gets in direct motion.

Saturn Transit- Sagittarius 2018

Your sign’s second and third houses are currently being ruled by Saturn which is said to be great at managing difficult tasks. At the beginning you will notice that Saturn is overly cautious and in its own sign. The combust Venus and Capricorn are in the second house along with the Sun. Starting from the second week of January, you will see Saturn rising on the horizon visibly. 18th April will mark the day when it turns retrograde. It will become direct from 6th September onwards. Staying in the second house, Saturn will stay in Capricorn for the entire year.

Mars Transit- Sagittarius 2018

Mars will enter Aquarius, which is the last airy sign, in May in the third house. From 27th of June, Mars will turn retrograde and enter Capricorn, second house, in mid-August in the same state. Around August end, Mars will motion directly and enter Aquarius in the third house in September mid.

Venus Transit- Sagittarius 2018

Venus will leave your house on 7th August and enter Libra in the 11th house. However, 10th September will be the day of Venus entering the 12th house of Scorpio. It will then turn retrograde there on 6th October. From November 2nd, Venus will reenter Libra in the same state. From your sign’s 11th house, Venus will come directly in motion in Libra from November 16th onwards. It will then reenter Scorpio in the twelfth house from 3rd December and stay there until the year ends.

Rahu-Ketu Transit- Sagittarius 2018

Rahu is in Leo’s 9th house whereas Ketu is in Aquarius’ third house at the year beginning. However as the year progresses Rahu will move to Cancer’s 8th house and Ketu will move to Capricorn’s second house.

Predictions As Per Major Transits

Keeping the focus strictly on the major transits taking place according to your star sign, the year 2018 might be a little challenging for you. This does not mean that the entire universe is against you, although things are moving in your favor but it may take some time.

Just because you are annoyed as things are moving ahead quickly does not mean that they are static. 2018 requires you to focus more on patience and taking a practical approach towards finances. You need to worry about your occupation as well as self-growth. You have to prioritize saving money. As Saturn is now positioned in Capricorn, you have to make finance related decisions carefully.

You must make all of your financial plans with a long time perspective and keep a backup plan in case of an unforeseen event. Transition of Mars via Capricorn may lead to instinct based money related decisions that can lead to unexpected expenses. You don’t want to end up in a financial mess so you have to plan every move accordingly.

You may also encounter some family issues so you need to handle the relationships tactfully. You can also get involved in a new relationship. People from all stars will come in contact with you. You need to handle relations carefully especially with the opposite sex.

The year is expected to bring a lot of new hope and mixed results. While the overall review of the transits may scare you, keep reading the detailed results for better understanding of how each department of your life will shape throughout the year.

Most of the times people are concerned about the three departments i.e. love, money and health. As per our findings these three will be as follows:

Health horoscope for Sagittarius 2018

In the last year, Sagittarius health was good and the same is expected for the year 2018. Especially after 16th July, you will notice improvement in your health as Saturn makes things harmonious. The 6th house of health isn’t a power house, which to be honest is a good sign when it comes to health matters. The reason why you don’t pay attention towards your health is because there is nothing wrong with you however you often take it for granted.

Pluto has been in your first house for years now and it will continue to stay there for 2018. Pluto, also known as the planet of transformation will continue to push you towards defining your image and transforming your body.

As expected most of you are already pros at defining who you really are, you know how to rejuvenate, regenerate and transform your body. You have tried all sorts of methods including exercise and surgeries but you have realized that more spiritual methods such as yoga, detox, thai chi and positive imagery is all you need in your life right now.

Although these spiritual methods take a lot of your time and require you to be patient however the results are long lasting. As Saturn is moving in with Pluto, July 16th onwards, everything will automatically synchronize and fall into its place.

With Uranus in your fourth house, you are expected to find instability in your personal life and well as with members of the family. As the fourth house is of moods, feelings and emotions, you will witness mixed emotions and massive mood swings which will take a toll on your relationships.

With Venus as your health planet, you need to take care of your kidneys, buttocks and hips. You can improve your health by focusing more on these specific areas. You can energize the hips and buttocks with regular massages and strengthen the kidneys with vitamins, herbs reflexology, acupuncture etc.

You also have the tendency to improve your parents’ health with better care. Focus more on heart, teeth, feet, knees and spine. As far as siblings are concerned ask them to be mindful of their teeth health, spine, knees and drug usage. Their health will improve after 16th of July.

Love horoscope for Sagittarius 2018

If you are someone working towards your second marriage then this year might be significant for you as compared to those who are in for the first time. The 7th house isn’t a power house when it comes to first marriage or love generally.

You have full freedom to figure out your social standing and shape it accordingly. Singles can try between 21st May and 21st June towards first marriage however it may not lead to a commitment.

For those looking into second marriages need to sort their finances first and they will be tested in their relationship. Although the absence of romance may weigh a relationship down however a good one will survive it.

Those of you who are currently single but want to remarry, you should wait. If someone older of established comes into your life then you need to ask yourself whether it is love or not, you don’t have to rush into things.

All in all the entire year offers amazing opportunities for those working towards a third marriage. With 2 eclipses in your fifth house, your love life is sure to be tested. The solar eclipse will occur on 8th April while the Lunar Eclipse will on 17th October.

Mercury as your love planet and it tends to move quickly. This means that you will be presented with plenty of opportunities in several ways. Mercury will go retrograde from 20th March to 12th April, 23rd July till 16th August and 14th November till 4th December.

This is where you will be given an opportunity by the cosmos to reassess your current relationship as it is during this time when relations go backwards.

Finance and Career horoscope for Sagittarius 2018

All things related to money and finances are important for you and as your money house isn’t a power house you do worry about finances a lot. It doesn’t matter if you are poor or rich, wealthy people hold a high place in your conscience.

In the last two years you have worked hard to cut expenses and pay off all sorts of debts. However you have witnessed an increase in credit. Some of you prospered through property while others through marriage.

Your financial planet is in the eighth house and as it has come from cancer (the sign) most of your earnings must have been through property, family business, industries, hotels and restaurants. This will continue to happen until 16th July however after that you will witness a massive shift as Saturn moves further into Leo.

This, in our expert opinion, is a great sign for Sagittarians as you tend to enjoy this method of earning. Your financial planet will move into the 9th house and if you have been careful in the last two years you won’t face problems.

You need to be careful of where you invest your money. Thinking big isn’t an option for Sagittarians however this time it isn’t just about earning a living, it is about substantial wealth. Money will come through foreign land or foreigners after 16th July.

Your career doesn’t have a lot of implications however your personal life may have an impact on your career choice. If you are looking for jobs then 15th April till 28th May is ideal. 1st January till 2nd February, 5th November till 15th December and 21st December till 31st is great for making financial decisions.

The only thing that you should be concerned is making the right decisions and having a backup plan.


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