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A church for same sex partners

Updated on July 12, 2012

In the battle for our peaceful co-existence and unity despite our religious and cultural difference and as people bring up some concepts of human right which they want everyone to respect; it becomes imperative that we seek ways to respect the rights of others as we would want them to respect ours. I came across a question by a friend that claims some churches have ban same sex partners from worshiping in their churches.

It is known that some priests are same sex partners and most of them did it secretly until they got the courage to go public. Therefore, people may not know how many same sex partners are still priests or members of their churches except the homosexuals let them know. Then it follows that placing such a ban will only affect those that were honest enough to come out clean while those that want to remain secret same sex partners will still continue and retain their church membership.

One may ask; do the churches have the right to ban same sex partners from worshipping with them. Well, some people will claim that allowing them will give them the opportunity to continue hearing the word of God and may be someday they can change even though they have heard same word for so long even before some of them entered the act. Some other people can claim that if the laws of a church is against such then the church has the right to place such a ban so that their laws won’t be broken moreover same sex partners should understand the laws of the church they belong and I do not know if any church support the idea of same sex marriages although I know that some churches still tolerate and welcome same sex partners.

Lastly, if all churches want to ban same sex partners then it means a same sex church would be established that is in a situation where same sex partners insist they must worship God in a church. However, let the church remember that the aim of the church is to convert sinners and if they want to ban these group of people because they see them as sinners then they have to think again because they are the ones that need the church more as sinners. After all, it is said “the healthy does not need a doctor. It is the sick that does.”


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