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A ghostly tale

Updated on June 7, 2010

Living in a 15th century home

Some years ago we purchased a 15th century farmhouse,we had found the house by absolute chance while going to view another property,it was built out of stone with a thatched roof,it was in Wales UK and it was a traditional welsh longhouse,but the down side was it was in a very bad state of repair,the roof was covered in zinc,to prevent the weather from getting in, as the thatch was well worn.This did not deter us we felt drawn to the property,we went straight to the agent and put our offer in without even looking inside.

The property was ours.we found out it had belonged to the same family since time and memoriam,and this was the first time ever it had come onto the market..When we first went inside the property there was a feeling of a strong presence it was nothing bad in fact it gave everyone that ever stepped inside a warm homely feeling,my two and a half year old grandaughter was with us at the time and she was a little chatter box,we were looking at the wonderful stone inglenook fireplace in the sitting room and she had wandered into the kitchen,we could all hear her chatting to someone so we went to have a look,we found her staring into the corner of the room smiling and talking to someone,but there was no one there.

Now I have always considered myself a spiritual person,and I had felt from day one there was something more than us occupying the house,we had been there about a month when I was awoken during the night,only to see a woman standing at the end of the bed smiling at me,she was very scruffily dressed,and had either black teeth or no teeth,I can't say I was scared cos I wasn't,I sat up in bed and she just seem to disappear,I just went back to sleep.When I got up the following morning I remembered seeing the lady but thought maybe it was a dream and just forgot about it.

We had a room it the attic right under the thatch I loved it up there,that was where I had my office,but everytime I would work up there I could feel someones eyes on me and I was always sure I was never alone while working up there.Then one night we were asleep in bed and I was awoken with the bed shaking and I mean shaking,I glanced over at my husband and remember thinking what the heck he was doing,but he was doing nothing but sleeping,this time I did start to feel scared,we had a huge antique brass half tester bed and it was moving,I just got under the covers I froze,didn't even wake my husband I was too scared,anyway after what seemed like ages it stopped,and I went to sleep.The following day I felt stupid and didn't want to mention it.I was making the bed and I was thinking,how on earth was this bed moving,so I sat on it and moved around a little to see if I could recreate what had happened the night before,I couldn't until I grabbed the back of the bed and physically shook it,at that moment my husband walked in and nonchalantly said did you feel the bed shaking last night,I looked at him and said I thought it was you but you were sleeping,he said I thought it was you but you were sleeping so I just went back to sleep,it must be our invisible guests then he told them not to do it again as he didn't take kindly to being awoken during the night and if it continued we would have to move away,it never happened again.

More ghostly goings on

 Well all the time we lived there,there were many occasions when people stayed with us and mentioned they had heard or seen something unusual,we were used to it and it didnt really bother us,then one day I was ironing,I turned around and could hardly believe what I saw,there just as though someone had placed it on the chair was a baby,dressed in what appeared to be a christening robe,I started to move quickly towards it and it just vanished,I was a little bit in shock and thought I must be mistaken,but I knew what I had seen.A, week later we were doing some work in the garden when we uncovered a small gravestone,the words on the stone read,here lies the body of our daughter Mary died aged 8mths,it was dated 1808,that sent shivers down my spine and I knew that was the baby I had seen,we sat the stone in a prominent place in the garden and when we sold the property the people that purchased were happy to leave the stone as part of the history of the house,since leaving I have never had any other ghostly experiences but the time we were there left us with the knowledge that just because you can't see something doesn't mean it's not there,after all we are all just energy and energy can never die,sweet dreams.


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    • BJBenson profile image

      BJBenson 7 years ago from USA

      This was a wonderful story. I wonder if the woman ghost was the mother? I hope the new owners are as good to the ghost as you were.