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A gist of epic Ramayana-Part IX

Updated on December 20, 2011

Rama meets Anjaneya and Sugriva.

Before starting further narration, i would like to write a little prelude to Rama. Though he was an Avatar of Lord Vishnu, who had come for a specific purpose assuming a human vesture, yet, he always maintained that he is a human being! He never divulged the secret of his being an Avatar. Only on some rare occasions, he has assured the sages and saints who were dwelling on the forest,his continued protection. He has said, that he is aware of the problems that confront them. He has come to the forest only to mitigate their sufferings. Hence he was always acting as though he is the son of Dasaratha, the King of Ayodhya.

Now we will revert back to our story. Rama and Lakshmana returned hurriedly to the cottage. It was open and Rama was calling for Sita with no response coming from the cottage. Lakshmana was devastated at the developments. He has disobeyed Rama due to the harsh words of Sita. Some demon, seized this opportunity and abducted her. He was literally crying at the sad developments. Rama was in a similar mood. He shed tears at the parting of Sita. Now both of them start searching for her in the jungle without knowing which way she was taken away.

When Rama was thus searching, he heard a faint voice of a bird called "Jatayu", a hawk possessing some powers like human. It was lying pitiably on the path. Its body revealed a fierce fight. It has lost both its feathers. It was lying in a pool of blood. Rama immediately recognized the hawk Jatayu. He took the dying hawk on his lap. With feeble voice, it informed Rama that the demon king Ravana was carrying a woman in his chariot. She was crying piteously. I was flying in the sky. After hearing her cries, I started a valiant fight with the demon but i was no match to him since i am aged. He cut both my feather and here I am lying on your feet. Rama consoled the hawk and fed it with little water to assuage its pain. The hawk died on the lap of Rama. Now Rama started performing the funeral rituals to the bird king Jatayu.

Now let us compare the fate of Dasaratha with the bird Jatayu. Dasaratha had none of his sons by his bed side when he was dying. None were there to perform the funeral. See the fortune of the bird king. It laid its life on the lap of Rama, an incarnation of God. Unsolicited, Rama performed the funeral of the bird whereas he could not do so for his own father. Now Rama and Lakshmana took bath after the funeral and left the place with heavy heart. They now knew that the demon has taken Sita in the southern direction as revealed by the bird Jatayu. It is time for them to get some assistance for searching Sita. Hence they travelled towards a hill, wherein Sugriva, a monkey king and his aid Anjaneya were living. Seeing the beautiful princes in hermits attire,Anjaneya took the permission of King Sugriva to enquire about the identity of two new comers to the hills. Anjaneya jumped from his abode to the route in which Rama and Lakshmana were coming. He assumed an ordinary form and welcomed them to their abode. In fact Anjaneya, though from monkey clan was well versed in all knowledge and studies. He has spoken to Rama in a mysterious way to enquire about them. Immediately Rama understood the proficiency of Anjaneya and told him his story and his search for his lost wife. Anjaneya took both of them to the presence of his king Sugriva. Sugriva and Rama embraced each other. Sugriva's story is similar to Rama. He was hiding in the hill fearing death from his brother Vali. Rest in next part.

The bird King Jatayu and Rama, Fights Ravana


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