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A new way- How to preach the Gospel - Preaching gospel

Updated on November 21, 2018
jacobkuttyta profile image

A freelance writer since 2011 and has been graduated from Indira Gandhi National Open University, Delhi, India

Ways to Preach the Word of God

I would like to share an interesting incident which I heard while attending a gospel meeting. The guest speaker Pastor Shibu Malam was sharing his testimony as to how he preached in different places. Mostly he conducts the open-air meeting in the street corner of different places in Kerala. He uses a small sound system which is attached to his motorbike. He was a mimicry artist before his convention. Very often he went alone for conducting such meeting.

To pull the crowd he does some mimicry. When the crowd gathered around him, he will start preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. One day he was about to start an open air meeting in a street corner. Then a group of young men, 5-6 in number, came to him and manhandled him and beat him mercilessly. Hearing the commotion many were gathered there and give him water and first aid. They told hem we will send you to a hospital for treatment.

He asked them to just send him to his home. They put him in a taxi and send him off to his home. Next two weeks he has to take rest due to the injury. While he was taking rest in his home he saw a vision. In his vision, he saw he was sitting upon an elephant and preaching the word of God.

He forgets about it for some time. Then one day while he was visiting a nearby city for conducting a meeting he saw an elephant which is used for moving heavy wood in a sawmill. He remembered his vision and asked the owner of the elephant, what is the rate of this elephant for one day. He said that it depends on the size of the wood. He told him "I am the wood and how much will be the rent" Then he explained his intention to sit on the elephant and preach the word of God. The owner of the elephant told him you have to make a declaration with the sign of two witnesses that if the elephant makes any damage to you or even to life, the owner is not responsible and you are taking the risk by yourself.

He completed the legal formalities and given him Rs. 500 as advance. (Rent for one day was Rs. 2500) The appointed day he along with his friends about 30 in number want for preaching the word of God sitting upon the elephant. He preached in eight places while sitting up on the elephant and using his hand mike.

The 8th place he preached was the place where he was ruffed up by the enemies of the word of God. He and his team reached there at around 8.30 pm. He preached there one and a half hours without any hindrance. At that place, he challenged the people who beat him down earlier saying that "if you are courageous enough to beat me again, climb on the elephant and beat me". No one came forward to beat him. But many were gathered there to listen to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

He witnessed that it brought many hearers than his usual meetings.


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