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A peep into time cycles of creation!

Updated on October 21, 2013

Big bang, timescales as per Hindu theory etc.

Creation-beliefs in Hindu theory of evolution.

From nowhere, everything came? How? Have you not seen magic shows? The magician deftly takes out from an empty hat many things like the pigeon, the duck, the hare etc. When it is possible to bring things from an empty hat, why it is taken as ‘superstitious’, when the creation emanated from nowhere, from the mere will of the supreme power? Everything is possible for the supreme. How we can accept this theory? The scientists aver that the creation emerged out of ‘big bang’. Yes Sir, I too vouch it but who has enabled the big bang? No scientist can advance a satisfactory theory for this. They posit something and work out from that point. Now let us examine the case in detail.

Everything is nature, asserts the rationalist. Hence, it is natural for everything to move as ordained by nature. Yes, I too accept it but with a precondition. Nature on its own has not evolved into all this. There must be some prime mover. Let us consider a very simple example. We have cars of different capacities and designed by AutoCAD programs to perform to its optimum capacity. No doubt, these are all technological marvels assisted by computer programs. Even in the shop floor, robot is used to assemble the various parts quickly and perfectly. The car is now ready and it has been tested on road drive and certified for the quality by QA cell of the company. Yes, the car is now roadworthy. One small question,. ‘Whether the car will move on its own? It requires an able qualified driver. Is it not? The nature is like a car ready to move. But a driver needs to drive the car from inside. He has to be inside the car and drive the car. By standing outside, he cannot drive it. Likewise the Supreme power, with the instrument “nature,’ enables the cosmos to function. You need not call it God. But it is the prime mover, the primal force behind all the creation. Many will argue that the Brahman is passive and its energy is active. But both are inseparable. Can you separate cold from the ice? The very nature of ice is cold. Likewise, we cannot segregate the heat from the fire. Otherwise it cannot be called fire. Hence the energy aspect cannot be separated from Brahman or God. Sometimes it remains still during the dissolution of creation. When the creation commences, the energy enable everything to function.

In one of my previous hubs, I gave the example of a python which rests on the tree motionless. When it notices a prey, it makes slight moments which are not clearly noticeable but catches the prey and cobble it. Afterwards it remains still for a considerable time till the food is assimilated. Likewise creation goes on for a fixed time period. Afterwards, it is dissolved and everything is quiet and dark till the next cycle of creation starts. This goes on forever continuously without respite. None is aware, how much time has passed. Sathya Saibaba has once said, “creation is endless’ It is like the monsoons. After summer, it is autumn, spring and winter. This goes on forever. The universe follows certain fixed laws and periods. But in ancient scriptures, there is clear mention of the time periods. We are at present in the Dark Age or Iron Age known as Kaliyuga which is destined to last for another 1, 27,000 human years. After which there will be a contact period. The Hindu scriptures clearly laid out the various time cycles in creation. Some of the concepts are appended as images. Hence, the origin, sustenance and dissolution of the universe happens at fixed period of time which also corresponds to the orbits of planets and their positon!


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