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A question for those that have the knowledge of Islam

Updated on July 22, 2012

The writer thought it is better to hear directly from those that have the knowledge of Islamic teachings. This is because a lot of things have been said about the Islamic religion and her adherents. It is no longer in question that some people see Islam as a religion of terror. This is because of the increasing rise in terrorist activity, depending on how one wants to define terrorism, which is carried out by Muslims as they claim it is part of their belief. This include the on going global war against terror, and recently the terrorist attacks and unrest in some countries like Nigeria where an Islamic sect called Boko Haram has denied many people their God given right to life.

Although, some Muslims claim that Islam is a religion of peace and not of war; a claim most Christians disagree because it seems all Islamic faith are involved in perpetuating this global unrest. However, it is known that there are various Islamic sects just as there are various Christians sect but it becomes difficult to draw a line and define were the various Islamic sects stand in this ongoing killings by some Muslims that claim to do the work of God and what they have done to prevent such evil activities committed by their Muslim brothers especially as they claim to be peace makers.

The interest of the writer is on a discussion which needs to be clarified. The discussion is a claim by some people that Muslims do not welcome the idea of a Muslim converting to another religion. Although it is understandable why no religion would welcome such conversion especially as each religion has the desire to increase in membership and each sect seems to claim to be superior and on the right track in the journey along the path to heaven; some people claim that Muslims are against such conversion to the extent that they can kill anyone that converts to another religion especially in Northern Nigeria.

The writer thinks it in unfair and unreasonable for any religion to kill someone just for the simple reason that such a person chooses to no longer be a follower of such religion. This is because it is against the right and freedom of religion which all human should enjoy. The writer has heard news/claims and testimonies given by Muslims that converted to Christianity and vice versa. That is why the writer doubts the possibilities of such allegations although it is not impossible to be true especially in places like Nigeria where the lives of citizens are loosely protected, if protected at all.

Therefore, the writer calls on all that have the knowledge of the Islamic teachings to confirm if Islamic doctrines says anyone that leaves Islam should be kill; then those that have witnessed such persecutions for converting or leaving Islam have to confirm if the allegations are true. Only then can we know how to handle the matter.


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