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A Society of Manipulation and Pain

Updated on March 21, 2013

A society where people have to lie, cheat, steal, manipulate, order, use mental abuse, verbal abuse, do anything to control another person when that person can’t control his/her own life. Why do they do this? Is it because they are so lazy they cannot do for themselves? Are they so miserable they don’t want to see other people happy? Is it they don’t love God or themselves? On the other hand, is it they get a kick out of doing things to others who try to help them out of spite?

This I will never know. I do know God is on my side, and one day hopefully soon I will break away from the monotony, the anguish, the lies, the mental and verbal abuse that I endure day in and day out. Only to be able to find peace and happiness in my own life without being yelled at or told how to run my life.

I will then stop being treated like a little helpless child or a slave to another person. Then and only then I will not feel trapped into a life I don’t want or have planned. Only then, I will for once in my life feel freedom from society’s negativity, drama, and trash they bestow upon one another. Then and only then will I be able to do Gods work and do the will of God as he wants me to do or is telling me to do.

He is my heavenly father, I must obey his word, his command of me, and a life of misery is not what he wants for me. God has plans for me some of them plans I know what they are for he has put them in my heart, my mind and my soul. Some I have to wait for and only in his time will I be able to know exactly how to break away from the situations I spoke of. God wants me to live in peace and happiness, he wants me to be relaxed and follow his word, not his world that has gone amuck.

He wants all people to live in joy of his word and in joy of living. Our gracious lord wants everyone to live on his land peacefully and in harmony. Yet there are too many who thrive on negativity of this world, God is telling me to get rid of negativity in my life, and yet I have no more strength in which I ask God to give me now.

I know God has amazing plans for my life and I have always followed the word of others instead of what God tells me to do thus taking the wrong paths due to this situation or that situation thus putting me in the devils path which I literally yell at the devil to leave me alone I don’t want him in my life.

I then talk to God our most high; I read his word and listen to his music. Then I start being on the mend to start feeling like my old self until someone calls here or enters my life who are negative and down yelling at me and doing the same old garbage they want me to do when I am trying to do the opposite of what God wants.

I no longer will listen to those negative hateful, sad people who do not run to God for their own help. I am not going to listen to those who think their way is the best way for they are not close to God, I will not help those who use people any longer, I will rebel against all evil in my life, and move on forward with my life the way God wants me to move. All this will take time and money, money in which I do not have. Nor will I listen to empty promises of life from heathens any longer. This now is God and I forever and always and I will move up in the world, to a world of joy, peace, happiness, and harmony in God’s word.

God will prevail over those who are in my life who are doing me wrong, he is already started to, he will punish those who do not do right by me, and that punishment will be severe. God is not happy with wrong doers and they will be punished either, while in their living state or come judgment day. This is satisfaction in knowing God is on my side. That he is working with me and for me. I am a good person I do not need to be living a life of tears, depression, anxiety, and heartbreak the rest of my life and God does not want me to live in a life of misery due to other people’s misery who does not believe in him.

Therefore, as far as society is concerned, God is fed up and so am I. He will see to it that those will be punished and punished severely. Especially, those who do not believe or turn to God for help in their own lives. God will get me through what I am going through. In addition, when it is his time he will help me go on with my own life and straighten my life out, for I will then follow his plans and his plans only in a manor he sees fit. God is my savior, he is my strength, he is my life, and no one will take this away from me.


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