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A Sudden Death

Updated on September 20, 2012

On my screen..

Writing in a hurry and grieving... what is happening to me? Time ran out and frantically I... I try typing on HubPages... but my hands start getting weak and eventually light as a feather...and then breaking apart. Wishful thinking, I didn't make it to finish this hub...


On my desk at work, on my computer I'm checking CNN.COM, then I hear a voice. A break in and.. "Your time has come buddy...Now what are you going to use as an excuse, huh?"

A coarse demonic voice that announced my departure from this world. As I turned around I saw a fire and then a bullet that... in slow motion aimed at my face. Quick enough, and instinctively I duck myself and the bullet barely kissed my head and hit the wall behind me. "It was your fault! and you are ready to go..." Is Fred, a coworker who got fired four months ago.

He is reloading his handgun and he knew by being myself on the floor, I had no chance. I started to pray and waiting for my end. My spirit leaves my body and goes to the screen and signs in. In seconds I managed to log in and start writing about my own sudden death... This seems a crazy nightmare!

Two Coworkers that saw him on the surveillance cameras jump behind him but kind of too late. The final bullet enters my brain and slashed my life in less that a second. My memory, my child life, my own mother and my kids... all of them try to stop the bullet but is too late. My eyes are losing sight and slowly the day turns into shadows and words from the past; my teacher, my father, my dogs...all just disappeared from my view and finally cease to breath. My soul and spirit had little time to write this hub... I see myself leaving this world... My coworkers put him down and called the cops. tragic enough my own soul sweats after seeing my own death.

Women just shouted my name in despair. I'm gone! I'm another victim of this world's violence. I write this hub as a witness of my own death. Suddenly I see my eyes... they open themselves and no! I just exhaled my last breath. With sorrow I see myself finally gone. I close the hub and Leave the room.

I see myself passing that tunnel. Again I see my whole life in no time. Voices that I forgot pass me by. Then a blast and I get sucked by the light... Finally I see myself in the operating room. A delicate surgery to my open brain... lots of blood and the Doctor doing his best to get my life back. My body is pale and I'm lifeless. I try to help. But they cannot even see me. "Cardiac arrest, Murphy! EKG below safe levels... We are losing him! Damn! AED Defibrillator Nurse!"

My last chance is exhausted. I finished my last sentences and I leave this join my own destiny...


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