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A Ten-Minute Spiritual Workout

Updated on April 20, 2019

Physical Health

Nowadays, the idea of ​​performing physical exercises everyday is quite popular. Almost every person believes that a productive and fulfilling life needs to be sound and healthy. Three types of exercise are recommended: tolerant, flexible and empowered Each has specific advantages. Tolerance, full activities, such as walking, running and swimming, increase vitality and keep the heart, lungs and circulatory system healthy. Flexibility activities, such as Hatha Yoga, Tai Chi and Dancing, keep muscles in comfortable state and Keep the joints moving The activities related to strength form muscle fibers and the skeletal system becomes stronger. These include evolution, weight / resistance exercises and stair climbing.

It is important to take care of our physical body; But for the best performance in life, we need to focus on all the dimensions of our personality: physical, emotional / intellectual and spiritual. Each is important and deserves attention to the part it is paying attention to. The spiritual or over-the-counter dimension of these three is usually highly neglected, whereas it is a true identity of our celebrity and its origin. My Gurudev had written: "We have to adjust our subconscious with the idea that our celebrity is an epicenter, not an intellectual figure driven by one of five impulses. Our origin is awareness."

We keep physical health from exercise. We all learn new things by rehearsing our intellectual / emotional nature, expanding and strengthening our mental abilities. Emotional nature is confirmed, by reinforcing reciprocal relationships, by practicing dedication and acceptance, by creating good qualities of character and by serving others and by living a balanced life.

Spiritual Workout

We give our spiritual nature time by everyday religious activities. I would like to call it a spiritual workout During this time, we are reminded that the inner goal of life is to make spiritual progress, the ultimate goal of attaining God is to increase the self-realization, and eventually to be free from the cycle of rebirth, to attain liberation. This is not such a big issue of using your spiritual nature as it is about taking time to experience it. Thirumantiram scriptures say: "Step by step, practice the return of the mind and look inside. By one by one, you will see innumerable good things within you. Right now and here, you can meet God, whom the ancient Vedas are still everywhere Looking. "

Generally we are so involved in our external nature that we hardly know our true, successful internal reality. It can last for many lives, as it happens with many people who start thinking about big realities when they are close to the point of death.

The benefits of such time spent behind the noise of life are underestimated and even ignored, because life has become more and more busy and externally stressed in 2 1 century century. Many of the conservative families living in India still reserve their time for their spiritual devotees to do the morning worship in the temple of their home, after which they also carry out recitation of mantras and chanting of garlands.


What are the benefits of these four religious practices? The advantage of the worshiped part is that it enhances our devotion to the deity, which makes our relationships better with Goddess or God. This is the natural first step towards finally doing the complete ritual of worship [soul-worship]. The self-reliant practice of chanting of God puts a peaceful effect on the mind and enhances our energy in the most spiritual part of the mind and takes us more of the high class chakras. This is a natural first step towards the deeper exercises of meditation, such as controlling your breaths [pranayama] and pulling energy away from the senses [feat], focusing the thought process [perception] which takes us away from the difference Towards the experience of the nature of the soul [meditation and meditation] Repeating every day of confirmation statements helps us to be more positive and spirit-confident, it gives us more success in whatever we do. The affirmative statement holds great power to kill anxiety. The study of sacred texts enhances our knowledge of our faith and gives insight into the Hindu philosophy and practices that give catalysts.

It will be necessary to keep in mind that the quantum of spiritual progress that we will make towards our ultimate goal of God, the Spirit Interview, and after independence from the cycle of rebirth, they will be connected directly, at the time that we are engaged in religious practices. .

Four Activities Of Spiritual Exercise

Spiritual exercise involves four activities: Pooja, introspection, determination and study. The worshiping part consists of chanting the mantra of a chosen deity or chanting nine or more names of the deity, offering rice grains to the idol or picture, with every single chanting or name. For example, if Lord Ganesha is being worshiped, then Om Shree Ganeshaa Namah or any other mantra of your tradition can be included. The alternative may be to sing a small hymn while viewing the idol or photo. Devote two minutes for this simple expression of reverence and gratitude.

Introspection will include part of your eyes closed and chant the Om chant nine times. To be effective for Om chant, the mantra should be pronounced properly. The first syllable is A, which is pronounced like the word "av" in English, but it is taller: "AA" The second syllable o, such as in the English word 'rooft', is pronounced "oo", but taller: "oo oo oo". The third is syllable, in which the pronunciation is "in the middle" in which the front teeth touch tenderly and the increased sound: "in the middle" The sound of every iteration is approximately seven seconds, from which two seconds, at two seconds and three seconds, while the next two seconds will be silent before the next recurrence. The three syllables go together: AA UO UMM [MUNE], AA UO UMM [MUNE], AAO UO Ma Ma [Mune]. In the first syllable A, we feel vibrated in the muscles and chest. The second syllable, oo, vibrates in the throat. In the third syllable, M, there is tremors in the upper part of the head. Put it on two minutes.

Confirmation statements are those statements which are recited by recollecting themselves so that there are special effects on our subconscious mind, which gives positive results in the future. This part of the exercise is included in this confirmation statement, which is repeated nine times, "I'm absolutely fine right this time". Two other affirmative statements that can be used are: "All my needs will be fulfilled" and "I can do it in, I am able to fulfill whatever plan I am planning to make." There are three point keys to effectively use affirmative statements: 1) Focus your mind on the ways of what you are doing; 2) Keep the view of the result in your mind that you want to achieve, and 3 ) At present, you feel as you will later, when you will get it, which is described in the affirmative statement. Put a minute on this.

The study section consists of reading the sacred Hindu texts that give you new knowledge and insight. It is important that you choose a script that you consider to be clear and inspirational, to ignore what is not clear or which is technical. You devote five minutes to this.

Problem & Solution

In India and other countries, however, it is a major trend that at least family is following this discipline. Siting with me, many people say the same thing: "We can not take out time for worship, chanting and meditation." Our time goes through employment, transportation, eating, entertainment, physical exercise and family and friends all day. Traditional one-hour religious exercises are proving to be very long, and because its benefits are not well understood, it is usually abandoned. My Gurudev spoke of those benefits, "The result of doing your daily religious practices will be that you will be able to overcome the forces of external world bravely, without distraction from them, and whatever the realm of life you have chosen in your religion Because you will have control over your system system, your quality of work will improve in the world, and your The mood he will be full of confidence and candor. "

Then, what is the solution? I mainly concentrate on the youth category, because their modes are not very hard to change. I have prepared a ten minute program that includes four activities that can be made available whenever available. I hope, the briefness and flexibility of time of day, as well as a clear understanding of its spiritual advantages, will inspire the students to adopt this exercise, or make such a good, program according to their daily routines. I suggest that this practice should be started around the age of fifteen years and from high school to the university. After schooling, it is expected that those who are serious about spiritual life will increase this exercise for half an hour.


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