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A very strange event! A true UFO story.

Updated on January 28, 2013

Harveys story.

As someone who has had an interest in strange and weird stories for my most of my life i have heard and read some outlandish and sometimes downright unbelievable stuff in my time but this tale from my own brother probably takes the biscuit, this account which i am about to recall happened in the mid 1980s when my brother now a man in his 40s was a teenager, after reading the account you will not be surprised to hear how he has been ridiculed over this story for most of his life, however not once has he deviated from his original version of the event and swears to this day that this is a true account of what he saw and experienced, indeed i have questioned him on many occasions about this and have come to the conclusion that whatever it was he saw that day, to him this was a real experience and as you will come to read there is also a strange addendum to the tale that makes this account even weirder.

As children we lived on a large housing estate in the English midlands, the estate was broken up into smaller oval shaped areas surrounded by a road that circled the estate, it was while walking alongside one of these roads in the summer of 1985 that my brother had his experience.

Walking along on his way back home after visiting the local shop Harvey became aware of a sort of buzzing / whirring noise to his left side, turning his head to see what the noise was he was astonished to see a vehicle about one and a half times the size of a Volkswagen camper yet similar shaped along side him, the vehicle had no wheels and just hovered around two feet above the road, the craft had strange writing on its side ( at the time Harvey called this " Space writing " ) at the front and top of the craft there was what looked like a chimney with steam or smoke being emitted from it, the vehicle had four arched shaped windows out of each one stared a face which was covered in a type of black shroud or veil, the teenage Harvey described the beings as looking like nuns but with the eyes of an owl, during the short time Harvey observed the craft he was aware of a strong smell in the air which he could only describe as smelling like strong coffee!

The whole event lasted for around ten seconds then the craft moved off following the course of the road but at a tremendous speed until it was no longer visible, strangely for what was quite a busy road no other vehicle came into view for the duration of the event.

As you can imagine coming from a large family with teenage siblings after Harvey recounted this story his was subjected to a cruel amount of derision and yet he never wavered on the details of his experience.

During the 1970s and 80s in England it was not uncommon to be visited by American gentlemen in very smart suits carrying a briefcase, the Mormons would often be around , recruiting by door knocking and chatting to people on their doorstep, so it was not too much of a surprise to my father when the Mormons came calling and asking for Harvey one afternoon, after convincing them Harvey was not around the Mormons left and never returned, now for anyone that has an interest in UFOs this is the description my father gave of said "Mormons".

" They were really weird, all three looked the same, they had ill fitting suits and looked like they were made of plastic"

At the time of these events i never really took much notice of the visit by the Mormons now years after this incident when i began to learn about UFOs and Men in Black this story really began to set some alarm bells ringing.

I am sure you will all agree this is one really strange story, in fact i cannot help laughing to myself as write it down it is just so unaccountably weird, and yet as stated earlier Harvey still to this day maintains this is exactly what he experienced, never falters from his original story and is never afraid to tell it. Thanks for reading.

Harveys drawing of what he saw.


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    • nuffsaidstan profile image

      nuffsaidstan 4 years ago

      Weird when i read your article about Idris Cold the other day i had never heard of him before, today i went on a comic book forum and a guys avatar is Idris Cold

    • mythbuster profile image

      mythbuster 4 years ago from Utopia, Oz, You Decide

      As I began reading, then got about half-way through this article, I started wondering, "did nuffsaidstan ever ask his brother to draw what he saw?" And then - BAM - at the end of the article - there it was - a drawing. Excellent. I enjoyed this article and find it really interesting that, although the event happened long ago for "Harvey," his account has never changed in details in over 20 years. Thanks for sharing this, nuffsaidstan.

    • Geekdom profile image

      Geekdom 4 years ago

      Thanks for the fun story. I love reading about UFO's, Ghosts, and other unexplained phenomenon.