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A welcome like no other

Updated on August 14, 2012

Father I have returned

We all know the story don't we? The prodigal sons return? He asked his father for the inheritance and then left only to squander it all away with living high on the hog. He ended up working in the hog pen starving to death and completely alone. So he said, I will go home to my father. I will tell him how horrible I've been and that I'm not worthy, and the father saw him coming far off, and ran to him and hugged him and cried on his neck. He said Lets throw a party, to welcome home my son. Well, I just went through that. I had left my father, I had lived my life horribly, under the guise that I was doing good. Under the guise that it was all ok. I was alone and starving. I almost ended up in the psychiatric hospital. But I said to my father, I have done so much wrong, Please Father, Let me come home. And He came to me with open arms and held me so tight. If you haven't figured it out yet, Jesus is my father. He's the one I left. And He's the one that mercifully let me come home. I had to start completely over. I went to a new church. And immediately felt renewed with life I hadn't felt in years. I praised Jesus with everything inside of me. He opened His loving arms and held me close to Him. Now I walk and live with Jesus daily. Sunday at church I officially became recognized as a member of my new church. First Apostolic in Nashville. They introduced me and every person in that church came to me and shook my hand, welcomed me, and hugged me. It was a wonderful welcome home. For them it was welcoming me to my new home with them, for me, it was Jesus welcoming me back to Him through His beautiful people. I am so thankful for a bright future and hope in Jesus, and a bright future and hope with the people He has placed in my life. I am thankful that this prodigal daughter came to herself before it was too late. I give all the glory to the King. Jesus. My father.


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