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A Jesus Freak

Updated on October 27, 2017

Jesus Freak

It was a Thursday in November. Between classes he exchanged books and notebooks at his locker for the next class. He felt odd because, for most of the school year, he cut this class. Today, he felt proud for going.

Jeff entered the hallway by the side door and walked over to him.

"Hey, haven't seen you outside in the smoking area in a few days. Where have you been?” he inquired, sizing him up. He looked back at the inquisitive questioner. Before he could answer, Jeff stretched out his long, skinny arm, pointed his finger at him. He blurted, “You’re a Jesus Freak now, aren't you?”

You see, several days a week he would hang out in the smoking area at the all boys’ Catholic high school. If a student came to school past 10 AM, his name would get placed on the absentee list. The teachers would think the student was out for the day, so a student could skip most of the day’s classes. Therefore, he came in late and spent most of the day in the smoking area. Two or three days a week he did this, throughout the semester. After the third time a student was late, a Saturday morning detention was awarded the student. So, he exchanged missing most classes two or three days a week for one detention.

The detention lasted about two to three hours. For about an hour he wrote “I shall not’s…”. The rest of the time he cleaned a few bathrooms as well as picked up papers and cigarette butts from the smoking area. He didn't really mind since he attended with Joe, his partner in crime. They’d stay up most of Friday night, then get up and do their penance with Mr. Wheeler (the gym teacher and detention moderator). They had it down to a science!

Now Jeff stood there and accused him, “You’re a Jesus Freak!” Beaming and turning a few different shades of red, he asked Jeff, “How did you know?” Jeff responded, “I just knew it! You look like it! I’ve seen that look before and I know people just like you. They find Jesus and quit smoking and selling dope and getting high--but don't worry, it won’t last long. You’ll be just like them, back partying after awhile.”

He was relieved but surprised that Jeff now knew. How could Jeff tell? However, he was worried and afraid that Jeff was right about his new-found faith. Maybe it would be just a passing phase.

Picture of Jesus

Christ - Heinrich Hofmann
Christ - Heinrich Hofmann | Source

Jesus Freak School Year

Mr. Wheeler was as shocked as anyone that he had cleaned up his act. If anyone made fun of him, Mr. Wheeler would throw that person up against a locker and say, “You see him, you better be like him!” Then he’d put his arm around him and parade him down the hall. Then he’d pretend to mock him and say things like “Hallelujah, a Jesus Freak!” or “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!” He did that to make their mocking absurd. After all the time he spent in detention, Mr. Wheeler was one of his biggest fans!

He joined up with a group the other students called by many in the school "The God Squad”. He was one of the guys that used to ridicule them during lunch in the dining hall. They were just a group of individuals that had started to follow Christ and were vocal about it. Since most of the school shunned them, they sat at their own table. There were about eight or ten boys in the group. Some of them wore large crosses around their neck. They’d sit and discuss the Bible or what they were studying in school. Every once in a while someone would come up to the table and say something rude. Occasionally, a crushed paper cup would land on the table. They took it all in stride, embracing the abuse as a badge of honor.

Well, fall turned into winter and winter, to spring. At the beginning of June, he had continued in his new found faith. Some of the students said their goodbyes until next year, others said goodbye for good. Jeff walked over to him on the way to his car and said, “It’s incredible—you completed the school year and you’re still a Jesus Freak!” He shook his head and his hand.

How Long Have you Followed Christ?

How Long Have you Followed Christ?

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A Picture of a Jesus Freak ~ Ten Years After

Ten years later, he saw Jeff at a wave pool miles from his home. They engaged in small talk for a while, but he could tell something was on Jeff’s mind.

After awhile, he asked, “Are you still a Christian?” (He did not say Jesus Freak!) He answered, “Sure.” Jeff just stared at him. After a few seconds he shook his head and said, “Dang, you are the first person that I ever knew that stayed a Christian that long!”

They chatted some more about religion and God. It sounded as if Jeff had some familiarity with a 12-Step Program. It was the way he phrased his language. He did not pry and Jeff did not volunteer any more information. Jeff seemed to have a new-found respect for someone who believes.The afternoon came to and end. They said goodbye and good luck. He nodded his head and shook his hand. Walking to his car he thought about what Jeff said.

Ten years—had ten years gone by?

It had and he was still a Jesus Freak!

© 2013 ajwrites57
A Long

Jesus Freak Rock Video

© 2013 AJ


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    • ajwrites57 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 months ago from Pennsylvania

      So true Jack. Sin is in ya all. Only God’s mercy saves us. Thanks for your thoughtful comments.

    • Jack Jenn profile image

      Jack Jenn 

      7 months ago from Nelson Bay NSW Australia.

      Hi AJ,

      Enjoyed your article and there was part of one sentence that smacked me in the face --but don't worry, it won't last long. You'll be just like them, back partying after a while.

      We are ALL sinners and we ALL fall and the worst part is that sometimes we just don't learn the lesson - we keep sinning to the same old things again. And I'm not immune to that.

      Something that has helped me over the years is this - inside all of us there are 2 animals that are constantly at war with each other, our human nature and our divine nature.

      Which one will win - the one you feed!

      I hate Satan with a passion - I hate what he has caused in me but I know that He won't let go of my hand as long as I cling to His hand - and I'm clinging with both hands.

      My best regards AL,


    • ajwrites57 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Shortcakeponders5 thanks for reading and adding your comments! I so love your Hubpages name! lol!

      I appreciate your insight, friend. Yes, there is joy in knowing Him! Thanks again! :o)

    • Shortcakeponders5 profile image


      5 years ago

      I feel that the details are something close to your heart as you put in a few items that people who don't follow Christ wouldn't know. Especially the joy of knowing Him as The Almighty.

      I really did enjoy reading about the change that happens when your protagonist decided to become a better person. Another fine story.

    • ajwrites57 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Pennsylvania

      RonElFran -- Thanks for reading and commenting! Appreciated! :o)

    • RonElFran profile image

      Ronald E Franklin 

      6 years ago from Mechanicsburg, PA

      I enjoyed reading. Thanks.

    • cam8510 profile image

      Chris Mills 

      6 years ago from Kettering, Ohio through January, 2020

      This is a good description of me in the early 70s. Not the abuser, but the Jesus Freak. Well written. I enjoyed this.

    • ajwrites57 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Pennsylvania

      petenali--thanks for your comments! I'll make it clearer. Sometimes it's hard for people to stand under pressure. Jesus Freak did! :o)

    • petenali profile image


      6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      I think maybe the clue is in the writing - He shook his head and MY hand." Perhaps this Jesus Freak is you? If so, then all blessings on you for staying the course through a difficult period of life. Peer pressure is so very strong, so I am encouraged by your story of one who stood strong and was not ashamed of the Gospel.... blessings!


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