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Abinadi's Martyrdom Testifies of Christs Crucifixion

Updated on July 3, 2021
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Leaders of integrity or infamy found in The Book of Mormon provide the fodder for spiritual growth and self-improvement. It was made for us.

Abinadi, a courageous missionary, and prophet of the Lord, unknown other than for the short time mentioned in the Book of Mosiah among a small group of Ancient Americans of an ethnicity referred to as Nephite and a smaller division of that called Zeniffites, put himself in danger to spread his message of repentance through Christ in 150 BC!

Abinadi serves as a type or shadow of the life of Christ because of the several things that occurred to him after he began his public ministry among this remote group of Nephites believed to be a part of a mixture forming the principal ancestors of the Natives of the Americas.

King Noah and his priests, akin to the Jewish sect leaders in Jerusalem in their determination to maintain power over their people, held power to heed or reject a warning. Abinadi taught things that would destroy the priestcraft of the priests of King Noah who glutted themselves taxing of the people a fifth their increase.

The leaders who decried the preaching of Jesus did so to protect their political positions developed with the Romans so that Israel, or the political structure of the Sanhedrin and others, could stay in power and protect the sanctity of the temple from Roman influence. The worth of the coming of a Messiah that did not bring with him the power to throw off the shackles of Rome proved nothing to them whether true or not.

Abinadi, The Shadow of Christ: Apostate Society addresses the cultural aspects of both men's societies to provide context to the martyrdom of each. Simply, the societies of these men both rejected the understanding of the Mosaic Law that Messiah would come in the form He came. Because Jesus and Abinadi dared to challenge the cultural and religious assumptions of their day, death followed.

Abinadi a Type or Shadow of Christ

  1. Preached to apostate societies
  2. Neither authorized by the local priesthood.
  3. Both informed the people to repent.
  4. Both rejected by the priests and the king.
  5. Both societies accused them of treason.
  6. The king for both could have released them but did not.
  7. Both martyred for their preaching.


Martyrs: Jesus

As the scriptures teach, Christ's people betrayed Him the gentiles, Romans who crucified Him. First, however, Jesus delivered His message to the world. Detractors could not take him by force. He went willingly with a band of cutthroats who delivered Him for beating by the political leaders of Hebrew power and judgment by the Sanhedrin.

He told Peter, who aggressively defended Him to the point of removing a mans ear, to stop and realize that if necessary He could call down a legion of angels, but such a celestial act did not occur.

Christ informed Peter he would deny Him thrice. Maybe Christ's words came as a command for Peter to deny Him so that he could live, provide the rock the Church of Christ needed following His death.


Martyrs: Abinadi

Abinadi was put in a similar situation. The King placed him bound to burn with hot sticks. He cried out that they would cause many more to die in that way. Mosiah 17:14-20 reads,

when the flames began to scorch him, he cried unto them, saying:

Behold, even as ye have done unto me, so shall it come to pass that thy seed shall cause that many shall suffer the pains that I do suffer, even the pains of death by fire; and this because they believe in the salvation of the Lord their God.

And it will come to pass that ye shall be afflicted with all manner of diseases because of your iniquities. Yea, and ye shall be smitten on every hand, and shall be driven and scattered to and fro, even as a wild flock is driven by wild and ferocious beasts.

And in that day ye shall be hunted, and ye shall be taken by the hand of your enemies, and then ye shall suffer, as I suffer, the pains of death by fire. Thus God executeth vengeance upon those that destroy His people. O God, receive my soul. And now, when Abinadi had said these words, he fell, having suffered death by fire


Points to Ponder

Abinadi, like Christ did after him:

  1. allowed his captors to take him
  2. finished his ministry
  3. willingly gave up his life to fulfill God's purposes
  4. died a martyr's death
  5. facilitated the growth of religion due to his martyrdom

There are more parallels than those placed here. Abinadi gave his life as a testimony of the Savior's life. He taught the Zeniffites the word of God through Moses about the coming of Christ. He then demonstrated that he willingly would give up his life efficaciously to seal his testimony with his blood, though in his case, fire scorched flesh.

What do You say?

Can you see the parallel in Abinadi's life to Jesus's life?

See results

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2015 Rodric Anthony Johnson


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    • Rodric29 profile imageAUTHOR

      Rodric Anthony Johnson 

      14 months ago from Surprise, Arizona

      I took your advice. I studied, or I should say, continued to study the Bible and am convince more now than ever that The Book of Mormon: Another Testimony of Jesus Christ is the word of God testifying of the divinity of Christ's calling as the Savior of humankind. It testifies of the reality of Christ beyond on record. So, now what?

      Am I to pretend that God did not reveal to me the word of God because it does not fit into someone else's estimation of the truth? I say to pray to God and ask Him to reveal if the Book of Mormon is truly inspired by Him to testify to the world of the divinity of His Son's resurrection and teachings in addition to the Bible. There are other books that testify also.

    • profile image


      5 years ago from those of the Ekklesia

      I have nothing further to say with regards to the BOM than what I've already mentioned. I have no problems talking about the Holy Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ which His main focus was the Kingdom of heaven. This is not the case with the BOM which is why I know the BOM is a false teaching.

      If you truely want to understand the Kingdom of heaven then I suggest you pick up the "Holy Bible" make a indepth study of Christ's teachings on the subject starting in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Everything you need to know is right there. It took me 12 years, but it finally sunk in.

      And for your information I do not belong to any church , but I am one of many in the ecclesia. And you're right I not a troll.

    • Rodric29 profile imageAUTHOR

      Rodric Anthony Johnson 

      5 years ago from Surprise, Arizona

      Graceinus, I do not peg you for a troll. I will not delete your comment, but come up with something better Graceinus, I would be glad to read it. Until then...

    • profile image


      5 years ago from those of the Ekklesia

      Anothere pile of garbage in the form of a article.


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