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Adhan - Call to Prayer in Islam

Updated on April 11, 2013

Adhan - Call to Prayer in Islam

Few years ago, there was a protest in Hamtramck city adhan (call to prayers). There are about 20 mosques in the city of Hamtramck which is a city of diverse ethnicity. Majority oh the people in that city are Arab and south East Asian Muslims. The imams decided to send a proposal to the mayor about allowing the imam to call for prayer from a loud speaker from the mosque. There were lots of debates between neighbors and other religious leaders. Some Christian people argued that it was too loud and that not everyone should have to hear it. And then the Muslims brought out an argument about church bell. Their debate was that Muslims never complained about the church bell, and then Christians should also allow the call to prayer.

Some said that they see the call to prayer as an invasion of their right to practice their own religion. They do not like having this shoved into their ears. Church bell don’t say anything other then chime the hour, there are no words. But then again, no one was being forced to stand and listen to the call. There are so many other sound and noises are around us like loud music in the car people yelling, car honks etc, if none these things are disruptive then what is wrong with the call to prayers. After all, all the Muslims want is to practice their religion just like everyone else and follow the first amendment. After months of debates the proposal was accepted, and the imams were allowed to call for prayers.

Some people just like to create a problem even if it’s not affecting them in any ways. They just want to make comments and create a bad environment. For example some people who oppose to the call to prayer, didn’t really care about the public or their neighbors or who was what religion, they simply wanted to create a fuss about it. They just pretended that they were favoring the quality, but how do you favor quality by creating more problems.


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