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About The Human Aura

Updated on August 10, 2008

Is It Really Possible to See Human Aura?

SURROUNDING every living body (and some non-living materials) there is a halo or "aura," which may be seen, under certain exceptional conditions. Clairvoyants have always contended that they could see this aura, surrounding human beings, but they were laughed at for their pains by the majority of scientists, who continued to disbelieve in its existence.

About the middle of the 19th century, Baron von Reichenbach published a book on the aura titled HOW STUDIED BY THE AID OF CHEMICAL SCREENS, paying particular attention to the emanations which his sensitives had seen coming from crystals and the poles of horseshoe magnets. It is now known that both magnets and crystals give off a very noticeable aura, and this may be seen by any one, possessing even moderate psychic development, if they observe these objects when placed in a darkened room.

Needless to say all this was disbelieved at the time, and it was not until 1911 that the existence of the aura was proved scientifically by means of mechanical and chemical means. Dr. Kilner, the electrician of St. Thomas' Hospital, London, then showed that it is possible for any one to see the aura, issuing from a living human being, by means of especially prepared glass slides, containing a chemical, named "Dicyanin."

The subject of the experiment is placed against a white or black cloth background, in a nearly darkened room, and must be at least partially nude, as the aura cannot be seen through the clothing.

Dicyanin is a coal-tar product or dye. looks through one of the chemical screens at the daylight : then, closing his eyes, pulls down the blind, so as to make the room nearly dark. In this light the figure of the model can be seen only faintly, and if the subject is looked at through the glass screen, the aura may be seen by nearly any one, possessing good eyesight.

In this case the investigator does not have to be a clairvoyant, since the eyes are rendered susceptible to certain artificial light waves by means of the chemical screens. Usually our eyes cannot perceive these waves. In this way the sceptical world has been convinced of the reality of the human aura, and it is now considered a proved scientific fact.


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      perfumer 9 years ago from California

      Thank you for your comment RJacobsen68.

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      RJacobsen68 9 years ago from Florida

      cool infomation.