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Truths and Myths about God.

Updated on June 19, 2011

This Hub is written to express the truth about the God I know. This passage reveals a far more powerful and magnificent God than anything I have learned from most religions. I understand that many of you prefer to be faithful to information provided by your well intentioned parents, communities, and the religious leaders you respect very much. Learning something else about God may create a sense of betrayal to your beliefs and to those you respect. The choice of going out of your comfort zone to seek a far greater God is yours. Searching for the truth is not different from searching for God. Some of my truths may support what you already know while other truths are already in you but are not recognized as truth because you have been told to think otherwise. And some of my truths will seem wrong or unacceptable. You may see the wisdom of these later or you may not. Either way you will reinforce your beliefs or find what is truth from within you where God and truth reside. In searching for the truth within you, a helpful question to ask yourself is whether what is presented here shows a grander, more magnificent God than what you have been told or asked to believe in. You have been told that God is infinitely good, perfect, all knowing and infinitely powerful. But have you also been told some things about God that are not consistent with this almighty being?

Truth: God is Almighty and Perfect

We all believe that God is the almighty one. He is all-powerful and all knowing. His power and knowledge is infinite. There is not a sound that he has not heard or a sight he has not seen. He has created everything there is. God is the energy behind every being, good or evil. All creatures, humans, matter, sub-atomic particles, photons, good spirits, and evil spirits need God to sustain their existence at every moment. There is nothing else or no other being to sustain all there is in the past, now and forever. All events and outcomes need the approval of God to happen. He is a perfect being and has never made a mistake or gotten an outcome he did not expect.

Truth: One of God’s amazing capabilities

Before I proceed with these myths as I see them I would like inform you about time. God is the master of time. He is always capable of changing the past and the future from the most powerful moment called “now” as if there were no past or future.

What is true to God is absolute reality, even we if see something else. In this case, what we see is an illusion.

Therefore time is an illusion. Scientists today are realizing this fact. Dr. Michio Kaku, a renowned physicist, after a lengthy scientific TV documentary on time concluded saying, “Time is an illusion”. He and other scientists added that wormholes and other means of time travel are possible to man as soon as some technicalities are resolved.

So God is always acting in the most powerful moment of “now”. This has powerful implications. If he did not like something it would not have existed. There will never be an outcome for him that he did not expect. For him everything from the Big Bang, the dinosaurs, the 21st century and the end of the universe are all happening now. That is why it is said that God has no beginning or end. Both beginning and ending are tied to the illusion of time. He was always there. This is also the reason why some gifted humans and even animals sometimes can peek out of the illusion of time and see the “past” and the “future” with their sixth sense “now”. In the western world they include Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus. Spiritual beings, true psychics, mediums, and prophets can peek through this illusion into the past and future and watch it as if it is happening now. However, for the majority of us, we are entrenched in the illusion of time.

With this in mind, here are some of the widely accepted myths:

Myth: God hates some of his creations

God is not fooled by the illusion of time. Since God is aware of and is in control of what we call the past, present and future, he cannot have an outcome that he hates or that he does not allow.

Therefore God was clearly aware of all the consequences of creating man before he even created him. He was aware that our first parents would choose the “tree” or the path of knowledge before he created them. If such a path is chosen to gain the gift of knowledge then man must be aware of both good and bad. To gain this, God has to permit man to suffer, make mistakes, and experience evil. Man will also have to experience the good things like love, forgiveness and compassion. This is God’s way of allowing man to get knowledge man has requested. God foresaw the consequence of creating man long before man’s creation, and he never had the intention of punishing this grand creation of his. Even this is a small part of his perfect plan. Moving man out of paradise was to lead him into the path of knowledge because our early parents had requested it.

Myth: God needs or wants something from us.

Being a Divine being means he is not in a state of need. He does not need food, water, shelter, clothing, medicine, slaves, servants, human assistance, handouts, or money to sustain him. In fact, he needs nothing. He is not in need of any sacrifices, wars, killings or violence to be carried out in his name. If he likes something all he needs is to call it forth and it will be there. If he chooses to have gold, all he needs is to wish it. He does not need any work from us. He does not need you to attend church, temple, synagogue, or mosque. You may find the need to go to these places for your benefit, but not his. He does not need you to serve him. He does not need you to kill or punish others for him. He needs no gift, work, sacrifice, and praise from anyone. This is because God is divine, is infinitely powerful, and is able to get what he wants directly without man’s intervention.

Many act like as if God needs something from man. If this is true then God is not almighty.

Myth: God is weak enough to get hurt.

Getting hurt is a sign of weakness. Humans, animals and other creations can get hurt. Humans are emotionally vulnerable. They can suffer from hunger, injury, and diseases, and can feel betrayed.

However God has no weakness or vulnerabilities. As a very powerful being, there is nothing we do can to hurt him. Everything that happens has to be approved by God and he has full knowledge of everything, every time, and everywhere. Even if you commit what you call sin, it would not hurt God in any way. Other humans may get hurt. But God cannot be betrayed or hurt. And this may be shocking to many of you. If he is not hurt, he finds no need to forgive us. We may find the need to ask forgiveness from each other, but not from God. God knows that Hitler made evil decisions, but God was never be hurt by him. So there is no justification to hurt or punish anyone for God’s sake. However, society may find the need to punish wrong doers to deter them from unacceptable acts.

Myth: God can fail

Many religions use fear that there is going to be a great final battle between good and evil.

So many live in fear believing God’s enemies will get us before God can save us. So many religious groups propose that we must accept someone as our savior, or meet some religious conditions

If God can fail than God is not almighty. Many believe that despite his infinite power, wisdom, and knowledge he can still fail because of our actions or because of other evil beings that went out of his control. Again when God created us he knew he would have a magnificent outcome with all his beloved creations.

Myth: God has problems with man and evil

Look at the newspaper headlines today. Many believe that evil is out of God’s control. Many believe that some of his creations have rebelled against him and he needs your support. Some communities today still practice mutilation and stoning other humans to death to help God fight evil. They do this even when their victims have not harmed those who carry out these atrocities. Some practice jihad with violence or others join holy wars and other violent acts. The early Church tortured many thousands of innocent humans and many of them were cruelly burned at the stake. They claimed they were doing this for God’s sake.

Again they underestimate the power of God. He controls the life and death of all his living creations. If he has a slightest wish that something should cease, it would not exist any more.

God therefore has no problems and nothing is out of control for him. Even if he had a problem, he does not need to burden us, or need any of his loved ones to support him. It is true the problems we notice throughout the world are caused by the choices we make. God has given man free will and the right to bear the consequence of his choices. Some of these consequences are good while others are bad. Some of these bad consequences may be out of control for man. However, none of these problems are too tough for God to control.

Myth: God’s love is conditional.

God’s love is the highest form of love. It is deeper than anything you will find around you. Not even your lover, spouse, or your parent can match God’s love. As real love, it is always unconditional. Love needs no reason and is beyond reason and time. God loves you now, in the past and forever in the future. There is no condition or qualification or price you need to pay for his love. There is no need to accept somebody else as your savior or follow a certain condition stipulated by religions.

Whatever you do God’s love is always there with you. This does not mean that I am suggesting you go ahead and do all the evil you can think of. The natural law of the universe set by God will determine the consequences of your choices and actions. These are simply natural consequences of your actions and should not to be considered as his punishment. For example if he gives fuel for cooking, you have the choice to abuse it by burning your hands. That pain is caused by your choice and is the natural law set by God. It is not accurate to say that God is punishing you. He gives you free will and would have preferred that you make the good choice by cooking a delicious meal with that fuel. The good or bad consequence will depend on the choices you make. He has similar natural laws in both the physical and the spiritual universe. His love is still unconditionally there. No one, including you or any powerful evil being has the capability to separate you from God’s everlasting love. Excommunication is a great myth and will not affect God’s love and salvation.

Another common myth is that God has a condition that you must accept the founder of a religion or a certain prophet of the religion as your savior. Otherwise however good one is, God will get ticked off and end his love by condemning the human soul he loved so much to hell. Many religions originating from the Middle East have issued conditions for salvation. Again since God is the master of time, his love is not going to change in the future. His knowledge about you and his love for you is beyond time. A dog can love a man unconditionally, yet many consider God’s love inferior to that from a dog because they think God has conditions. God’s timeless love for you is nothing less than unconditional.

Myth: God can get upset or angry

One gets upset or angry when one is betrayed, or hurt, or did not anticipate a negative outcome. This is human nature. God knows everything, past, present and future and it not possible for God to be surprised or betrayed. If Adam and Eve existed and if they first took the fruit from the tree of knowledge, God actually knew well before the creation of man that this was going to be their choice and he continued the creation of man with joy.

Myth: God can get jealous

Jealousy is an ill feeling we get when someone else has something we want. This can never happen to God for many reasons. First he is never in a state of “want”. Furthermore when you love someone truly you will be happy for him when he gets something desirable. With God’s great love he actually feels joy about that and will not be jealous. Furthermore everything in the universe, even the choices you make can only take place with his knowledge and approval. If anyone approves of something for someone and then becomes jealous, then he must be imperfect and possibly a lunatic. Finally, God can have anything he wants to have. This is another reason he cannot be jealous. Jealousy is a sick human weakness that can kill. God is not human or sick. He has no weakness whether human or otherwise.

Myth: God can be vengeful

Again God approves all events, actions and outcomes in both the physical and spiritual universe. Otherwise they will not happen. It is not possible for a sane being to approve of something and then feel sick or vengeful about it. Vengeance is a human weakness. God is not a human and has no weakness.

Myth: God is sad or weeps about evil.

God approves of everything. Nothing has existed, exists or will exist that he has not approved.

God has approved of all sad and evil situations experienced by man. For God all these events both evil and good have a holy purpose in his divine and perfect plan. We have not seen the end of all these events and outcomes God can see. He has seen and is seeing the final and grand outcome of everything. When the dust settles in the end we will all see his perfect plan. Again as God, he cannot fail.

Myth: God has Commandments for man

There are desires, wishes and commands. God desires that we make good choices to benefit us. Because he gives us free will, he will not force us to pick a certain choice. The outcome may be good, bad, painful, joyful or peaceful depending on the choice we make. God desires that we make good choices to benefit mankind, but he will not interfere with man’s free choice and its consequences.

Wishes are something stronger. These are things you approve of, allow and would like to see happen. God has all his wishes answered instantly without any help from others. His wishes include giving humans free choice even if God and the humans do not desire the natural outcomes of those human choices.

Commands are the strongest. Monarchs, military officers, and others in powerful positions can issue commands. Commands must be carried out without compromise. Subjects receiving commands have no free choice, as they will be punished even for hesitation or causing delays in execution of the command. If a command fails to be carried out, it is a sign of weakness to the one who issues it.

So monarchs and military leaders need to issue commands to cover items on national security or anything they consider important. They simply cannot call it a desire or a wish anymore.

Now for God all his wishes become reality. None of his wishes will fail as he is Almighty God. So God does not need to command. To make this worse why would he need to command man, who is an imperfect being by God’s own divine will? Since God’s wishes will always materialize, he does not need to upgrade his wishes to commands, especially over imperfect creatures that are bound to fail often. Actually, God is so powerful that he does not need to command anyone, because his weakest wish will always happen. Therefore it is a myth that God has commandments for anyone.

However, if anyone out of one’s own free choice sees the wisdom to practice what is known today as the “10 Commandments” then this is a sign from God through Moses that this person is in a spiritually enlightened state. This is very different from one who practices the “10 commandments”, because one fears he will be punished by God. If the “10 Commandments” were really God’s commandments then it would impossible to break them. Nobody could steal, lie or have adultery however hard they tried. Apparently, this is not the case in today’s world. Just read the newspaper today. There is killing, lying, greed and all the stuff a spiritually enlightened person will not do.

Therefore it would be more accurate to say that God told Moses ten signs of a spiritually enlightened person and not Commandments.

Myth: God is having a war with his enemies and we have to support him.

Nothing has existed, exists or will exist without God’s consent. God’s power and knowledge extends to the past, present and the future. Therefore God cannot have enemies. And even if he had enemies, God could wipe them out of existence in a blink of eye with no collateral damage. God, unlike man, needs no wars to accomplish this. Why would God with His infinite goodness and love, enjoy creating enemies to destroy them? God has allowed evil to exist to give man choices so that man will acquire the knowledge of good and evil as our early parents requested. No intelligent evil being will dare to be an enemy of God. Even evil demons obeyed Jesus and other spiritual masters who used God’s authority to cast them away.

God will save all humans who experience evil through their bad choices, because God’s love is unconditional. In this way, God has answered the first prayer of our early parents who requested knowledge. Only after experiencing evil would man realize what God’s supreme goodness is. Even man’s choice for knowledge and his imperfectness all fall perfectly into God’s perfect plan. Again God knew this all the time.

Anyone who decides to be an enemy of God is not smart, but insane and cannot see reality. Unfortunately, there are those who believe that there are evil beings, such as Satan, who are smarter and more knowledgeable than man who will go against the supreme and infinitely powerful God.

Myth: God needs someone else, an innocent man, to save his imperfect creations

If God needed to save his loved ones, something must have gone wrong or he must be an imperfect creator who did not anticipate the outcome.

God knows the extent of human imperfection, because he created man that way. Since he is the master of time, he knew this even before he created him. Even if God is imperfect he can stop and re-design man from scratch at the point of creation. Salvation of man is easy for God as nothing is too hard for God and he does not need help from anyone else.

Now assume that salvation is needed as God intentionally created some imperfect beings. Many falsely believe that God has asked another person, Jesus, an innocent man, to die cruelly to save all mankind from their imperfections, even though it was God’s divine will that made mankind imperfect. It also suggests that God was not aware of what he was getting into and was not capable of saving mankind himself. Even humans take responsibility for creating issues and are willing to resolve those issues by themselves.

God can see an infinite number of opportunities to save each man. All God has to do for the salvation of man is to simply pick the right opportunity and wish it. Everyone will be saved.

Some groups believe that two out of three will be lost during the “rapture”.

If that is true then God’s love and the sacrifice of Jesus were a major failure. Any loving parent losing two of his three children will be devastated. Is God not more capable than humans? When God was creating us, he was always aware of our final joyful reunion with him. Otherwise, the all-knowing God will not be joyful. He knows he cannot fail in anything including saving all his beloved ones. Even Jesus, who was a great enlightened teacher, hinted this in the parable of the lost sheep.

Many claim the “Son of God” had to give up his life to save man from sin. However, it is interesting to note that this sacrifice was not good enough. The world is still full of so called sins. Jesus was a great spiritual teacher and a good example of love towards mankind.

Myth: God talks only through words in my Holy books, my religious institutions, my religious leaders, my religious prophets, and my religion only.

Those who believe this have a poor perspective of God’s power. For centuries, organized religions have been attempting to manipulate the masses, by acting as the only authorized messengers of God.

In fact, the Almighty God can communicate to anybody with any message without the help of any religion.

God communicates with everyone. God even communicates to animals. Because of this, they know when to migrate and where to find food and when to flee for safety. They know when an earthquake or tsunami is imminent. Surely there may be scientific explanations but God is always behind science.

Similarly, God can use anything in your universe to send you a message. It could be in a play you saw, a song you heard, an experience you had, a feeling deep within yourself, a work of art, an inspiring novel, an action of an animal, a statement of a criminal, a TV commercial, your imagination, a TV documentary, information from an obscure stranger like myself, a news report, a child’s voice, and even from a profane or violent experience. Obviously, not everything from these imperfect sources is a message from God. Similarly, everything you get from your officially approved religious sources is not God’s message. Historical facts will show that much of the information found in these sources was selected and edited by institutions and religious elders.

They have determined what the masses should hear and what they should not. Even though these books are imperfect, they still contain some truths. God has the ability to send you an inspirational message even from a novel such as Moby Dick. Such things happen more often than we think. But we fail to recognize who is sending us these messages.

Therefore, Almighty God is more capable in communicating with you directly than any religious book or institution or religious authority. God does not need them or their “authority”. Because of his great love for you, he does this often, even if you are in prison or in solitary confinement. However, many don’t recognize God’s messages because they are told to get such messages from “authorized” sources only.

Myth: God favors a particular race or nation more than others

There are many Christian fundamentals in the US who seem to have a bias with Jews in Israel. Many Christians feel that God considers Jews as the “chosen people”. And God loves them more.

Some believe that God told Joshua to go into Canaan and exterminate those peaceful inhabitants there. They attacked kingdom after kingdom killing every innocent and peaceful man, woman, and child. If this is not genocide what is? Is this the same God that just communicated to Moses on Mt Sinai that killing is not a sign of a spiritually enlightened person? Do you really believe God will command the Israelites to perform such ungodly acts? Could they at least conquer and govern these newly occupied lands and maybe justify killing only those who were hostile rebels? Biblical writers suggest that God is a bigot. Were these writers perfect? Do you really believe that the Almighty, infinitely good God will ask one race or one nation to exterminate another?

In today’s world the Dome of the Rock or the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is considered to be holy to Jews, Christian and Muslims. If there is any message from God, it is for all these groups to unite peacefully and to respect each other’s links towards the one God they believe in. Imagine all of them giving access to each other to visit their religious landmarks. However, since they are spiritually primitive, many fear this may cause an ungodly war.

God loves all and this includes Jews, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, pagans, atheists and other beings in the far corners of the universe. God loves each and every one of us. To love one less than the other is a sign of bias and prejudice. God is not human and does not have such human weakness. God is perfect. Despite our human weakness, God’s love for us is unconditional.


If you believe in a perfect, almighty, all-knowing and infinitely good God, then you might agree on what is presented here. Some may want to re-evaluate what they believe about God. This may not be easy. Though many are told “God is great”, “God is Good”, “God knows everything”, “God is perfect”. “God is almighty”, “God loves us” yet they go on killing for God’s sake. They act as if God has human weakness and human wants. There are so many inconsistencies in what they know about God. They have been bombarded with such inconsistencies for thousands of years by spiritually primitive teachers, books and institutions. These inconsistencies naturally don’t agree with God’s true qualities. This has naturally created doubts and is one of the reasons we have atheists and agnostics.

There would be a sense of betrayal to their religious roots and traditions if one rejects inconsistencies given to them by their misguided but loving parents, religious authorities, and from their approved societies.

There are those who shout “Allah Hu Akbar” which I was told was “God is the Greatest” They are more right then they realize. However, some of their behavior suggests that they accept myths about God. Some of them believe God hates some of his own creations and they should kill and punish others for God.

Others sing “Alleluia! Praise God!” And yes this is a good thing to do despite the fact God is not in need of praises. But they still accept myths about God. They still persecute and deny the rights of others because of their sexual orientation. They believe God may not be able to save all his loved ones and that God is jealous and vindictive. And they falsely believe God’s “love” is conditional.

Everything presented here suggests a God far grander, more powerful, more magnificent and more loving than anything you have heard. You can only seek God through the truth. You will have to determine where this truth lies. If you find the truth about God, it will set you free from others and their imperfect and spiritually primitive views. God recognizes your free will to reject anything presented here through this obscure stranger, even if it is not in your best interests. I believe if you are reading this then it is possible that you are seeking God, who is also known as the truth. If this is the case, this could be one of God’s answers to your search about the one who loves you most. Otherwise, you had the opportunity to review what you believe about God and re-instate your beliefs, whatever they may be. God treasures your free will and God will grant you its natural consequences whether you like it or not. Finally, God’s love for every one of you is unconditional and everlasting forever and ever without end.


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