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Spiritual Read, The Abraham Hicks Teachings Review

Updated on May 31, 2013
Abraham Hick Teachings - Vortex
Abraham Hick Teachings - Vortex | Source

Abraham Hicks Teachings Review

I came across Abraham Hicks Teachings on YouTube videos when I was reading some inspirational articles on internet. I was immediately hooked to the teaching. The information is valuable and practical. The concept of vortex and grid is very useful. I am a voracious reader of spiritual and religious teachings from all corners of the world and I feel that Abraham Hicks teachings are infinite wisdom. The teachings are applicable to all groups of people ranging from homemaker, business person, investor, doctor, children, mother, father, students or anybody who is interested. The teachings are based on the law of attraction and connecting to the source. It might sound simple and repetitive, heard before, but the teachings are truly a wonderful masterpiece of infinite wisdom.

The Vortex

Abraham Hicks teachings focus on going to the vortex and staying in the vortex. Vortex is like going back to our own center. Vortex can be imagined as a spinning fluid that is pulling us to the center but due to our resistance of negative thoughts, we continue to stay out. All the abundance, health and wealth, lies in the vortex. The best way to achieve vortex is by doing meditation. When we close our eyes and think of positive aspects of life, we reduce resistance and are automatically pulled into the vortex. Going to the vortex is very simple. It just needs awareness. Happy, thankful thoughts open the door to vortex. Negative, hateful, blaming, critical thoughts throw us out of the vortex.

Bliss of Vortex

According to Abraham Hicks teachings, the magic of vortex is powerful. When we are inside vortex and visualize our dreams, wishes, we get it very fast. The manifestation of desires is only possible when we are in the vortex. When we are outside vortex, we can ask, ask, but nothing will happen. So, staying in the vortex is the key to health, happiness and wealth. The value of vortex is not just in the manifestation. The true value of vortex is the emotional peace and happiness. When we are in the vortex, we are truly happy, peaceful and feel connected to the source. When this happens, everything else naturally falls into the place. Most of us tend to do the opposite. We think when we become wealthy or get true lover, then we will be happy. However, the secret is when we are truly happy and connected to source, we attract wealth and true lover.

How to go General?

Another important concept of Abraham Hicks teachings is going from specific to general to improve the frequency of vibration. Most of us, unknown to us, are vibrating at a frequency. If we are thinking negative thoughts, we are automatically vibrating at low frequencies. If we are thinking positive thoughts, we are automatically vibrating at high frequencies. It might be a bit difficult for a person to shift from low frequency to high frequency. Thus, according to the teachings, the best way to shift your frequency is to go from negative specific thoughts to negative general thoughts, from negative general thoughts to positive general thoughts, from positive general thoughts to positive specific thoughts. This shift is gradual and easily achievable. Once we are in the realm of positive thoughts, we are inside our vortex and our resistance is lowered, life works automatically. We attract good, positive relationships, attract abundance, wealth and prosperity.

Grid Building

Another powerful concept of Abraham Hicks teachings is grid. Grid is our imaginary framework that we create for the universe to fill in. It can be an emotional grid, money grid, health grid, relationship grid. When we are inside our vortex, we can create grid according to our own needs. Like for emotional grid, we can add feelings of happiness, gratitude, ecstasy, joy, peace, love. For money grid, we can add feelings of ease, comfort, freedom and flexibility. Once we create the grid, while we are in the vortex, we attract all the non physical and physical things which are vibrating at the same frequency. This attraction helps us to manifest our dreams and desires effortlessly.

It's all about Love

Abraham Hicks teaching talks about emotions and feelings of Love. According to the teachings, love is often misused and overloaded by false images in human beings. True love is appreciation. When we appreciate something or somebody, we truly love. It can be appreciation of nature, child, lover or anything.

Abraham Hicks teaching tells us about another key element, our focus of attention. We need to focus our attention on things that are positive and we are automatically in the vortex, connected to the source. When we focus our attention on negative aspects, we feel depressed and pulled out of the vortex.

Communicating with Source

Finally, the key concept of Abraham Hicks teachings is effortless living by connecting to the Source. Most of the human problems in the world are because of the disconnection with the Source. We tend to depend upon other humans or resources for well being. The true well being can only come from the Source. Once we connect back, life works out automatically and effortlessly. Most of us only focus on what actions we are doing, regardless of what we are thinking. When each individual will start connecting with the Source, going to the vortex, meditating, everything will be effortless and joyful.


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    • Ruchi Urvashi profile image

      Ruchi Urvashi 4 years ago from Singapore

      Thanks Manatitta for your feedback.

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 4 years ago from london

      Well done. Since you like this kind of writing. perhaps you may wish to write a review on my book, too. Let me know. Cheers.