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Abraham On Trial- A Sequential Reading of the Quran - A Parallel to the Genesis Rabbah - Exile (B).

Updated on April 20, 2019

Sentenced to an execution in the hottest furnace.


This is a translation of the Qur'an. The text is ultimately derived from The Quranic Arabic Corpus, University of Leeds, and words are duly considered, and adapted, in reference to other translations, and scriptures. Some Arabic words, such as, Rabb, meaning, One-exalted, are given a Hebrew equivalent, in this case, Adon, meaning Lord. Words in brackets are due to the merger of two different sources where one is lacking the complete text, or else for clarification. Words in square brackets indicate an interpolation, usually where a transliteration is insufficient to convey a coherent meaning. The source/s from the bracketed numbers are given a cross-reference designation, S for Surah, and the relevant number, and verse.

(1) Then he turned to their gods and said, “Do you not eat? (2) What [is] with you, you speak not?”

(3) Then he turned upon them, striking with the leading hand. (4) So he made them smithereens except [the] largest of them, so that they should return to him.

(5) Then they advanced towards him, hastening.

(6) They said, “Who [has] done this to our gods?”

“He is certainly of the wrong-doers!”

(7) They said, “We heard a youth make mention of them.”

“He is called Ab-raam.”

(8) They said, “Then bring him before the people's scrutiny, so that they may bear witness.”

(9) They said, “Have you done this to our gods, oh Ab-raam?”

(10) He said, “No way someone did it! This one [here], their chief! So, if they speak, ask them!”

(11) So they turned back unto themselves, then said, “'You(pl.)', in truth, [are] the wrong-doers, 'you'(pl.)!”

(12) Then their heads were backtracking, “Indeed you know these speak not!”

(13) He said, (14) “Then do you worship from other than God, what benefits you not one-thing, and harms you naught? (15) Do you worship what you carve, (16) whilst God created you, and what you make? (17) Fie to thee, and to what you worship, from other than God. Then, will you not use-reason?”

(18) They said, “Incinerate him, and assist your gods, if you are capable!”

(19) They said, “Build a structure for him, and throw him into the consuming fire!”

(20) And they intended treachery for him, but We made them the least.

(21) We said, “Oh fire, be cool, and protective for Ab-raam.”

(22) And they intended a plan for him, but We made them the supreme losers.

(23) And naught was his people's answer, only that they said, “Kill him!” or, “Burn him!”

Yet God saved him from the fire. Indeed, in that, [there are] surely signs for a people who believe.

(24) And he said, “You have merely taken idols, in distinction to God, desiring mutual affection in the life [of] this (illusionary) world (Arab.-dunya). Then, [on] the Resurrection Day, you will disown one another, and curse one another, and your abode [is to be] The Fire. And for you [there shall] not [be] any helpers.”

(25) And mention Ab-raam in the book. Indeed he was a man of truth, a prophet.

(26) Certainly [there] is a good example for you in Ab-raam, and those with him, (27) except Ab-raam's saying to his father, “Surely I may ask forgiveness for thee, but I have naught [of] power in anything from God for you. Our Adon, upon Thee we place our trust, and to You we turn, and to You is the final return. (28) Our Adon, make us not a trial for those who disbelieve, and forgive us, our Adon. Indeed Thou [art] The All-Mighty, The All-Wise.”

(29) When he said to his father, “Oh my father, why worship that which hears you not, and cannot see, and will not deliver any gain whatsoever to thee? (30) Oh my father, certainly the knowledge [has] come to me, of what came not to thee. So follow me, I will guide you [on] the level way. (31) Oh my father, worship not The-Adversary (Ha-Satan)! Indeed The-Adversary is disobedient to The Most-Merciful. (32) Oh my father, indeed I fear that a punishment will touch you from The Most-Merciful. So, you would be an ally to The-Adversary?”

(33) He said, “Do you shun my gods, oh Ab-raam? Surely, if you will not desist, I will definitely stone you! Moreover, leave me indefinitely!”

(34) He said, “Spiritual peace rise upon thee. I will plead forgiveness for you, of Adonay. Indeed He is Ever-Gracious to me. (35) And I will depart from thee, and what you invoke from other than God. And I will invoke Adonay, that perchance I will not remain unblessed in invocation [to] Adonay.”

(36) And (when Ab-raam) said (37) to his father, and his people, (38) “Indeed I am going to my Adon! (39) Indeed I stand apart from what you worship, (40) except The-One who created me, and indeed (41) He will guide me!”

(42) And Lot believed [in] him, so he said, “Certainly I [intend] emigrating unto my Adon. Indeed He [is] the All-Mighty, the All-Wise.”

(43) When they said to their people, “Indeed we are standing apart from what you worship from other than God. We have disowned you, and between us, and between you, enmity has appeared, and the hatred, evermore, unless you believe in God alone!”

(44) And he made it a lasting word among his descendants, so that they may return. (45) In them, [there] is definitely a good example for you, for who is God hopeful, and [of] The Last (Great) Day. And whoever turns away, then indeed God, free of need [is] He, The-Praiseworthy. (46) Perhaps God will put between you, and between those [to] whom you have been enemies, fair wishes between them [both]. And God [is] All-Powerful, and God [is] Oft-Forgiving, Most-Merciful.

(1) S37:91, (2) S37:92, (3) S37:93, (4) S21:58, (5) S37:94, (6) S21:59, (7) S21:60, (8) S21:61, (9) S21:62, (10) S21:63, (11) S21:64, (12) S21:65, (13) S21:66a/S37:95a, (14) S21:66b, (15) S37:95b, (16) S37:96, (17) S21:67, (18) S21:68, (19) S37:97, (20) S37:98, (21) S21:69, (22) S21:70, (23) S29:24, (24) S29:25, (25) S19:41, (26) S60:4a, (27) S60:4c, (28) S60:5, (29) S19:42, (30) S19:43, (31) S19:44, (32) S19:45, (33) S19:46, (34) S19:47, (35) S19:48, (36) S37:99a/S43:26a, (37) S43:26b, (38) S37:99b, (39) S43:26c, (40) S43:27a, (41) S37:99c/S43:27b, (42) S29:26, (43) S60:4b, (44) S43:28, (45) S60:6, (46) S60:7.

Abraham as a youth, according to the Quran - a parallel to the Genesis Rabbah

Commentary On The Qur'an.

S37:94: Advancing towards the large pagan deity.

S29:24: Fire spared its victim (cf. Dan.3:13-27).

S19:46: Leave me indefinitely, to avoid my punishment, said the father who spent his entire life in vain pursuits (cf. L15:13).

© 2019 theomajor


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