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Abraham Pleads For The Sinners & Lot Escapes The Judgment

Updated on May 24, 2019

The Burnt Cities


Abraham And His Plea

This second instalment is a combined translation of the Qur'an and Genesis in sequential order. The former text is ultimately derived from The Quranic Arabic Corpus, University of Leeds, and words are duly considered, and adapted, in reference to other translations, and scriptures. Some Arabic words, such as, Rabb, meaning, One-exalted, are given a Hebrew equivalent, in this case, Adon, meaning Lord. The Hebrew Torah text is from the Masoretic source. Words in brackets are due to the merger of two different sources where one is lacking the complete text, or else for clarification. Words in square brackets indicate an interpolation, usually where a transliteration is insufficient to convey a coherent meaning. The Arabic source/s from the bracketed numbers are given a cross-reference designation, S for Surah, and the relevant number, and verse.

(85) And when Our messengers came to Abraham with the glad tidings.

(86) He said, “Then what [is] your (foremost) business, oh messengers?”

(87) They said, (88) “That we may send down upon them stones of (precious) clay (89) marked by your Adon for the transgressors.”

(90) “Indeed we [are] going to destroy [the] people [of] this town.”

(91) He said, “Yet Lot [is] in it!”

They said, “We know better who [is] in it.”

(92) (They said,) “Indeed (we have been sent to a criminal society) ; (its people are wrongdoers,)

(93) except Lot's family. Indeed (94) we shall surely save (him and) (all) his family, (95) except his wife. (96) We have decreed that (97) she [is] (definitely) of those who remain behind.”

(98) And when the (initial) awe withdrew from Abraham, and the glad tidings had sunk in, he disputed-a-case with Us concerning the people of Lot. (99) Then the ordinary-men faced off from there and walked to Sodom, but Abraham persisted to remain before Yehovah. (100) Indeed, Abraham was undoubtedly forbearing, imploring, and turning back [to Him].

(101) So Abraham approached and said, “Indeed, (in wrath) You sweep away righteousness with wickedness? (102) So if there be fifty righteous within the city, moreover You sweep them away, and not render support to a place on account of the fifty righteous that be amidst her? (103) May it not be unto Thee to do according to this thing, to cut off righteousness with wickedness, and those righteous come to be as those wicked, may it not be unto Thee, The-Judge-of-All-The-Earth, that He not render lawful-judgment!”

(104) And Yehovah said, “Should I encounter fifty righteous in Sodom, within the city, then I will sustain the entire place on their account.”

(105) And Abraham answered, saying, “See now, I have undertaken to a word unto my Adon, though I am [but] dust and ashes. (106) So if there be an absence of the fifty, by five righteous, will You spoil all the city for five?”

And He said, “I will not spoil her, if I find forty-five therein.”

(107) And he added to circulate in a word to Him, saying, “Should there be encountered forty?”

And He said, “I will not do so, on-account-of the forty.”

(108) And he said, “So, I speak, now, be not kindled of wrath, oh Adonay. Should there be encountered thirty?”

And He said, “I will not do so, if I encounter thirty therein.”

(109) And he said, “See now, I have undertaken to speak unto my Adon. Should there be found twenty therein?”

And He said, “I will not spoil her, on account of the twenty.”

(110) And he said, “ So, I speak, just this time, now, be not kindled of wrath, oh Adonay. Should ten be encountered there?”

And He said, “I will not spoil her, on account of the ten.”

(111) Oh Abraham, turn aside from this! Indeed, it has certainly come, a command [of] your Adon. And indeed, [they] come for them. A punishment without aversion. (112) And Yehovah's (presence) went-away, since He had ceased to converse with Abraham. And Abraham returned to his place.

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The Burnt Cities In Israel - Revisited

The Judgment

(113) And when the messengers came [unto] Lot's family (114) he said, “You are certainly a people way-off-the-beaten-track.”

(115) They said, “Not at all. We have come to you according to what they were doubting herein. (116) And we have come to you with the truth, and indeed we [are] surely truthful. (117) So travel with your family in a portion of the night, and follow (after) their backs. And let not anyone amongst thee look back, and precede [to] where you are directed.”

(118) And We conveyed the [essence] of-that matter to him, that [the] root [of] these would be cut off ere-daybreak.

(119) And when Our messengers came [to] Lot, he was distressed for them, and bereft for them, ill at ease, (120) and said, “A heavy day, this.”

(121) And they said, “Fear not, and grieve not. Indeed, we [will] save you, and your family, except your wife. She [is] of those who remain behind. (122) Indeed we will bring down on [the] people [of] this town a punishment from the sky, because they have been defiantly disobedient.”

(123) Lot's people denied the warnings. (124) And certainly he warned them [of] Our seizure, but they disputed the warnings. (125) And certainly they demanded his guests from him. So We (temporarily) blinded their eyes. So taste My punishment, and My warnings! (126) Then we brought out [those] who were therein of the believers (127) when We saved him, and his family, (128) except an old woman. (129) Yet we found naught therein, other than a single house of the obedient-ones (muslims). (130) So We saved him, and his family, (131) all, (132) except his wife. (133) (She was) among those who stayed behind. (134) Indeed We sent a deadly-rain (of brimstone) upon them, except Lot's family. We saved them by dawn. (135) A favour from Us. Thus We reward who [is] grateful. (136) And an abiding punishment certainly seized them in the early morning. (137) So taste My punishment, and My warnings! (138) So, the awful cry seized them at sunrise. (139) And We showered a rain upon them. So see how was [the] end [of] the criminals. (140) And We made its highest [as] its lowest, and We rained brimstone upon them, from a treated-clay. (141) Then We destroyed the others (after his wife). (142) Upon your life, indeed they were in their intoxication, wandering blindly. (143) Indeed, in that [are] the signs for those who discern.

(144) And We have left all about it a sign for those who fear the punishment; the painful-one. (145) And, in truth, We have left all about it a sign, evidence for a people who use reason. (146) And, indeed, it [is] on an established road. (147) And, indeed, you surely pass by them [at] morning, (148) and at night. Then, will you not use reason? (149) Indeed, in that, [it is] surely a sign, for the believers. (150) And Lot, We gave him judgment and knowledge, and We saved him from the town which was committing abominations. Indeed they were an evil people, defiantly disobedient. (151) And We admitted him unto Our Mercy. Indeed he [was] from the righteous.

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Abraham & Lot

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