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Absolutely Gorgeous (The Mind)

Updated on March 29, 2015

Absolutely Gorgeous (The Mind)


Evolution og Mankind

Absolutely Gorgeous (The Mind)

Where do thoughts come from?

What drives consciousness?

Instinct, memory which is a recollection

of the past, weather pleasant or painful.

What is a thought?

Symbols in Society which we have the ability

to manipulate and interpret in our mind.

The ability to reflect and make sound decisions

is a reflection of intellect principles a reflection

of morality or lack of reason.

What thoughts occupy our mind ultimately

determine what lies in our conscious and sub

conscious ‎mind. Our dreams are a reflection

of our ambition. Our destiny lies in the hands of

our ability ‎to interpret our thoughts into the

frequency of reality and the path we have chosen

as our calling. Weather we fail or succeed is

dependent ‎on effort to materialise plans with

planning effort and execution,with support‎ a

believe, innovation and a reliable support

structure‎. Ancient Wisdom Modern Science

and Technology are the siblings of creativity

and curiosity to discovery and better self ,

humanity‎ and to preserve the natural world

around us. Where does one get inspiration to

be great? It all starts with a Thought. Questioning

what is within our reality, norms and weather it

beings our world stability a sense of security and


It all starts with a question how do I make life


Perhaps more pleasurable convenient and


Then you analyse the current and actual elements

in our world and reality, paying attention to detail

to the mechanisms that have been constructed for

our use and benefit.

Questioning systems of habit and norms leads to a

better ‎understanding of what drives our

creations, and simplifies ‎the process of bettering

our tomorrow.

So the accumulation of Knowledge is the

preservation ‎of culture, like planting a seed

civilisation is the birth and mother of human

creations, evolution and

integration of different forms of life.


What we see with the naked eye, nature the sun

the moon the sky birds our pets our loved ones,

are visualised in the mind and become symbols

which shape our motives thoughts and ultimately

our action coming to being in reality.

The state of being of what we observe from

childhood, psychologically ‎has a direct impact

weather we will be well balanced individuals

towards our families thus a safer stable society.

Violent images such as domestic

violence, witnessing gruesome accidents

will traumatise us our perceptions and we may

snap on our closest ones, the ills of society.

How are to stabilise and bring back harmony to

the mankind's social circles?

Has human ever been in harmony?

We can raise our children morally in a religious


Yet we all grow up and have to make our own

choices and due to being naive we may pick up

petty habits such as telling a lie. Being addicted to

sexual inter coarse with different partners

innocently from our young adult life, which can

lead to broken homes and sexual diseases later on

In our lives.

This are common basic issues which led to social

ills. Let us be conscious of our deeds.

Let us Pray as HARD as we Work.

Gods Poet Nkosi


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