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Acoustic Angel.

Updated on March 23, 2016

Acoustic Angel.


Acoustic Angel.

Acoustic Angel

In the overwhelming and loving memory of Mum Joyce Thembani Ngobese Ncala.

Mum and Dad Jabu ‘Black Dillinger’ Ncala thank you for sacrificing your life on earth, so me and my baby sister Bongiwe could see a better cosy and safer today and tomorrow.

Acoustic Angel

She is an acoustic angel.

Her halos they glow in the dark and illuminate hope in the light.

She is a spirit that is no longer breathing.

She is no longer waiting to exhale.

She is no longer attached to the material world.

Enlightened mind she sees the future.

She grew up in the wilderness of Sub Saharan African.

She is an African and in her after life she was born black again.

She speaks to me in tongues and wraps a web around my concentration span.

She is one with the creator of mankind.

I watched her walk.

And I silently stalked her.

I stopped her and finally talk to her.

Hi my name is Nkosinathi, but you can call me Nathi.

She is what a princess is to a prince.

A wife to her husband.

A mother to her daughter.

A father to her son.

A Princess is to a prince.

A king and his kingdom.

God and his earth.

She is acoustic Angel.

Gods Poet Nkosi

Nkosinathi Ncala


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