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Action and Reaction.

Updated on October 13, 2011

Results will follow actions!

It is quite an interesting topic both in the scientific as well as spiritual view. It was Newton, who spelled out the laws of action and reaction. Invariably we believe that as far as this physical world is concerned. But what about the spiritual view point? It holds good even in the realm of spirituality. That is why, there is marked differences in the life of the people around the world. No two man share the same destiny. Many rational thinkers ask, "If God is justice, why there are marked differences in the life of people? Why somebody is born in a rich family and the other one born in pecuniary circumstances? Why one is born healthy whereas the other one is a disabled child? What is the reason for poverty in certain countries and affluence in certain other countries? Which is the cause for all the catastrophes? Yes, these are all the vital questions that need answer. In theological scriptures it is mentioned that God has created the human being and blessed him with a thinking mind and discriminating intelligence. He can choose good over bad. One condition is, "Whatever man does out of his own volition, he has to reap the results invariably without fail". People talk about free will. This free will is also a conditional one as per the above. For instance a cattle tender may tie a cow around a post leaving a length of rope. His intention is to let the cow eat the grass up to the end of the rope around in a circular area. The cow may eat the grass in the area or remain idle. At the same time it can not go beyond the length of the rope!. Man's destiny is alike. He has chosen to perform certain actions(either good or bad) in the previous births as well as in the present one. The results are awaiting to be borne by him. If he has performed really good deeds, he will enjoy the fruits of the good deeds in the next birth or in this birth itself. If he had performed wrong deeds, punishment awaits him in the next or in the same birth itself. This is the reason why we find differences in life. None would have performed good deeds alone and there will be some bad deeds too. He has to enjoy good for the good deeds and suffer grief for the bad deeds separately. There is no tallying of accounts as we see in financial institutions. Hence we need several births to undergo the results of the past actions. This is the fundamental law of destiny. Even while undergoing pain and troubles for the past bad deeds, he can choose to remain a good fellow in the present birth. People question why good people suffer? This is the answer for the query. Hence none can escape the results of actions. Hence saints and sages advice the man to avoid harmful activities and to cultivate good one. Saibaba says, Help Ever, Hurt Never". He adds, " Even if you are not able to help, at least desist from harming others! Rest in next hub!

In Brindavan, Bangalore.


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 6 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Yes, you are right, the laws of destiny is a bit tough. God never reveals us "why we are punished and for which particular misdeed. Sometimes it is better not to know the exact sin for which the punishment is meted. However we can always set our ways right fearing further retribution. Thank you for sparing your time to write a few words which are really encouraging.

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 6 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      What's the point in being punished now for what you did in your last life, if most people do not remember their last life. It's like being punished for something you don't remember doing ... how does that make sense?

      (lol) I enjoyed the write and I do believe in Karma. It weighs heavily on my life, whatever I do so, I generally have to be careful.

      I do ask Sai Baba for forgiveness because I do not fully understand his ways.

      May Wakan Tanka guide your path Amigo. Cheers!